Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday night.

The Temple News reported today that the ongoing contract negotiations between the University and the Unions has continued to go down hill.

Sports: Baseball lost 13-6 at Lafayette. Men's gymnastics opened up their NCAA qualifiers in Minneapolis.

Now go drink!


mnemosa.designs said...

Unions are a terrible, growing force threatening students and communities alike. Not to mention that TAUP helps to hold bad teachers in tenure because of their contracts, and believe me, there are a lot of bad teachers at temple.

I know this is a site for students, but isn't it a little bit irresponsible to be telling people to go out and drink? Underage drinking must have become legal over the past week or something.

C&W said...

"Underage" drinking was only made illegal because MADD lobbied the hell out of congress in the 80's.

21 is an arbitrary number, and the number of drunk driving accidents have not decreased, they have only shifted up the age demographic.

Failed policy; teach responsibility, not preach immorality.

College kids should be able to unwind and enjoy their youth.

mnemosa.designs said...

The last statement, yes, agree, but to only some extent..
Remember that neuroscientists have done brain scans on children who are drinkers and non-drinkers, as well as adults with the same criteria. It shows that before 21, the adult brain is not fully developed (it doesn't stop developing until around 40, when it starts to decline), thus the reasoning behind the idea of 21 as the age limit. Also, men and women have for the most part stopped growing by age 21, and body size has a lot to do with the amount of alcohol the blood can carry to the liver and process, or basically how drunk you are.
The fact that there are more penalties for underage drinking and underage DUI is most likely the case to why the shift in age demographic may have occurred.
MADD was also sick of seeing their children being killed by drunk drivers - their friends, or other people on the road.
Finally, safe drinking is responsible drinking. A lot of the habits in later life are formed by the drinking habits of teen and college years. There is substantial evidence from psychological studies that fraternity and sorority members join because of binge drinking, binge drinking is encouraged in these societies on campus through high amounts of peer pressure, and that later in life those who were in these groups are more likely to become alcoholics.