Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bye Wednesday

Congratulations, you've made it to the college weekend. You've also made it to the end of September, and right on cue the weather has turned to shit.

But is ain't allllll bad.

First, peep this short article about Temple's School of Tourism and Hospitality management winning some unspecified award from the International Festivals & Events Association. Good job! We think.

Temple students win awards too! Check out this Temple Times article about how SCT students Chinonye Chukwu and Craig Bazan won prestigious Princess Grace awards for film. Chukwu took home $24,000 to produce a film.

Then, check out this Citypaper article, whose writer came to Temple in search of Owls with fashion sense. And as you can see, boy, did they find some.

The Temple News also posted some interesting stuff tonight. First, check out their BAC post about how TU alert will be doing a test tomorrow at 4 p.m. So if you're in class at that time, get your giggle face ready as it's almost guaranteed that someone will have forgotten to turn their phone on silent. Then again, only about 10 people have signed up so maybe not.

Then, check out this montage the put up of the Friday Freestyle session. In case you missed it, legit freestylers and wannabes alike gather by the bell tower every Friday afternoon to wage some lyrical battles. TN recorded some of it and took some photos, pretty cool.

No sports today, again, but there is a new article on the website about a "turn back the clock" men's b-ball game at McGonigle hall against Bowling Green, the first men's game played there since 1997. Read: not worth hosting a game in the LC for Bowling Screen, a game with an average attendance of about 500.

Also at the time of posting, the Phils are up 10-3 in the bottom of the 7th in their bid to win the NL East for the third straight year. So unless they blow it, cheers to Phils!

That's all for tonight, thanks for reading, get your rest and we'll see you for Thirsty Thursday!

We're half way there

Rise and shine Temple...2 days down, 2 more to go until it's Friday.

Unfortunately, we won't be getting any help from the weather today, which is looking low 60s and cloudy by day, and then dipping into the low 50s and clear by night. Bust out those hoodies everyone.

Cream of the crop from Temple Today:

Blood drive! Go do some good today at Johnson or Hardwick from 10-8. It says you need to be a resident or have someone sign you in, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to get in. Perfect timing far away from the alcohol end of the college cycle as possible.

The provost's art collection on the ground floor of Paley runs today until Friday. It says it has works of faculty and students, might be worth checking out. But she's only bringing it out for three days!! Does anyone else get this image of a richie rich style vault where the Provost just hordes all her art and occasionally throws a bone to the proletariat?

Paley's having an artsy day as they're also hosting a film at 7 pm by Wolgin finalist(the wolgin competition is a big, international art competition Temple is putting on) Sanford Biggers. The film is based around the history of the song "strange fruit," made famous by Billie Holiday, and will surely discuss race related issues.

Tonight is Temple night at Ortlieb's Jazzhaus, located at 837 N 3rd Street. If jazz is your thing or you think you'd like it to be your thing, might wanna check it out. Here is their website.

There are no sports today, except of course the Phillies trying to clinch the NL East against the Astros.

Thanks for reading, we'll see ya later today.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 herrreee

Just like Pedro Feliz's grandslam tonight against the Houston Assholes, lifting the Phillies to a 7-4 victory and moving them just ONE WIN AWAY from clinching a playoff berth. A grand slam, Madson closing two strong innings, the fans on their feet with rally towels swingin'... that's the Phillies we know.

So today, if you couldn't tell by the bare bones C&W posting, had like zero news going on. Seriously, somebody go make some news. Flip over tables at the TECH center, steal all the ketchup from J and H, put a horse in the Dean's office, anything.

If you didn't get a chance to check it out, make sure you pick up a copy of the latest Temple News to see all of their new articles, and the 2009 "Lunchie Awards." They got a whole bunch of stuff in there, but of course Richie's takes home first place for lunch trucks. Agreed. How does he find time to make so much delicious food and update his facebook every 15 minutes? Also, take the poll on their website for a chance to win $50.

In sports news, Temple linebacker "Peanut" Joseph got MAC defensive player of the week, highlighted by his interception return against Buffalo that came in at number 9 on Sports Center's top plays.

In other sports news, Temple b-ball picked up a big time recruit from the class of 2010, 6'9 power forward Anthony Lee of Florida. Ranked number #28 nationally at his position, Lee also had offers from BCS schools such as Southern Cal and Seton Hall.

