Monday, April 20, 2009

And then the haze lifted and Monday was over

So in case you couldn't tell by the low attendance in class, hemp-wearing people geeking out as they ate their ice cream in J&H, or the unusual happiness of people on one of our shittiest days of weather yet, today was 4/20.

This picture pretty much summed up today, as a number of stoners, and a few sober students who looked all too uncomfortable, huddled in the rain outside Insomnia Cookies at about 8:30 tonight.

Also today, The Fox School of Business received a rainy welcome as it cut the ribbon on its new Alter Hall, which despite being open for quite a while now, had to wait for its huge, obscene letters to be put up. Bravo!

The TSG senate re-elected Senate President Jeff Dempsey to his second term at the helm. Dempsey is known to be an outspoken, passionate, and sometimes polarizing figure within student government, and will work with newly elected TU Action next year. About 16 senators, half of all the positions, were sworn in for next year as well. Most of them were current senators that were re-chosen, but several were new. Senators come from each school, and are supposed to represent their respective interests.

There were no sports today.

Thanks for checking out the C&W, hope you had a great 4/20 and we'll see ya tomorrow morning.

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