Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It's Wednesday, April 8 and the C&W hates humpdays.

Weather: mid 40's to low 50's and sunny all day, falling to low 40's in the evening. The C&W recommends a hoodie and that the weather warms the hell up.

TSG Elections: Continuing today at the sac or online. Check out our vote post to find info on both tickets.

Senator Bob Casey at TU: PA Senator Bob Casey will be in Howard Gittis Student Center room 223 tomorrow from 10:45 to 12:00. Careful dude, that's almost a unibrow

Good stuff from Temple Today:
"Can Local, Healthy Food Transform Our Community?": 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Student Center, room 200. The fourth annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference will look at food production and consumption in a sustainable environment. Free for students. $20 for professionals. Details and registration available online (on-site registration will also be available). "

Seeing how it is already 8:56 as of me writing this, the C&W recommends that you build a time machine and travel back to attend this conference.

"Philly Connections": Phillies vs. Brewers tickets go on sale: Noon. Student Center, the Reel. Game held on April 22. Tickets are $10 each with student OWLcard. Sponsored by Student Activities. "

Phillies! The way things are going you might be able to see their first win that night.

Upcoming deadline: “Building Community Workshop”: Deadline to register: April 14. Event held April 17, 8:15 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Student Center, room 217A. Learn how Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools can be used effectively and more. $195. Details and registration available online. Co-sponsored by the Journalism Department and the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association.

Learn how to use Facebook for only $195 dollars?? How could I miss it?

Also, if you want to attend the 2009 Basketball Awards Banquet, which honors both the men's and women's team, you gotta do it by tomorrow. It's on Tuesday, April 14 in Mitten Hall, with reception beginning at 6 and the dinner starting at 6:30. $60 a person. Call the Owl Club at 215-204-2582

Sports at home: Men's tennis vs. Vilenova @ pav @ 4.

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