Thursday, April 30, 2009

The final thirsty thursday

Tonight is the final thirsty thursday of the semester so get your drank on if you want, and if you see anybody coughing at the party you have permission to call party foul.

Speaking of which, yea swiney is in philly. Check this article to ease your fears.

If you wanna see something real scary, check out sub-Saharan Africa on this graphic from GOOD, puts ol' swiney to shame.

Temple Newsroom:

The graduate programs of the school of medicine and the criminal justice department earned some national accolades.

"The School of Medicine.. for the first time in its history, been ranked for research, coming in at 56 out of 146 medical and osteopathic schools nationwide. This places the school second in Philadelphia and third in Pennsylvania."

"Criminal Justice graduate program in the College of Liberal Arts, which rose from 18th to 11th, outranking hundreds of other programs and ranking first in Philadelphia."

Sports: softball won 1-0 and lost 4-2 @ Vanillanova.

See ya in the AM.

Hooray for Thursday!

Weather: Hovering between 57-62 all day long, with a chance of rain later in the day. Oh C&W, when will it be nice again? predicts Tuesday as the next day when it is supposed to be sunny and warm again.

Secret sneaker sale: Members of TU field hockey are having a secret sneaker sale in McGonigle gymnasium from 9-6. Shoes normally selling for between $50-$140 will be up to half off. I guess these are the shoes that fell off the back of the truck...

Habibash: House for homes. The Habitat for Humanity chapters of Temple, Upenn, and Drexel are having an event at Sakeya, 1420 Locust street. From their facebook:
$8 on the walk (April 27-April 30)
$10 at the door
Featuring DJ Rico
18 to get nailed / 21 to get hammered(get it, building homes right?)
$3 drink specials until 12 am!

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Fifth annual Library Prize for Undergraduate Research awards ceremony: 4 p.m. Paley Library, lecture hall. Join Temple University Libraries in honoring the winners of the fifth annual Library Prize for Undergraduate Research. This year's winners are Danielle Country, George A. Keddie and Cara Shay. James H. Baraldi and Megan Donnelly, who received honorable mentions, will also be recognized.

Let's give it up for people way more studious than ourselves! Someone was listening when they explained the Dewey decimal system in 5th grade...

"Late Night Mini-Massages at the IBC": 7-11 p.m. Independence Blue Cross Recreation Center, lobby. Relieve your stress by enjoying a relaxing five-minute massage by a certified masseuse. Campus Recreation access required.

After you get your massage, return to the back of the line and do it again!

Upcoming deadline: Founder's Celebration 2009: Deadline to register: May 8. Event held May 16, 5:30 p.m. Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 1201 Market St., Philadelphia. A university-wide gala evening honoring the 125-year history of Temple, the distinguished achievements of its alumni and friends and the Silver and Gold Reunions of the Classes of 1984 and 1959. Black tie optional. $100; $45 for per person for graduates of the years 2004-2008; complimentary to members of 25th and 50th reunion classes. Open to: Alumni, students, faculty and staff. Details and registration available online.

100 bucks to dress up and listen to people from the class of 1959 speak. How could I refuse?

No sports at home today.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm done with you hump day

So the last humpday of the semester is over. Now all we have to do are these damn final things.


Guess who's coming to town? Swiiinnneeee fluuu. That's right, is reporting the first probable case of swine flu. A 2-year-old boy fell ill with the flu last month, but then little johnny made a full recovery and is probably happily chasing down a ball or something right now. How terrifying. In case you didn't notice, the C&W is taking ol' swiney a little lighter than most. The World Health Organization reminding people only 7 deaths have actually been confirmed, the fact that the toll is slowing down in Mexico City, where only several thousand people in 9 mil have been infected, and the fact that everyone from little johnny to his granny are fighting it off like it's the 48 hour fever are several good reasons.

In other news, Temple is the A-10 champions! Of recycling. That's right, over the past 10 weeks Temple has been participating in a Recyclemania competition, where schools across the nation tracked their recycling efficiency. Temple was the best waste minimizer in the A-10 and was runner-up in PA. Keep it up Owls.

That's pretty much all the stories we have for tonight, so we leave you with sports results and we'll see you tomorrow morning.

Baseball lost to Lafayette 10-6 and women's lacrosse beat Lafayette 15-5,

Temple's Most Influential Undergrads: The Final 3.

Alright so we have the final three most influential undergrads at Temple. Before we reveal them, a quick review:

Numbers 10-7

10: Nexus Cook

9: Farzad Firoz

8: Deborah Hinchey

7: Lamar Wallace

Numbers 6-4

6: Jeff Dempsey

5: Elizabeth Hanson

4: Gaelle Amazan

The final 3:

3: Chris Stover

Stover is the third most influential student at Temple because of his position as editor in chief for the Temple News. That means when it comes to the paper and its direction, he is the man. The Temple News is the key source students use to find out information about their university, and the content and quality of the paper thus directly influences their experience here. Stover said it best himself in a letter from the editor published in December.

"We’ve been fortunate at The Temple News to provide you with coverage of many memorable events and important issues this semester. We’ve seen a historic presidential election, taken an in-depth look at campus crime, watched a Phillies parade 28 years in the making and ranked our favorite lunch trucks.
Our efforts paid off. We’re proud and honored to have received the 2008 ACP Online Pacemaker Award, a national honor only given to five non-daily papers across the country."
His hard work and dedication to the paper have led to a more informed student body, and therefore one with better control and awareness of their college experience. He also holds a laundry list of accomplishments as a journalist, including being named to UWIRE100, a list of the 100 most promising journalism students in the entire country.

