Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Temple's Most Influential Undergrads: The Final 3.

Alright so we have the final three most influential undergrads at Temple. Before we reveal them, a quick review:

Numbers 10-7

10: Nexus Cook

9: Farzad Firoz

8: Deborah Hinchey

7: Lamar Wallace

Numbers 6-4

6: Jeff Dempsey

5: Elizabeth Hanson

4: Gaelle Amazan

The final 3:

3: Chris Stover

Stover is the third most influential student at Temple because of his position as editor in chief for the Temple News. That means when it comes to the paper and its direction, he is the man. The Temple News is the key source students use to find out information about their university, and the content and quality of the paper thus directly influences their experience here. Stover said it best himself in a letter from the editor published in December.

"We’ve been fortunate at The Temple News to provide you with coverage of many memorable events and important issues this semester. We’ve seen a historic presidential election, taken an in-depth look at campus crime, watched a Phillies parade 28 years in the making and ranked our favorite lunch trucks.
Our efforts paid off. We’re proud and honored to have received the 2008 ACP Online Pacemaker Award, a national honor only given to five non-daily papers across the country."
His hard work and dedication to the paper have led to a more informed student body, and therefore one with better control and awareness of their college experience. He also holds a laundry list of accomplishments as a journalist, including being named to UWIRE100, a list of the 100 most promising journalism students in the entire country.

2: Tiffany Thompson

Thompson is the 2nd most influential student at Temple because of the position she holds on the Main Campus Program Board. For those who don't know, the MCPB is responsible for the creation, planning, and execution of just about every major event on Temple's campus. Spring fling festivities, homecoming, the concerts at the Liacouras center, and the Just Cause campaign were all MCPB projects. MCPB also controls more subtle things, such as what movies are playing in the reel and the music that sometimes plays in the dining halls. Thompson, through her position has President, oversees all of these events and projects and is responsible for their success. Due to the fact that thousands of students participate in these events, Thompson has considerable influence in bettering the college experience at Temple.

and Cherry and What's most influential undergraduate student is.....

Drum roll......

Nadine Mompremier

Mompremier is the most influential undergraduate student at Temple University because of her position as student government President. She has served as president since her ticket, Owl V.O.I.C.E.S., won last year's election. Her first influential step was running with VPs Nexus Cook and Farzard Firoz, who were also named to the most influential students. Her most important accomplishment was sitting on the board of trustees, which recently announced a 2.9% tuition increase, the lowest in over a decade. So if you're reading this, and you pay tuition at Temple, Mompremier just helped save you a bunch of money. She also had her hand in almost every TSG effort, from housing issues to provided services. She was the force behind the creation of TUrDoor, the new shuttle service that picks students up from the tech center and drives them directly their homes as long as it is within about 5 blocks from campus. Mompremier also sat on a myriad of other committees, including the Publications board which recently selected next year's editor in chief for the Temple News. For all of these reasons she has multiple means of directly influencing every single undergraduate student at Temple.

Think we're wrong about anyone on this list? Think there is somebody we missed? Leave a comment or send an e-mail and we'll start some discussion on it.


Ray H. said...

What?!? No love for president-elect Kylie Patterson? She's the hardest worker I know. She's an RA, senator, university affairs chair, Truman Scholar, and grade A student. If that doesn't influence the Temple students, I don't know what will.

C&W said...

Patterson was considered when creating this list. While personally very successful and hard working, the criteria for this list were numbers of students influenced and to what extent. As an RA, Patterson influenced as many students as most other RA's. She was one of the most influential senators, but keep in mind only one other senator made the list, Amazan, due to the huge implications of being allocations chair. Being a Truman scholar and straight A student is commendable, but does not influence other students' experiences at Temple. That being said, given that President(she was sworn in) Patterson will be holding that office next year, the C&W would be very surprised to not see her in the top 5 next year.

Mark said...

No athletes? Betcha Dionte Christmas has some real influence.

C&W said...

Dionte Christmas actually crossed our minds as well. There were 4 people we really had in mind that didn't make the list and two of them have already been named. Christmas was hard to judge because his influence is really intangible as it is completely emotion based. Obviously he has made thousands of students' college experience better by bringing Temple b-ball back to national relevance, but we decided to focus our criteria on more tangible benefits. Luke Butler, president of the Cherry Crusade, fell just off of our list as well.

Anonymous said...

Luke should've definitely been there.

Anonymous said...

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