Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Monday? I thought it was summer...

So obviously the big story today was the gorgeous weather that really felt like summer. We have one day of good stuff left before the weather goes shitty so enjoy it.

In student government news, the banner was passed on from the current administration to next year's. This year's officers were President Nadine Mompremier and VPs Nexus Cook and Faaz Farzad. TU Action, the newly elected ticket, consists of President Kylie Patterson and VPs Jon Desantis and Anthony Leyro. Look out for more stories on TU Action coming up.

In Temple News piggy-back news, the BAC had some interesting posts today. They posted up a nice listing on next week's restaurant week in neighborhoods such as Fishtown and Kensington, located to the east of Temple. Restuarant week starts May 1st, and you'll be able to grab a plate of grub for as little as $10. Also check out their blog for news on a smoldering pole and drunken texting. Yup.

Also, a Temple University historian is up for a Nobel Prize for his work, The Bitter Road To Freedom: A New History of the Liberation of Europe. Kudos.

Did you know that the Office of Sustainability has a website with good stuff like green tips on it? Nah, neither did we. Check it out here.

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