So that's about all for tonight, thanks for reading and we'll see ya in the morning.


Today is Tuesday, September 29th and the C&W has your back.

Weather: Mid 60's and mostly sunny by day, dropping to mid 50's and clear overnight.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

There's a new media center opening in Paley Library, and they're giving away food, tours, and other shit from 9-4. For those who didn't know, you are able to "rent" movies and DVDs from the circulation desk in Tuttleman. It sounds like this media center will now take care of that, along with other things. Why Tristan when you can Paley?

If you missed one of the 50 chances you've had, you can still learn about studying abroad in Japan in Tuttleman 200 today.

Hey technology people, check out the job fair in the Student Center room 200 today at 1:30. Yea, we all know your job prospects are better, la dee da.

That's all for this laid back Tuesday, get through those classes so we can tackle humpday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Peace out Monday

And just like that, Monday is over. Quick and painless right? Now just one more day until there is one more day until there is one more day til the weekend. We're so close!
Campus news:

What the hell was going on by the Bell Tower today? Besides free pretzels and water? It was the emergency preparedness fair, of all things. And apparently FEMA head Craig Fugate spoke about being prepared or something. Who knows, but those were some yummy pretzels.

Speaking of yummy shit, get ready for tomorrow's Temple News because they got the 2009 Lunchie awards, an annual ranking of the best grub on campus and other things such as "colorful personalities." Check out their preview post on the BAC for more info and a nice little video montage(REMIX!) of lunchers around campus.

TSG had their first state of the campus address today, and honestly, not much went on. However, they will be running shopping buses to south philly fo free, with the first one coming up Oct. 6. Wal-mart, best buy, food stores, all that jazz.

In other news, Temple researches dropped a highly publicized study today about the link between obesity and sleep apnea(slow breathing while sleeping). It returns like 23 google results go it's gotta be pretty big. The study supports the long suspected link that losing weight helps to cure sleep apnea.

Check out this ominous biz journal headline: "Stage Set for Temple University Hospital Strike." There was a union rally outside TUH today, and workers said if they didn't have their contract settled on the 30th, they will be striking on Oct. 2. Yaaayyyyyy.

There were no sports today, but peep this article about former Owl basketball standout Mark Tyndale finding himself on the Milwaukee Buck's training camp roster. Tyndale went undrafted two years ago, but wound up playing pro ball in Australia last year. Apparently the guard impressed some people, because they're giving him a chance. The article also mentions Dionte Christmas getting a chance with the 6ers and Semaj Inge playing pro ball in Iceland of all places.

Thanks for reading, see ya tomorrow.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 4? Or was it 5?

All I know is there's a bunch of midterms coming up so we're about 1/3 of the way through the semester. Here's your weekly look-out:

Weather: Definitely cooling off a little bit this comes fall.


Yom Kippur. We're not going to even pretend we know what's going on here. There's going to be services at the student center at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. And then a break fast at 7:30? We assume this means like breaking a fast, not like cereal and donuts for dinner?

"Workshop: Resume Writing for the extremely smart, yet uninformed!" I'm sorry, what? These people will apparently teach you how to write a highly effective resume and cover letter. I hope they're better at that than writing event titles.

The Monday night film series in Tuttleman 101 at 5:15. This week's flick: the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film "A Clockwork Orange." It's a crazy one.

Ambler's trip to the Phillies dollar dog night. Ambler one-ups main campus yet again by offering transportation and tickets to the game for 15 bucks. Bets now being taken for who chokes first: drunk college kids on the dollar dogs or Brad Lidge against his former team.


New media center at Paley opens: And they're doing fun shit for it! Tours, snacks, and give-aways from 9-4. There's a bunch of new stuff, including "videos and DVDs to borrow and study for leisure." Renting movies fo' free? Thank God, because I owe Tristan like 50 bucks and am not going back there anytime soon. Ridiculous rates.

Want to study abroad in Japan? Plane leaves from Tuttleman 200 at 11 am. Either that or an info session.

Science and Tech. job fair
: 1:30-5:30 in the SAC 200. If you were smarter than the rest of us and chose a major in science and technology, where, ya know, people are still hiring, check this out for potential employers.


