Monday, April 13, 2009

Stickied: Spring Fling schedule

Here is a schedule of what Temple, especially student orgs, have going on this week. We will leave this at the top of the page until at least Wednesday. Want to add your event/table/party/t-shirt/whatever? Just post it as a comment or e-mail and we'll add it. Feel free to send any images to be included.




All day: Getting wasted, sponsored by everyone.

Bands at the Bell Tower:
11:00 Sound Check- probably not a band
11:10 Temple Singer/Songwriters and Musicians
11:15 Associacion de Estudiantes Latinos
11:30 Infinien Band
12:20 Temple Gospel Ministries
12:30 Case of the Mondays
1:20 Mudslingers
1:45 Wailing Waters
2:35 Temple Juggling Club
2:45 Latin Ballroom Dance
3:00 The Right Coast"

Photobooth: By Delta Zeta Sorority. Come by and get your picture snapped during Spring Fling. They will be accepting Diamond Dollars.

: All Sides, a new Pro-Peace, Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestine student organization with the emphasis on Pro-Peace.

BBQ and social event: Crow house, Alpha Chi Rho fraternity. Cook-out during the day and event during the evening.

T-Shirts: "Don't Drink and Fly" by Alpha Chi Rho fraternity. On sale at their table and cook-out. $10.



Temple Rugby final home game, 7 pm. Played on the field in front of University Village. The team is currently 3-1, including a 2-0 record against D1 teams.

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