Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Spring Fling Recap.

So in case you didn't notice the thousands of freebies, hundreds of drunken kids, and dozens of tents, yesterday was spring fling. The weather left a lot to be desired, and was a far cry from last year's 80 degree and sunny weather. Still, it seemed people were enjoying themselves and an opportunity to get a bit wild. Here are some of the more interesting things that the C&W came across.

Some of the tents and people on Liacouras walk.

Pieing sisters of AEPhi, who did a pretty good job of yelling at people who went by.

The hockey team had a nice little shooting game going on, including this dude in full gear yelling at people as they walked by. This gentleman here refused to pay the money to shoot the ball, to which the goalie man replied "yea, I could tell you weren't the athletic type." Zing!

And then, there was this guy......

Yoga is cool and all but this dude was a serious buzz kill.

The moon bounce was in fine form when the C&W came across it.

In this vid, you can hear some of the wonderful music being played at the bell tower, and see all 12 people watching.

Yea, did anyone else see this crazy S.O.B. galloping around, neighing, and getting creepily close to girls? They better be paying this guy a fortune, whatever he is advertising. Is your dignity really worth $12 an hour?

Oh those crazy Tyler school of art kids, what with their trojan horses and their resourceful use of a cardboard box to keep their TV dry. What will they think of next?

Here is a BBQ going on at Crow House, the home of AXP. Apparently, apes were in attendance.

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alyssa said...

that's agastaya! doing yoga.