2: Tiffany Thompson

Thompson is the 2nd most influential student at Temple because of the position she holds on the Main Campus Program Board. For those who don't know, the MCPB is responsible for the creation, planning, and execution of just about every major event on Temple's campus. Spring fling festivities, homecoming, the concerts at the Liacouras center, and the Just Cause campaign were all MCPB projects. MCPB also controls more subtle things, such as what movies are playing in the reel and the music that sometimes plays in the dining halls. Thompson, through her position has President, oversees all of these events and projects and is responsible for their success. Due to the fact that thousands of students participate in these events, Thompson has considerable influence in bettering the college experience at Temple.

and Cherry and What's most influential undergraduate student is.....

Drum roll......

Nadine Mompremier

Mompremier is the most influential undergraduate student at Temple University because of her position as student government President. She has served as president since her ticket, Owl V.O.I.C.E.S., won last year's election. Her first influential step was running with VPs Nexus Cook and Farzard Firoz, who were also named to the most influential students. Her most important accomplishment was sitting on the board of trustees, which recently announced a 2.9% tuition increase, the lowest in over a decade. So if you're reading this, and you pay tuition at Temple, Mompremier just helped save you a bunch of money. She also had her hand in almost every TSG effort, from housing issues to provided services. She was the force behind the creation of TUrDoor, the new shuttle service that picks students up from the tech center and drives them directly their homes as long as it is within about 5 blocks from campus. Mompremier also sat on a myriad of other committees, including the Publications board which recently selected next year's editor in chief for the Temple News. For all of these reasons she has multiple means of directly influencing every single undergraduate student at Temple.

Think we're wrong about anyone on this list? Think there is somebody we missed? Leave a comment or send an e-mail and we'll start some discussion on it.


Weather: Mid 50's and cloudy all day, dropping into high 40's tonight.

IBC body composition challenge. 11:30-1:30, 6-9. Have YOU challenged your composition lately?

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Walk this way: Members of a new Temple walking club will be front and center at today's National Walk @ Lunch event, a 30-minute walk beginning at noon at 13th and Berks Streets.

If you see people walking today, it might be them. Then again, it might just be people walking.

"The Art of Student Teaching": TODAY through May 3. Tyler School of Art, Lower Level South, Stella Elkins Tyler Galleries. A display of work by young artists from the Tyler School of Art's student teacher classrooms in schools throughout Philadelphia.

Well, I made the duck blue because I'd never seen a blue duck before and I wanted to see one.

"Temple's Got Talent": 7-9 p.m. Student Center, the Underground. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars presents a talent showcase featuring singers, writers, dancers and others who will come together to compete and raise money for Operation Smile. C'mon, what else ya got on a Wednesday night? It's for a good cause.

Sports at home: Baseball vs. Lafayette @ skip wilson field, 3:30 pm, women's lacrosse vs. Lafayette, 4 pm.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

People officially freaking out: Students in J&H spotted wearing medical masks

A number of students were spotted wearing medical masks at J&H dining hall tonight. Sources unfortunately could not get a photo. Damn, that must have been hard to eat.

Oh by the way, 4 students at UDel probably have swine flu, so if you went down there this past weekend and are feeling under the weather, you should probably go to health services and uhh...stay the hell away from me.

Tuesday night

Yea, snooze day continues as there wasn't much going on today.

The biggest news of the day outside of Temple was the announcement that Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter will be switching parties and running as a Democrat in the next election cycle. Obama says cool man, cool. Rush Limbaugh throws a fit. For those who don't know, Specter was the brain behind the magic bullet theory of the JFK assassination.

In news from the Temple Times, a walking club has formed. If you're looking to find a relaxing, casual way to get in better shape check it out.

TKE had a car smash right by the Bell Tower, as is shown in the post below. From what the C&W saw, there wasn't an overwhelming amount of people participating. We suspect that has something to do with the fact that it cost money, or also making yourself a public spectacle in front of all the Beury beachers. Oh well.

In sports, baseball lost @ Vilenova 7-6 and softball competed in a dub header @ Iona that has yet to have results posted.

Hope you enjoyed the weather, cuz it's outta here. Check back tomorrow for the final 3 most influential undergrads, as well as a post on some controversy surrounded the C&W.


Head on over to the Bell Tower to get some of your frustations out.

TKE fraternity is having a car smash on this beat up hunk of junk.

There is some kind of pay scale where you pay a base of rate of hitting it with a baseball bat and a little extra for a whack with a sledge hammer. It's free to run up and kick it and run away.

We don't know how long it goes on or where the money goes, but it looks pretty sweet.


Boring Tuesday.

: Mid to high 80's, sunny during the day, dipping into the 60's with a chance of rain overnight.

While you were sleeping: The Temple News ran its newest addition on the web. I don't know who it is that updates their site between 2:30 and 8:30 am, but get some sleep yo.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Temple University Sinfonia: 7:30 p.m. Tomlinson Theater. Andre Raphel Smith, guest conductor. Joyce Lindorff, harpsichord. Sponsored by the Boyer College of Music and Dance.


Faculty Awards Convocation: Noon. Mitten Hall, Great Court. The Faculty Awards Convocation honors Temple's Great Teachers. Open to: Students, faculty and staff. For more information, call 215-204-1636 or e-mail

You know who won't be there? Mr. Contract.