Field hockey vs. Stanford @ Geasey @ 3
"Exhibition--the Provost's Art Collection: For three days only, items selected for the Provost's Art Collection will be on view to the public at Paley Library. The collection was created by Provost Lisa Staiano-Coico to showcase student and faculty creative works. This exhibition at Paley is the only opportunity to see the 2008-2009 selections together under one roof."
Did you know this is your ONLY chance to see these works? And you can ONLY see them here? Do you realize how important this is? Do you want to go through life knowing you missed your ONLY opportunity? You better go!

Blood drive: At Johnson, Hardwick, and Peabody from 10-8. Is it just our immaturity, or does the whole phrase Johnson, Hardwick, and Peabody just beg for some 6th-grade level jokes? Anyways, get there and do some good.

Dressing like a pro: Do you dress like Harry and Lloyd? Attend this session at 1 pm in Mitten 220, and let these peeps teach you "what works and what doesn't"

Temple night @ a jazzhaus: Is that German for Jazz house? Either way, something Jazzy and Temple related going on over at Ortlibe's Jazzhaus, 837 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA.


Jack Wolgin competition art exhibition: Tyler is putting on a little (big) art competition with major money up for grabs. The exhibition of the competitor's work starts on Thurs in the Temple Gallery at Tyler.

Want to maybe study abroad in Rome next Spring? If you do, then Thursday is your last chance to apply.

Weight management session
: This workshop in 250 Mitten at noon says it'll teach you how to eat the things you love without all the salt, fat, and sugar. Well that's going to be pretty damn hard considering those are three of the four main ingredients in everything delicious. The 4th being alcohol, of course. But I guess that's why they're the ones teaching the workshop?


You've been so patient, suffered in anticipation so quietly. But wait no longer, because the 5th Annual Temple Spine Symposium: Spinal Oncology and Spinal Degeneration has arrived! Hooray!

Big time guest for all you tech/film nerds and Mac users out there. Bahram Farogi, one of Apple's leading tech gurus, will be in the TECH center 111 to give first hand instruction on using Final Cut Pro 6. You know how colleges like to further your education by proving really valuable, free advice from professionals? Film people, this would be one of those things.

Hope this helps, thanks for reading and talk to ya later on Monday!

Sports news highlight weekend

Hello fellow Owls, and welcome back to the week. Hopefully you all had a fun and citation-free weekend, and were able to enjoy some of the sports victories that went down this weekend.

Speaking of which, Temple football friggin won! Check below for highlights. And not only did they win on a pretty nice day down at the Linc, they killed 'em too, 37-13. And our boy Elijah "Peanut" Joseph,(Yup, Peanut) interception TD return came in at number 9 on SportsCenter's top 10 plays.

Lincoln Financial was the lucky field this weekend, as the Eagles also killed the Kanas City Chiefs by a very similar score, 34-14. And Vick didn't do shit.

Oh, and LOL @ PSU.

Not to be out done, the men's soccer team also took down a very good Hartford team 2-1, with all American J.T. Noone picking up two assists.

In still more sports news, check out this article about Temple Alum Candice Dupree making her way onto the national women's basketball team.

In non-sports news:

Ever wonder what it would be like to live with your parents at college? Check out this amazing article about Temple student Rob Wunder III, who was tragically paralyzed diving into a pool a few years back. His Dad is putting everything on pause to live with him four nights a week at college(1300, we believe) in order to help him obtain an education. Best of luck to both of them. All with a sense of humor too:
"It's nothing anybody else wouldn't do for their kids," said Wunder, a former high school football coach built like a linebacker, with kind, sparkling blue eyes and an easy smile.It's a big sacrifice for him to put up with me being here.

His son, 19, a husky 6-foot-3 with dark-rimmed glasses, a beard, and a mustache, chimed in: "I have to put up with him. He has to put up with me."

Photo courtesy of Charles Fox of

In other news, Temple's questionable policies regarding alcohol continue to get some press. Peep this article from Haverford and Bryn Mawr's newspaper titled "Haverford's Alcohol Policy Better than Everyone Else's". Despite that awful title, the article makes some good points about how Haverford's emphasis on personal responsibility is a little better than Temple's strict, zero-tolerance, high-fine policy. Then again, they're not a campus of 12,000 living in the middle of North Philly.

