Thursday, April 2, 2009

Uh oh.

Tonight's big story: Yorktown residents are still pissed!!

The Yorktown incident has been well documented on the C&W and everywhere else. If you know about it, skip to the next paragraph. In case you haven't been paying attention this is how it went down: earlier in the year the residents of Yorktown, the neighborhood located south of 1300 and extending to Girard, got really pissed off about all the college kids and their damn partying, and got their city council representatives to dust off a 2005 law that says students can't live there. This main rep. is councilman Darrell Clarke. Anywho about 60 houses were served eviction notices, but the landlords are currently fighting the law and the notices are stayed until the case is resolved.

Well the second hearing on the Yorktown incident was held today, and boy was it a doosie(sp?) Here are the best quotes. From

"They complained about loud Temple University students partying until 2 and 3 in the morning....

They complained about public drinking and urination and about having no place to park when students had friends over to the once-quiet North Philadelphia neighborhoods of Yorktown and Jefferson Manor...

More than 100 people jammed the hearing office of the city Zoning Board of Adjustment yesterday for the second hearing on requests by landlords for a variance from that unenforced law.

Joseph Beller, attorney for one property owner, told the zoning board to rule the ordinance as unconstitutional.

"That's a matter for the courts to decide," said Andrew Ross, the city's deputy city solicitor...

But the Yorktown homeowners had a key witness on their side.

Alexis Denny, daughter of the late developer Norman Denny, who built Yorktown's 619 homes in 1961 as a "suburb in the city," said that the city, the Redevelopment Authority and the Denny Development Corp. agreed in 1959 that "the purchase of this property is for the purpose of redevelopment thereof and not for speculation and landholding."

Oh boy, this looks bad.

No mention of our right to live there. No mention of the ridiculous idea of keeping an entire demographic of people out of your neighborhood based on some bad apples. No mention of how these houses were sold to developers from families in the first place. No mention of the benefits that Temple University or their students bring to these local communities. And still no Temple administrative presence.

When you go out drinking tonight, try not to piss on any Yorktown residences. But don't try that hard.

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