"End of the Year Residence Hall Recycling Drive": Through May 13. Clothing, shoes, electronics and office/art supplies are being collected in the lobbies of Johnson Hall, Hardwick Hall, Peabody Hall and 1940. Clothing is being collected in the lobbies of James S. White Hall, 1300 and Elmira Jefferies.

Make captain planet proud.

Temple experts ready to kick some swine flu ass.

The Temple Times had a nice story today that has your back on the swine flu jawn. Check it out to be informed by a number of Temple faculty members on all aspects of the disease. Want their numbers? Check out the listings provided by the article below. Are their numbers real? We wanna find out. Post a comment to this story about which person we should call and what question we should ask, and we'll pick the most interesting one and do it tomorrow and post the results.

"Laszlo Otvos, research professor in biology at Temple University and an expert in vaccine development, can discuss the basic science behind vaccines.Otvos is currently in Hungary, but can be reached by cell phone; call Eryn Jelesiewicz at 215-294-8878 for contact information."

"Thomas Fekete, M.D., section chief of infectious diseases at Temple University School of Medicine and Hospital, can break down the minute-by-minute information coming out on swine flu. Fekete can be reached at 215-707-1982. He is unavailable noon to 1 p.m. EST." Apparently, even doctors eat.

"Alice Hausman, Ph.D., directs the Center for Preparedness Research, Education and Practice, a multi-disciplinary center that brings faculty from across the university to address emergency preparedness. Hausman can be reached via the news office at 215-707-1583."

"Deborah Nelson, Ph.D., directs the master's program in epidemiology at the College of Health Professions, and studies the distribution of disease and injury in human populations. Nelson can talk about the influenza virus, how it's spread, who is most vulnerable, and can offer observations/suggestions/reactions from a public health standpoint. Nelson can be reached at 215-204-9659."

"Sarah Bass, Ph.D., associate professor of public health and director of the undergraduate program in public health, has expertise is in risk communication, how information is disseminated during a pandemic, and the public's attitudes towards such information, particularly as it applies to vaccinations and quarantines. She can talk about how information has been given to the public thus far, and health information and its relationship to feelings of self efficacy and patient behavior. Bass can be reached at 215-204-5110."

"Several antiviral drugs, which had been stockpiled for avian flu, are available as possible treatments for swine flu, said Albert Wertheimer, professor of pharmacy administration, but no one knows with 100 percent certainty if they’ll be effective. Wertheimer, an international authority in pharmacoeconomics and the pharmaceutical industry, can comment on the availability and effectiveness of therapies for swine flu as well as the impact of the current outbreak on pharmaceutical business. He can be reached by phone at 215-707-1291 or by e-mail at"

Oh yea by the way that shit's in Jersey.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Monday? I thought it was summer...

So obviously the big story today was the gorgeous weather that really felt like summer. We have one day of good stuff left before the weather goes shitty so enjoy it.

In student government news, the banner was passed on from the current administration to next year's. This year's officers were President Nadine Mompremier and VPs Nexus Cook and Faaz Farzad. TU Action, the newly elected ticket, consists of President Kylie Patterson and VPs Jon Desantis and Anthony Leyro. Look out for more stories on TU Action coming up.

In Temple News piggy-back news, the BAC had some interesting posts today. They posted up a nice listing on next week's restaurant week in neighborhoods such as Fishtown and Kensington, located to the east of Temple. Restuarant week starts May 1st, and you'll be able to grab a plate of grub for as little as $10. Also check out their blog for news on a smoldering pole and drunken texting. Yup.

Also, a Temple University historian is up for a Nobel Prize for his work, The Bitter Road To Freedom: A New History of the Liberation of Europe. Kudos.

Did you know that the Office of Sustainability has a website with good stuff like green tips on it? Nah, neither did we. Check it out here.

Temple's 10 Most Influential Undergrads: Numbers 6-4.

Last week we began a three part series of the 10 most influential undergrads on Temple's campus during the past year. To quickly review, the criteria is how many total students were affected, directly or indirectly, by the actions of these individuals and to what extent. So here are numbers 6,5, and 4.

6- Jeff Dempsey

Dempsey serves as the Senate President in student government, and was recently re-elected to this position for the 09-10 school year. Dempsey selected and was in charge of the 32 member Senate, which was composed of representatives from every school on Temple’s campus. For this reason, he had indirect influence and power to help or hurt every student on Temple’s by brining certain initiatives under his wing. He takes an active role in both student government and many other student organizations, particularly progressive ones, and has a hand in their dealings with one another, with the University, and with outside entities.

5- Elizabeth Hanson

Liz Hanson is the current president of the College Democrats. Liz’s unassuming demeanor fools many people until it’s time for business. Within a one year tenure as President of the College Democrats she worked to get Barack Obama here, hosted a debate with all of the candidates of Philadelphia District Attorney, and brought Howard Dean and Nutter here for a rally. She is deeply entangled with the progressive cartel and has serious sway with those individuals. Hanson’s events are nine times out of ten run well, advertised well, and manage to get in some hardball questions. She is the most politically active individual on campus. If students need to be galvanized, mobilized, and academically pulverized she’ll be the one to serve you.