Ya, that's about all this weekend's news. Check back in a little bit/tomorrow morning for your weekly outlook.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The weekender

And the sun sets on another week at Temple. As always, the C&W will be taking the weekend off. Remember when you're out drankin' this weekend, keep your eyes open for the under covers.

Weather: Saturday: 68/57 mostly cloudy. Sunday: 78/58 am showers.


@ Temple: Football vs. Buffalo at 12. Men's soccer vs. Hartford at Ambler at 1. Women's volleyball vs. George Washington at 4 in McGonigle.

In the city:

"Campus Philly’s College Day, a Philadelphia tradition, is your day to explore the City, art, and culture at little to no cost. Seven free museums & discounts throughout the City for food, clothing, and services, provide a great opportunity to get off campus without spending all of your parents’ money! "


Kansas city Chiefs vs. Eagles @ Lincoln Financial Field.

Didn't you always wish you could dress like a Zombie and go to prom? Now you can at Zombie prom 2009 at the Troc.

Wanna learn how to make Sushi? Attend this class on Lombard at 4 to learn how. Or, go fishing, chop it up, and eat it.

Thanks for reading, we'll see ya Sunday night.


Our bad.

Friday outlook:

Weather: In case you couldn't tell, definitely cooled down a little bit. Still, temperatures should reach 70 on this mostly clear day, before dropping down into the high-mid 50's by night.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Do you have TU alert? According to today's announcement, only 31% of students and 43% of employees do. So that means if I'm in a class and there's an emergency, at least a third of the class will know about it. Why pay 10 cents when the dude next to you has it? Still want it?

Environmental series seminar: This sounds like a pretty good info session, with information about how to make realistic sustainability policy changes on college campuses. Everyone who attends receives one free tree seed.

Deadline for Fulbright Scholarship: TODAY! I'm going to apply for this. Then I'm going to build a rocketship.

Other stuff: Don't forget about net night at the PAV tonight from 7-10! Those b-ball players have been getting very complacent recently, time to kick 'em off the courts.

Sports: Women's volleyball opens up A-10 play against Charlotte at 7 at McGonigle. Women's tennis opens up fall play with a tourny at Upenn that starts today.

Thursday news:

Peep this article about Al Golden, the Owls, and this weekend's opponent, the Buffalo Bulls. Did you know that Buffalo holds a 12-1 all-time record against the Owls? Did you know they beat them all thee years so far, each time pretty much knocking them out of MAC east contention? Did you know that Temple football sucks?

Speaking of Temple football, we have a little good news/bad news. The good news: former Temple football QB Adam DiMichele has been picked up by a pro team! The bad news: it's the 3-8 Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Well, I guess it beats a 9-5 desk job. I think.

Oh and the guy that designed that prison, I mean apartment building, known as the Edge on south campus has done it again! Built a weird, ugly, mess of a building, this time for Drexel.

This article, not exactly worth reading or Temple-related, discusses Chestnut Hill college's plans to revamp and build some new buildings or something. However, this quote is pretty hilarious.
"Chuck Broadbent, who lives on W. Bells Mill Road, questioned the college on its plans for the Greenfield Mansion, the only building that will remain from the current Sugarloaf campus. Broadbent complained that the previous owner, Temple University, rented out the facilities so often the noise from weddings and parties was heard practically every weekend and was unbearable."
Ooo Temple, big ol' hypocrite throwing loud parties on the weekend. Lucky for you there's no Pennsylvania wedding control board.

That's about all for the news on Thursday, we'll see ya later today for your weekender.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Temple's journo program continues to kick ass

Remember a few days back we mentioned how the Temple journalism program is producing entrepreneurial, kick-ass journalists? Well there's even more accolades to be found in the latest Citypaper, in their annual awards issue called "The Big Vision Issue." Photo shown here was taken by Mark Stehle for Citypaper.

Scope page 26, or click here, for the section called "Codebreaker" aka people blazing their own damn trail in media in the city. And the winner is..Shannon McDonald, the recent Temple grad who inked the story about the racist officer last year and got all sorts of attention for it. Besides calling her gutsy, the article also highlights her project.

And there's more. One of the honorable mentions was, co-created by Temple grads Christopher Wink, Sean Blanda, and Brian James Kirk.

