Sunday, April 26, 2009

The weekender

Sorry for the late post for the Weekender, but the C&W was stuck in traffic on the way back from Ocean City, NJ.

I don't need to tell ya how gorgeous the weather this weekend was, and a lot of Temple students flooded the Jersey beaches. Based on our poll on the right, it seems many used the opportunity to explore philly a bit, relax on campus, or catch up on some zzz's.

A few things went on in the news this weekend.

First this whole swine flu thing is kinda important. If you haven't been reading the news, and it would be sad if you only read this website and not any kind of actual news, there is a new flu that is the scariest thing coming out of Mexico since Texas. It killed about 80 people down there and could have up to 1,000 cases, and around 2 dozen cases are believed to be in the US, with the closest at a school in NYC. Only 1 of the cases in the US has ended in hospitalization, everyone else suffered mild symptoms and recovered. The scary parts are that there are people dropping dead of it elsewhere, it is a new strain, and how quickly it spread. However, no need to panic, just keep on washing them hands.

As if that wasn't terrifying enough, check out BAC's post on national job loss, particularly in philly. So for those who survive the swine flu, you'll just go hungry instead.

Also on the Temple News website, there was a letter to the editor concerning Temple's TU alert emergency system. Basically, the author of the letter stated that there have been two shootings outside White Hall in the past few months, as well as a forced break-in attempt at the Edge, and there were no text message or e-mail alerts sent out to the student population through TU Alert.

The C&W take: well no crap. We're all about transparency and the student's right to know, but the alert system was not created for these incidents. The system was created so that in situations where students must take immediate action to protect themselves, they would be quickly informed AND instructed. In neither of these shootings were Temple students targeted. We live in a a high crime area where there are constantly shootings and other crimes occurring in areas where Temple student's frequent. Do you want to receive a text message every day, to the point where they lose importance or urgency? Or would you rather receive them only in the case where there is a clear and present danger to you that the University has steps you should take to protect yourself?

In our third Temple News piggy-back, those damn Tyler kids are at it again. This time they took some hardware away from an annual design contest sponsored by the school. Home-cooking? Nah, skillz.

This weekend also proved to be a pretty big sports weekend. We'll give you the news stories first followed by the results.

Temple defensive tackle Terrence Knighton was the 72nd overall pick in the NFL draft, going in the third round to the Jacksonsville Jaguars. Also, the GM was quoted saying he has enough potential to be a starter. Congrats buddy!

Temple's tradition of diversity apparently carries over into its athletic programs, or at least the Black Coaches and Administrators hiring report card says so. In short, Temple was among 6 school's who received straight A's by the BCA in their hiring process.

Results: Saturday: baseball lost to Xavier 14-9, softball beat Dayton 6-4, men and women's crew competed at the Bergen Cup Regatta, men's tennis beat Duquesne 4-3, and the men and women's track team competed at the Penn Relays. Sunday: baseball lost to Xaiver 6-5, men's tennis lost to Charlotte 4-3, and men's golf took 4th place at the A-10's.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you in the morning for the week ahead.

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