4- Gaelle Amazan

Madison once said the judicial branch of the US was the weakest because it controlled neither the sword nor the purse. Gaelle Amazan wields both at the same time. She is force behind Temple Student Government’s allocations or appropriations committee within the senate. This is the committee that acts as the events gatekeeper and hands out 6 digits of cash to student orgs every year. That’s 6 digits that she more or less controls. The committee is under her direction and generally tends to go with her flow. She was also instrumental in creating allocations reform this past spring, and if there is anything the University frowns upon it would be a student fiddling with how money is used.

Check back later this week for numbers 3, 2, and 1.

Dean Ainsley Carry to Auburn.

Dean Ainsley Carry, dean of students and associate VP is headed down to Auburn to become their VP of student affairs. Carry was a great dean and truly respected and listened to concerns of students, and for that he will be missed.

Last week of classes

Here we go, the last full week of classes. Can you smell summer yet? What about the tech center?

Weather forecast:

Monday- 80's and sunny. Tuesday- 88/60 p. cloudy. Wednesday- 67/49 few showers. Thursday- 59/53 mostly cloudy. Friday- 73/53 t-showers.


Ambler Campus Program Board: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Washington Nationals: 5:30 p.m. Temple University Ambler, Bright Hall, lounge. Enjoy refreshments in Bright Hall before leaving for the Phillies game; buses will leave from the Ambler Learning Center parking lot at 6 p.m. Open to: Students. Tickets are $15 for Temple students and are available in the Office of Student Life in Bright Hall.

I wish I was an Ambler campus kid.

Temple Student Government: State of the Campus Address: 4-5 p.m. Student Center, room 200C. Hear updates about current and future projects being worked on by the Temple Student Government.

Do you know the state of the campus? And no, Pennsylvania is not the correct answer.


Study abroad information session. Aka Study abroad for dummies. Everything you need to know to get stated. Tuttleman 200 1:10-1:40

Temple Sinfonia: AndrĂ© Raphel Smith, guest conductor. Joyce Lindorff, harpsichord. Featuring Rossini's "Overture to La scala di seta," Poulenc's "Concerto ChampĂȘtre for harpsichord," and Beethoven's Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 36. 7:30 Tomlinson theater.

Enjoy a warm Tuesday night with some classics.


"The Art of Student Teaching" gallery opens in Tyler, running through May 2nd.

Artsy fartsy.

IBC body composition challenge. 11:30-1:30, 6-9. Have you been participating and losing some pounds? If you have go and try and win some prizes. Maybe a gift certificate to Olive Garden?

"Temple's Got Talent" A talent show put on by NSCS in the Underground from 7-9. Music and entertainment, proceeds go to Operation Smile.


Late night mini massages at the IBC, 7-11. 5 minutes by a certified professional. Late night quickie massage. Nice.


Deadline to apply for space at the student center.

"Exposure" photo show and sale. Annenberg hall 3-8.

Temple University Wind Symphony. Tomlinson 7:30.

Enjoy the weather!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The weekender

Sorry for the late post for the Weekender, but the C&W was stuck in traffic on the way back from Ocean City, NJ.

I don't need to tell ya how gorgeous the weather this weekend was, and a lot of Temple students flooded the Jersey beaches. Based on our poll on the right, it seems many used the opportunity to explore philly a bit, relax on campus, or catch up on some zzz's.

A few things went on in the news this weekend.

First this whole swine flu thing is kinda important. If you haven't been reading the news, and it would be sad if you only read this website and not any kind of actual news, there is a new flu that is the scariest thing coming out of Mexico since Texas. It killed about 80 people down there and could have up to 1,000 cases, and around 2 dozen cases are believed to be in the US, with the closest at a school in NYC. Only 1 of the cases in the US has ended in hospitalization, everyone else suffered mild symptoms and recovered. The scary parts are that there are people dropping dead of it elsewhere, it is a new strain, and how quickly it spread. However, no need to panic, just keep on washing them hands.

As if that wasn't terrifying enough, check out BAC's post on national job loss, particularly in philly. So for those who survive the swine flu, you'll just go hungry instead.

Also on the Temple News website, there was a letter to the editor concerning Temple's TU alert emergency system. Basically, the author of the letter stated that there have been two shootings outside White Hall in the past few months, as well as a forced break-in attempt at the Edge, and there were no text message or e-mail alerts sent out to the student population through TU Alert.

The C&W take: well no crap. We're all about transparency and the student's right to know, but the alert system was not created for these incidents. The system was created so that in situations where students must take immediate action to protect themselves, they would be quickly informed AND instructed. In neither of these shootings were Temple students targeted. We live in a a high crime area where there are constantly shootings and other crimes occurring in areas where Temple student's frequent. Do you want to receive a text message every day, to the point where they lose importance or urgency? Or would you rather receive them only in the case where there is a clear and present danger to you that the University has steps you should take to protect yourself?

In our third Temple News piggy-back, those damn Tyler kids are at it again. This time they took some hardware away from an annual design contest sponsored by the school. Home-cooking? Nah, skillz.

This weekend also proved to be a pretty big sports weekend. We'll give you the news stories first followed by the results.

Temple defensive tackle Terrence Knighton was the 72nd overall pick in the NFL draft, going in the third round to the Jacksonsville Jaguars. Also, the GM was quoted saying he has enough potential to be a starter. Congrats buddy!

Temple's tradition of diversity apparently carries over into its athletic programs, or at least the Black Coaches and Administrators hiring report card says so. In short, Temple was among 6 school's who received straight A's by the BCA in their hiring process.