Both of these websites realized a lack of coverage in certain areas in Philly, and decided to start websites to fill that void. Kudos, you make us proud.


It's Thursday, September 24, and the C&W has your back.

Weather: the warm weather continues as we have temps hovering around 80 all day and sunny skies, with just a few degree drop-off and some clouds rolling in during the evening.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Flu vaccine: Probably your last chance to get the vaccine for free today, at the Health Sciences Center. Started at 8, could very well be gone by now. Now we're all in big trouble.

Hey ladies, wanna get paid 120 bucks? Check this out.
"Study volunteers needed: Temple's Department of Anthropology is looking for Caucasian women, ages 20-45, who are not pregnant or taking birth control pills, for a research study of the menstrual cycle and the uterus. Participation involves giving a mouthwash sample (for genetic testing), having height and weight measured, following menstrual cycle for three months, and having an ultrasound study of the uterus at Temple Hospital. To participate, please call (215) 204-3464."
Do you wanna study abroad but can't find anything good at Temple? Head over to Tuttleman 200 at 11 a.m. where they're doing an external(indie from Temple) study abroad workshop that will point you in the right direction.

Take advantage of the Farmer's Market at Cecil B. and Park walk from 2-6! They're got fresh fruits and veggies! Mennonites don't bite!

In other news: Jimmy John's at the Edge has $1, 8" subs from 11-3 today for customer appreciation day! Go get that tasty sandwich, sub, whatever you wanna call it.

At the reel, the movie has switched to "The Proposal" today, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Please, please, don't see that movie.

Also, there are no sports today but can somebody please do something about Brad Lidge? Manuel, Bench him. Amaro, get rid of him. You, break his legs. Don't care but don't want to see him pitch again!

That's all for now, we'll see ya later today.

Oh and by the way if you're in a student org or know something going down, always feel free to post a comment, or better yet shoot us an e-mail so we can let everyone know what's going on.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another humpday in the books

Congrats, you made it past another humpday. Only one more day until the college weekend begins, except now that the LCB has made so many high-profile busts, I guess we're all going to think twice about going out this weekend. Chyea...

If you don't know what we're referring to, check out our post directly below this one for the scoop about undercover liquor control board agents on our campus.

In other news, check this story about how the first strike, pun intended, in the contract struggles at Temple University Hospital could come on Oct. 2. More than 1,500 employees are ready for a 3-day picket, which would mean the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. For the love of hooter, don't get injured on one of those days.

In even more cheery news, read this article about how a Tyler School of Art professor's son and two friends were taken into custody in Iran when they inadvertently crossed over the border while hiking in Kurdistan. They have tried to appeal to Iran's president Assmenijad, but have received no response. She's trying to get as much publicity as possible so take a look!

But hey, it ain't all bad! Score one for Temple's sustainability efforts in the Bike Temple program. Peep this article that praises Temple for its efforts.

Also, if you haven't seen it before, check out the Peabody Palette blog. Sure it's for Peabody residents, but it also has a lot of good stuff such as info on coming out week at Temple, Jimmy John's, and of course our Always Sunny at Temple video contest.

Speaking of Jimmy John's, be sure to stop by their shop at the Edge tomorrow between 11-3 for $1, 8" subs, in honor of customer appreciation day!

In sports, field hockey lost to #11 Drexel, but the Men's soccer team took out UPenn 2-1 in dub-OT to tie for first place in City 6 standings. The win was huge for the Owls as it marked the first time they beat those snobby Quackers(yup) since 1990!

That's all for the news tonight, we'll see ya in the morning.

Temple a hotspot for the PA Liquor Control Board, possible focal point of "College Enforcement Initiative"

This weekend, make sure you hide your booze and lock your doors; the Pennsylvania LCB, arch nemesis of frats and house parties everywhere, has arrived. You may have heard about the large scale underage drinking bust at Haverford college earlier this month, where 31 students were cited for underage drinking.

What you may not know is that so far this year, over ONE HUNDRED citations for underage drinking were given out to students at Temple parties. On one street, undercover liquor control board agents broke up a number of parties, handed out citations, and charged the residents of the homes with operating a speakeasy, a misdemeanor offense. The students were not checking IDs or anything of that nature. Unfortunately, the city's department of License and Inspection then evicted those students for not being properly zoned. If you drink or throw parties in college, your "oh shit" meter should be approaching 9 right about now.

