Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Welcome to Wednesday, April 15. Initial thoughts: it's not raining out, why aren't we all drunk?!?! My second thought is that there are probably at least a few lost souls out there who never heard the news about spring fling being postponed, and are excitingly pounding shots of jager right now only to later find a deserted bell tower...and then the rain starts. Suckas.

Weather: Hanging in the high 40's all day with a 50% chance of rain in the afternoon, falling to low 40's overnight.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

"Second annual bone marrow donor drive: 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Student Center, room 200. The Temple football team, in conjunction with the Temple Bone Marrow Transplant Program, is looking for potential donors for the National Marrow Donor Program Registry. The process takes about 20 minutes and involves a simple cheek swab; no blood or needles are involved. Details available online. "

Go get your cheek swabbed. If you're a lucky winner who is found to be a viable donor, congratulations! You may now have a needle jabbed into your bone. But don't listen to me, go help some people, C&W readers!

"Exit interview session: "What Do You Mean My Student Loan Payment Is Due Now?": 3-4 p.m. Tyler School of Art, lobby. Exit interview sessions are conducted by the Bursar's Office to advise student loan borrowers of their rights and obligations. For more information, call O. Nikki Taylor at 215-204-6170."

This sounds like a trap to get delinquents into the office. Don't do it!

You know spring fling has been postponed when the only thing going on at a 20,000+ University is cheek swabbing and student loan interviews.

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