Results: Saturday: baseball lost to Xavier 14-9, softball beat Dayton 6-4, men and women's crew competed at the Bergen Cup Regatta, men's tennis beat Duquesne 4-3, and the men and women's track team competed at the Penn Relays. Sunday: baseball lost to Xaiver 6-5, men's tennis lost to Charlotte 4-3, and men's golf took 4th place at the A-10's.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you in the morning for the week ahead.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Weekend

As always, the C&W will be taking the weekend off until Sunday night. Let us know if we missed anything and we might add it, depending on the severity of our hangovers.

: Saturday- 88/63 partly cloudy. Sunday: High 89 low 62 mostly sunny.

The weather this weekend should be gorgeous, enjoy.

Temple events:

"Cabaret": SATURDAY, 2 & 8 p.m. The Prince Music Theater, 1412 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Visit the TUcalendar for ticket information.

Wouldn't be a bad day to putz around in the city and enjoy the nice weather, then head on over to catch the show.

Helen Kwalwasser and Harvey Wedeen tribute concert: SATURDAY, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Rock Hall, auditorium. A tribute concert to honor two of the Boyer College of Music and Dance’s senior professors. Concert will feature performances by former students.

Or get wasted and enjoy the sun all day on Temple's campus and go to this instead.

Movies- The Reel: The International (58% on Rotten Tomatoes) Saturday-
SATURDAY: 4:30, 7:30 & 10:30 p.m. Sunday- 4:30 & 7:30.

The Pearl (click for show times): New: Fighting, Obsessed, The Soloist. Also playing: Crank High Voltage, Hannah Montana: The Movie, Fast & Furious.

Sports at home: Saturday: Baseball vs. Xavier, 1 PM @ Skip Wilson Field, Softball vs. Dayton, 12 @ Ambler field, Men's soccer vs. La Salle, @ Ambler 11 am, men's and women's crew at the Bergen Cup Regatta in Philadelphia, 9 am, men's and women's track @ Penn Relays, all day. Sunday: baseball vs. Xavier @ Ambler, 1pm.

Friday's news

Yea remember that Shannon McDonald story on the racist comments made by Officer William Thrasher of the 22nd district? Yea, well he's gone. True there is a plethora of issues and debates that can go on about his dismissal, but it's certainly significant.

Also, those brainiac engineering students made the Inqy for launching an egg 115 into the air, and then having it return safely via parachute. Let's hope no fraternities get their hands on the egg launching contraption.

In Philly News, the city just made Forbes' 15 most dangerous cities list, coming in at number 15. Charlotte was ranked 14th, and Detriot took the cake at number 1. The report says that Philly has 709 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

Sports: baseball picked up the 13-9 win against Xavier, softball lost to Dayton 13-8 @ ambler, men's tennis blanked La Salle 4-0 in the first round of the A-10 tourny, and the men's and women's track teams competed at the Penn Relays.

Temple's 10 Most Influential Undergrads: Numbers 10-7

Seeing as how the 08-09 school year is coming to an end, the C&W compiled a list of this year's 10 most influential undergrads. The basic criteria was a ballpark guesstimate of how many students were directly affected by the student's actions, and to what extent. In some cases, indirect influences were accounted for, such as when a student's actions benefit the university as a whole in such away that everyone benefits. So if a student put on an event that 7,500 students attended, or built relations with the community that intangibly leaves everyone better off, these are both pretty important. This will be part 1 of 3. Without further ado..numbers 10-7.

10: Nexus Cook.

Nexus Cook served as the Vice President of External Affairs, one of two VP positions in Temple student government. She was responsible for a number of forums and meetings, including a recent community service meeting that laid the ground work for a number of solutions to the housing conflicts occurring between students and residents of North Philadelphia. She also helped out with a number of TSG initiatives, including the rally against the PA tuition relief act. Finally, she serves as an administrative assitant for HANDS, which will be discussed more later.

9: Farzad Firoz

Firoz served as Vice President of Services for TSG this semester, the other VP position in student government next to Nexus Cook. Firoz was responsible for the implementation of a number of services, particularly the shopping buses to South Philly and the off-campus housing fair. His services didn't reach mass amounts of students, but proved beneficial and received positive feedback from the students who did take advantage of them.

Deborah Hinchey

If you are an involved liberal on campus (I know shocking to think there are liberals on Temple’s Campus) you have heard of Ms. Hinchey. She is producer behind such student organizations as The College Democrats, Queer Student Union, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance and others. Due to her breath of life into some of these organizations when they were acting all comatose, they became major groups that have accomplished numerous things. Another reason why she is on this list is her political connections run deep. Whether it be union folk, governors, mayors, councilmen, or just kids around the SAC that haven’t showered for a few days, wear grungy clothing, and listen to Citzen Cope, she knows them all. If there is some sort of major political display or mobilization of students she has her hand on some string.

7: Lamar Wallace

Wallace serves as President of Temple's community service organization HANDS, which stands for Having Ambition N' Devotion for Service. There are many great community service organizations on Temple's campus, but HANDS is the most relevant community service organization campus as it holds projects often, bases them in the local community where the most beneficial work is to be made, and reaches out to other student organizations to help them with their causes. Many organizations, such as fraternities and sororities, have been in contact with the group to contribute, aka piggy back, on their efforts. Nevertheless, if Temple University's community service efforts were a car, HANDS would be the engine and Wallace would be the driver.

