Monday, April 20, 2009

Interview with 5 anonymous stoners

In honor of 4/20, the world's most peaceful day, the C&W interviewed 5 anonymous celebrators. Here are their responses, enjoy!

Cherry and What: How many times have you smoked today?

Stoner 1: Well…between 4 and 6…nah definitely 7.
Stoner 2: Nah dude, definitely 4.
Stoner 1: Well with sloozy and sloppy…ok yea 7.

Cherry and What: How much did you guys spend collectively on weed today?

Stoner 3: $50.
Stoner 1: Well we had good shit…like $70.
Stoner 2: Nah dude…$80.

Cherry and What: Was that shit good?

Stoner 3: Aw yes…and we have mad middies for blunts.

Cherry and What: By now, some people reading this interview are already poo-pooing about how pot is illegal and stuff. What do you gotta say about that?

10 seconds go by....

Stoner 2: Wait, what?
Stoner 1: Fuckin’ try it and talk to me then.

Cherry and What: What is the best munchies you’ve had today?
Stoner 2: Ooooooooooo…..
Stoner 1: fruit by the fruit, yo.
Stoner 4: Sour patch kids.
Stoner 1: Wait scratch that, flat bread sandwich.
Stoner 2: Umm..what did I get for lunch, does anybody remember?
Stoner 5: Goldfish.
Stoner 1: Rice krispy treat.
Stoner 2: And soon Insomnia cookies.

Cherry and What: What’s your favorite color?

Stoner 3: It’s not green because of weed…but it’s green.

Cherry and What: Anything else to add?

Stoner 1: Smoke weed every day all day all night
Stoner 2: And feed the homeless, they’re probably’s cold.


Anonymous said...

This interview is soooo FAKE! Hilarious, but fake.

The C&W said...

The C&W stands by its work. We assure you, it is a real interview. Some of us live with some crazy people.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not fake, trust me.

Stoner 2