Monday, April 6, 2009

TSG Senate Meeting

A TSG Senate meeting was held today at 4, and here are the important things to come out of it:

One student, who lives in Temple Towers, spoke up about an issue occurring there. Apparently, all of the rooms in the building that have numbers ending "-05" or "-06" are being subject to structural change. Basically, all of these rooms are having the walls knocked out in between them, turning what was two 4 person rooms into one 8 person room. This is viewed as unfair because a) the floor space per person is the worst in the building, but there will be no reduction of rent b) these students were only informed of this change after putting down their deposit and c) the pressure is on them to find their own roommates, or be given random assignments. Another problem is the fact that this means 8 girls would be sharing 2 showers. Yea, that ain't happen. A committee was formed to deal with this, and the C&W will keep you updated

Regulations regarding allocations reform are in the works, that will make the process easier for students orgs to more quickly get their dough.

A drunken Temple student was arrested for wielding a machete and other charges this past weekend. Apparently he told the cops he was trying to break his friend out of a bathroom in their house. Yea, dumb ass.

Be on the look out tonight for debate coverage.

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