Friday, April 24, 2009

Temple's 10 Most Influential Undergrads: Numbers 10-7

Seeing as how the 08-09 school year is coming to an end, the C&W compiled a list of this year's 10 most influential undergrads. The basic criteria was a ballpark guesstimate of how many students were directly affected by the student's actions, and to what extent. In some cases, indirect influences were accounted for, such as when a student's actions benefit the university as a whole in such away that everyone benefits. So if a student put on an event that 7,500 students attended, or built relations with the community that intangibly leaves everyone better off, these are both pretty important. This will be part 1 of 3. Without further ado..numbers 10-7.

10: Nexus Cook.

Nexus Cook served as the Vice President of External Affairs, one of two VP positions in Temple student government. She was responsible for a number of forums and meetings, including a recent community service meeting that laid the ground work for a number of solutions to the housing conflicts occurring between students and residents of North Philadelphia. She also helped out with a number of TSG initiatives, including the rally against the PA tuition relief act. Finally, she serves as an administrative assitant for HANDS, which will be discussed more later.

9: Farzad Firoz

Firoz served as Vice President of Services for TSG this semester, the other VP position in student government next to Nexus Cook. Firoz was responsible for the implementation of a number of services, particularly the shopping buses to South Philly and the off-campus housing fair. His services didn't reach mass amounts of students, but proved beneficial and received positive feedback from the students who did take advantage of them.

Deborah Hinchey

If you are an involved liberal on campus (I know shocking to think there are liberals on Temple’s Campus) you have heard of Ms. Hinchey. She is producer behind such student organizations as The College Democrats, Queer Student Union, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance and others. Due to her breath of life into some of these organizations when they were acting all comatose, they became major groups that have accomplished numerous things. Another reason why she is on this list is her political connections run deep. Whether it be union folk, governors, mayors, councilmen, or just kids around the SAC that haven’t showered for a few days, wear grungy clothing, and listen to Citzen Cope, she knows them all. If there is some sort of major political display or mobilization of students she has her hand on some string.

7: Lamar Wallace

Wallace serves as President of Temple's community service organization HANDS, which stands for Having Ambition N' Devotion for Service. There are many great community service organizations on Temple's campus, but HANDS is the most relevant community service organization campus as it holds projects often, bases them in the local community where the most beneficial work is to be made, and reaches out to other student organizations to help them with their causes. Many organizations, such as fraternities and sororities, have been in contact with the group to contribute, aka piggy back, on their efforts. Nevertheless, if Temple University's community service efforts were a car, HANDS would be the engine and Wallace would be the driver.

Lookout for numbers 6, 5, and 4 early next week.

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