Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monday, schmonday.

Welcome to Monday, April 5th, hopefully your day is better than this guy's:

So anyways here is your look-out for Monday, then the rest of the week:


Temple Today:

"May 11 through 17:
Paint the Town Cherry Week to celebrate Temple pride: From the Philadelphia skyline to a YouTube video contest, Owl spirit will be on display in May."
Nothing like having a school spirit week when all the students have gone home for summer.

"Orlando Cole Tribute Master Class: Janos Starker, cello: 2:40 p.m. Rock Hall, auditorium. Sponsored by the Boyer College of Music and Dance. "
You know the Jaws song was made on a cello? I somehow doubt that will make the playlist.

Weather: Rain until the early evening, temps 55-60 all day. C&W recommends long sleeves and an umbrella

TSG Ticket Debate: TU Action and TU Dream Team will be debating in Alter hall under the ticker tape, the final event before Tuesday and Wednesday's elections.

This week:

Weather: Tues- 48/36 rainy, Wed- 52/38 partly cloudy, Thurs- 58/41 partly cloudy, Fri- 58/46 showers.

Tues/Wed: TSG elections, both in the SAC and online.

Thursday: Cartoon portraits at the IBC, 7-11. Bring your goofy face.

Friday: Badminton tourny at the pav, 7-10.

Cherry and What Features: Check back to the C&W this week for some sweet coverage heading your way. Check back tomorrow night and Tuesday morning for analysis of the ticket debates and also a quick guide to figure out which ticket you should vote for. Coming up on Thursday night is a piece on the 8 most influential undergrads on Temple's campus. And no, it definitely isn't that guy who always raises his hand in class.

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