Lookout for numbers 6, 5, and 4 early next week.

Tonight's evening edition

Check back later this evening for your weekend lookout and a special report on the top 10 most influential undergrads on Temple's campus. We'll be doing numbers 6-10 this evening, with the 5 most influential coming next week.

Finally Friday

Weather: The first of three gorgeous weekend days. It should be 70 by about 1 pm, and will hang in the mid 50's through the night. Enjoy!

big news this morning, Temple increased tuition by 2.9% for next year, the lowest increase in 13 years. As reported by the BAC and the Temple Times, the board of trustees approved the new rate at a meeting yesterday, and stated the low rate was to help students and families during the recession. University relations member Ray Betzner said that the average increase over the past 10 years was 5.9%.

Raw numbers in-state:
$10,858 to $11,174, out of state: $19,878 to $20,454.

Good stuff from the Temple Times:

Temple University Opera Theater: "Le nozze di Figaro": TODAY, 7:30 p.m., and SUNDAY, 3 p.m. Tomlinson Theater. Sung in Italian with English titles.

I know you all love the opera on a Friday night.

Helen Kwalwasser and Harvey Wedeen tribute concert: SATURDAY, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Rock Hall, auditorium. A tribute concert to honor two of the Boyer College of Music and Dance’s senior professors. Concert will feature performances by former students

Yay arts!!

EarthFest 2009: TODAY, 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Temple University Ambler, Bright Hall circle, Commuter Parking Lot field, and the Ambler Learning Center commons. Featuring more than 90 exhibitors, including the Philadelphia Zoo, The Franklin Institute, the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Elmwood Park Zoo, the Insectarium and more."

Spring fling kinda took priority over Earth Day this week. Story of our generation, right? If ya can, check this out.

"Net Night": TODAY, 7-10 p.m. Student Pavilion, courts 1-4. Activities include volleyball, badminton and table tennis. Campus Recreation access required."

As always, go play some net games and watch as the b-ball players glare at you as they are kicked off the courts.

"Treasures of North Philadelphia Open House": SATURDAY, noon-6 p.m. Activities begin in the lobby of the Tyler School of Art. Explore the wealth of art and culture of central North Philadelphia, as over a dozen organizations open their doors to kick off the North Philadelphia Arts and Culture Alliance, an initiative of the Tyler School of Art's Exhibitions and Public Programs Department.

With so much going on in the arts and music scene today, the Tyler kids may take the cake with this one.

Sports at home: Baseball vs. Xavier @ Skip wilson field, 3 pm, Softball vs. Dayton @ Ambler field, 3 pm, women's lacrosse A-10 tourny, Geasey field. Men and women's track @ the Penn Relays. The Owls competed well yesterday, with several athletes making ECAC qualifying times. Whatever that means.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tonight from 10-2: Phi Sigma Sigma Grilled Cheese

Do you plan on drinking tonight? If you said yes to this question, that means you will be hungry. Stop by the Phi Sigma Sigma house at 1427 W Diamond Street from 10-2 and pick up a delicious grilled cheese for only $1. Hell, buy two! All proceeds go to cute girls.

Not-so-thirsty Thursday.

Slow news day for Thursday, however...

The Temple News had a nice editorial on the ongoing contract struggles between the University and the teacher's unions, particularly TAUP. It's pretty bad when the students are the ones who have to call for mediation and more constructive efforts by the "grown-ups."

Also, a turkey on campus. What's he doing here?

In TU sports, the softball games @ ambler were cancelled, and the men's and women's track teams competed at the Penn Relays, more details on that tomorrow.

However, the Flyers picked up a 3-0 win over those damn Pittsburgh Penguins to close the series to 3-2. The Flyers return to philly on Saturday for game 6.

In a bit sadder sports news , Marianne "Mimi" Carroll-Kurtz, a Temple women's basketball star in the mid-80s, passed away from cancer at the age of 44. Carroll-Kurtz set the Temple women's b-ball record by scoring over 1,200 points, and is a member of both Temple and the Big Five's hall of fame.

You stay classy Temple, we'll see ya in the morning.

Cherry and What? Wins Journalism Department Award

Apparently somebody in Temple's journalism department likes what the C&W is doing.

At yesterday's annual Student Awards Ceremony in Mitten Hall, awards were given out to the best and brightest of Temple's budding journalists. There was Morgan Zalot and Chris Stover, heavyweights in the Temple News with massive bodies of work. There was Shannon McDonald, the young lady who broke the story on the racist cop and runs her own NEPhilly blog. And then there was the....Cherry and What? Apparently they haven't read our interview with 5 anonymous stoners, Ann Weaver Hart claw post, find hooter picture, or any of the countless other posts that contribute nothing to the greater efforts of journalism.

Regardless, the editor of the C&W received the Excellence in Student Journalism award for work done on a web site. Awards committee chair Larry Stains had a few kind words to say, something to the effect of "a fun and more interesting take on the news, it really has a humorous approach," to which the C&W, still a bit tipsy from the morning's spring fling celebrations replied, "We try."

But we'll take it, thanks journo department!

Hungover much?

It's Thursday, April 23 and 4 out of 5 college students recommend the C&W to help cure hangovers.

First things first,
yesterday was Spring Fling so we took the day off and need to catch up on some news: Check out the post below this one to see some pictures and videos from yesterday's festivities.

The Temple News reported that TUComedy, an organization of students devoted to, you guessed it- comedy, is kicking some ass in a national competition. The team of Matthew D’Avella, Rudy Mezzy, Aaron Miller, and Nathan Jaiyeola defeated those squares over at UPenn in a regional competition, and are set to face UNC in the round of 8. The videos will be posted online and the viewers will decide the winners, so we'll be sure to post the links when they're up. Check out a video of some of Aaron Miller's stand-up here.

In other news,
the Temple Times reported that a study conducted by Temple's Arts and Quality of Life Center found that listening to soothing music can help you relax and therefore is beneficial to people with heart problems. Hell I coulda told you that.

There were no TU sports,
but the sixers lost 96-87 in Orlando, and the Phillies lost 3-1. The Sixers are now even with the Magic 1-1, and will play at the Wachovia Center on Friday.


Sunny and mid to high 50's all day, falling to low 40's overnight.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:
Passing of Ralph W. Howard.

Former editor of the "Temple Times," described by Temple President Emeritus Peter J. Liacouras as "a good person, a good writer and a wonderful colleague.”
He was also a bat boy for the Philadelphia Athletics baseball team.

Slideshow presentation: "An Inconvenient Truth": 2:30-4 p.m. Walk Auditorium. A live presentation by Lance Simmens, presenter for Al Gore's The Climate Project.

Oh yea, yesterday was Earth day too. And we all know we didn't do anything for that on Spring Fling, so we should probably go to this, and maybe recycle something.

Fourth annual World Voices Poetry Festival: 3-5 p.m. Student Center, the Underground. This event showcases more than 20 languages offered at Temple, and features poetry readings by Temple students and faculty. Refreshments will be served.

Cool a festival
Go listen to poetry

and get some free drinks

- Haiku by the C&W

Other cool stuff:
TU Def Poets, 7:30 in the SAC 200. 3 v. 3 b-ball tourny, IBC 9-11.

Softball dub head vs. St. Hoe's @ Ambler, 3 & 5. Men's and Women's track @ the Penn Relays, all day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Spring Fling Recap.

So in case you didn't notice the thousands of freebies, hundreds of drunken kids, and dozens of tents, yesterday was spring fling. The weather left a lot to be desired, and was a far cry from last year's 80 degree and sunny weather. Still, it seemed people were enjoying themselves and an opportunity to get a bit wild. Here are some of the more interesting things that the C&W came across.

Some of the tents and people on Liacouras walk.

Pieing sisters of AEPhi, who did a pretty good job of yelling at people who went by.

The hockey team had a nice little shooting game going on, including this dude in full gear yelling at people as they walked by. This gentleman here refused to pay the money to shoot the ball, to which the goalie man replied "yea, I could tell you weren't the athletic type." Zing!

And then, there was this guy......

Yoga is cool and all but this dude was a serious buzz kill.

The moon bounce was in fine form when the C&W came across it.

In this vid, you can hear some of the wonderful music being played at the bell tower, and see all 12 people watching.

Yea, did anyone else see this crazy S.O.B. galloping around, neighing, and getting creepily close to girls? They better be paying this guy a fortune, whatever he is advertising. Is your dignity really worth $12 an hour?

Oh those crazy Tyler school of art kids, what with their trojan horses and their resourceful use of a cardboard box to keep their TV dry. What will they think of next?

Here is a BBQ going on at Crow House, the home of AXP. Apparently, apes were in attendance.

Spring Fling!!!! and Asher Roth on campus!

It's Wednesday, April 22, and it's SPRING FLING!!! Check out the events going on today, go down a few shots, and get out there!!

First, the weather:

Now, the schedule:

All day: Getting wasted, sponsored by everyone.


Bands at the Bell Tower:
11:00 Sound Check- probably not a band
11:10 Temple Singer/Songwriters and Musicians
11:15 Associacion de Estudiantes Latinos
11:30 Infinien Band
12:20 Temple Gospel Ministries
12:30 Case of the Mondays
1:20 Mudslingers
1:45 Wailing Waters
2:35 Temple Juggling Club
2:45 Latin Ballroom Dance
3:00 The Right Coast"

Insomnia cookie eating contest Cookie eating contest is for guys at 12:35 and girls at 1:35!!! Signup at the table by Tuttleman!!

Shoot til you miss contest, Cherry Crusade Table: shoot some hoops til ya miss, prizes to the top scorers.

Pie a Phi: Pie a sister from Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority on Liacouras walk, 11-4. "
Pie a Phi for only $1. A direct hit to the face wins you an aquatic friend :)"

Photobooth: By Delta Zeta Sorority. Come by and get your picture snapped during Spring Fling. They will be accepting Diamond Dollars.

: All Sides, a new Pro-Peace, Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestine student organization with the emphasis on Pro-Peace.

BBQ and social event: Crow house, Alpha Chi Rho fraternity. Cook-out during the day and event during the evening.

T-Shirts: "Don't Drink and Fly" by Alpha Chi Rho fraternity. On sale at their table on Liacouras walk and cook-out. $10.

The C&W will be taking the rest of the day off to celebrate. However, if you are a student org and wish to have your event or table posted, just leave it as a comment to this post or e-mail, and maybe someone will post it in a drunken stupor. Correct spelling not guaranteed.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Fling Eve

Just a few things to report on the eve of spring fling.

Weather forecast for tomorrow:

As you can see, the forecast looks decent, as their is only a chance of rain, but the skies will most likely be cloudy and the temp around 60. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Temple Times reported that temple environmental studies student Avi Fox won the prestigious Morris K. Udall scholarship, an award given to promising students entering the field of environmentalism. In her essay she wrote "I want to be instrumental in reorganizing our nation's food system around environmentally responsible local and regional agriculture to help our nation gain energy independence from fossil fuels, practice sustainable land and resource management and strengthen regional economies." The C&W believes she probably then followed that with "what just happened, I blacked out?"

The Flyer's lost 3-1 to Pittsburgh in game 4 of their first round match-up. The Penguins will now take a 3-1 lead in the series back to Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia's exit from the playoffs seems likely. Be prepared to punch many Penguins' fans in the mouth tomorrow.

At the time of this posting, the Phils are up 11-4 on the Brewers and look to have things well in hand to wrap up that game.

In Temple sports, the baseball team put a hurting on the Vilenova Whitecats 15-6. In addition, catcher Kyle Obal received Big 5 player of the week honors.


It's Tuesday, April 21, and the C&W has your back.

Weather: Reaching the 60's and mostly sunny in the afternoon, hanging around 60's with a chance of rain in the evening.

The Temple News also came out with a new edition, filled with some good stuff as usual that the C&W will be talking about over the next few days. This article talks about the postponing of spring fling, and how the University decided to have it on a Wednesday and not last Thursday or Friday because they don't want to have to control that many people.

By the way, the weather tomorrow is looking like it's going to hover around 60, being partly cloudy until around 1 when a 50% chance of rain begins through the evening.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Senior Job Search Strategy Sessions: 12:30-1:30 p.m. & 4-5 p.m. Mitten Hall, room 220. The Career Center is providing seniors with an opportunity to learn how they can stand out among other applicants and graduates. Participants will receive a Senior Success Portfolio, containing proven strategies for networking, resume writing, interviewing and more. Open to all seniors.

Well it's not quite a free t-shirt, but a Senior Success portfolio doesn't sound toooooo bad.

"Cabaret": 7:30 p.m. The Prince Music Theater, 1412 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Through April 26. Visit the TUcalendar for ticket information.

You know you love the arts.

"Black Philadelphia: The Light of Black America": 6-9 p.m. Sullivan Hall, Feinstone Lounge. Featuring a lecture by African American Studies Professor Molefi Asante and a tour of the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection. Open to: Alumni, faculty and staff. $25 per person. Sponsored by the Temple University Black Alumni Alliance.

I said, you know you love the arts.

Other stuff:

Baseball vs. Villanova, Skip Wilson field @ ambler @ 3 pm.


Monday, April 20, 2009

And then the haze lifted and Monday was over

So in case you couldn't tell by the low attendance in class, hemp-wearing people geeking out as they ate their ice cream in J&H, or the unusual happiness of people on one of our shittiest days of weather yet, today was 4/20.

This picture pretty much summed up today, as a number of stoners, and a few sober students who looked all too uncomfortable, huddled in the rain outside Insomnia Cookies at about 8:30 tonight.

Also today, The Fox School of Business received a rainy welcome as it cut the ribbon on its new Alter Hall, which despite being open for quite a while now, had to wait for its huge, obscene letters to be put up. Bravo!

The TSG senate re-elected Senate President Jeff Dempsey to his second term at the helm. Dempsey is known to be an outspoken, passionate, and sometimes polarizing figure within student government, and will work with newly elected TU Action next year. About 16 senators, half of all the positions, were sworn in for next year as well. Most of them were current senators that were re-chosen, but several were new. Senators come from each school, and are supposed to represent their respective interests.

There were no sports today.

Thanks for checking out the C&W, hope you had a great 4/20 and we'll see ya tomorrow morning.

Interview with 5 anonymous stoners

In honor of 4/20, the world's most peaceful day, the C&W interviewed 5 anonymous celebrators. Here are their responses, enjoy!

Cherry and What: How many times have you smoked today?

Stoner 1: Well…between 4 and 6…nah definitely 7.
Stoner 2: Nah dude, definitely 4.
Stoner 1: Well with sloozy and sloppy…ok yea 7.

Cherry and What: How much did you guys spend collectively on weed today?

Stoner 3: $50.
Stoner 1: Well we had good shit…like $70.
Stoner 2: Nah dude…$80.

Cherry and What: Was that shit good?

Stoner 3: Aw yes…and we have mad middies for blunts.

Cherry and What: By now, some people reading this interview are already poo-pooing about how pot is illegal and stuff. What do you gotta say about that?

10 seconds go by....

Stoner 2: Wait, what?
Stoner 1: Fuckin’ try it and talk to me then.

Cherry and What: What is the best munchies you’ve had today?
Stoner 2: Ooooooooooo…..
Stoner 1: fruit by the fruit, yo.
Stoner 4: Sour patch kids.
Stoner 1: Wait scratch that, flat bread sandwich.
Stoner 2: Umm..what did I get for lunch, does anybody remember?
Stoner 5: Goldfish.
Stoner 1: Rice krispy treat.
Stoner 2: And soon Insomnia cookies.

Cherry and What: What’s your favorite color?

Stoner 3: It’s not green because of weed…but it’s green.

Cherry and What: Anything else to add?

Stoner 1: Smoke weed every day all day all night
Stoner 2: And feed the homeless, they’re probably’s cold.