What you also may not know about is something called the "College Enforcement Initiative," a new effort by state police to kill the fun of college students everywhere. This article by the Daily Gazette of Swathmore is a great piece that interviewed state cops and got to the meat of things. We suggest you read the whole article, but here are the most important quotes:

"College Enforcement Initiative, which entails an enhanced enforcement focus on underage drinking at colleges. La Torre, Commander of the district office for Delaware, Chester, and Philadelphia counties, said that the purpose of that initiative is to “get the word out” on college campuses about the penalties for underage drinking."

"The goal of the program, said La Torre, is to make a series of highly visible alcohol “busts” at various colleges and universities in the area, especially during September and October. The hope is that students will realize “what the penalties are” and then be able to “make an informed decision” about whether to drink."

"Some schools, including Temple University, have requested the state police’s assistance in dealing with underage drinking problems on campus."

"If the department receives a tip or requests for help from anyone, they will look into it, as they did in the Haverford incident. In those situations, La Torre said that his unit “does a full investigation, using all resources available”—including Facebook."

So what does this mean? They're looking to make examples out of kids, they aren't bullshitting, Temple asked for their help, and now they're here.

Oh, just a couple of thoughts on this one:

1- The 21 drinking age is one of the dumbest laws on the books. Supply vs. Demand. Attacking the supply side never works, you must work on the demand. Kids are going to drink. Period. When you make the drinking age 21, all it does is drive kids into house parties and basements, where not only will they be afraid to seek help in the case of emergencies, but also develop damaging habits such as binge drinking. Want to stop kids from throwing huge parties in their houses? Lower the drinking age to 18 and let them go out to bars, where legal regulations are already setup. Let them drink with their parents before they go to off to college, so they know how to behave when under the influence. Don't believe me because I'm just some college kid? Ask John McCardell, President-Emeritus of Middlebury College, and 134 other college presidents and chancellors who came to the same conclusion last year.

2- Temple asked for their help? That's kinda fucked up. The above mentioned article interviewed many members of the Haverford administration, who had a very realistic take, focusing on providing events, counseling, and other services to cut down on the demand side of underage drinking. That would be the smart thing to do. Doesn't Temple realize that one of the main reasons their enrollment is growing, particularly among suburban populations, is because kids are recognizing that Temple is a fun time? If kids are scared to come here because of a Temple-LCB collaboration and kids getting in trouble all the time, they're not going to come here.

3- Not to mention trust. Temple will soon be rolling out a new student code of conduct, and will be asking or student help in reaching out to the communities. What Temple student wants to help Temple with that when they're pulling stuff like this?

4- There is a flip side to this. Temple police receive hundreds of community complaints each year for noise violations, including close to 40 in the last two weeks alone. Temple students need to do a better job of keeping themselves inside and not pissing/yelling in neighbor's yards. However, this is something that should be dealt with by the Temple Police, university, and UDC, not the LCB who charges kids with crimes and puts them up for eviction.

5- The university, as mentioned, is now showing signs that they will help correct this situation. If the 2020 plan goes through as planned, students will have much more to do on campus, including living here, so many of these community issues will hopefully be alleviated. Student activities and MCPB also host weekly events that offer something else for students to do, and are definitely improving in this department. Enlisting the help of the LCB in the short term is not a valuable piece of the puzzle, instead it's just shooting yourself in the foot.

6- These state police are completely wrong in their thinking. You're going to let kids make "informed decisions" i.e. try and scare them into not going out? Yea, bossing kids around is always received well. "21 is the law and that's final. We don't make the laws just enforce them." That doesn't make any sense. Sure that's your job, but if society thought that way about every law you know how many stupid, ineffective laws we would still have on the books? Not only is this law ineffective, but it is HARMFUL (refer to point 1).

So kids, except for the 2% of you who will now choose not to go out and drink this weekend, make sure you are attending parties that are running a tight ship, checking IDs, and don't have a million people flooding the streets, at least until the end of October. If you get a bad feeling, i.e. some weird loner dude who looks totally out of place, just leave.

Thoughts anyone?


I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...god damn it, how high is this hump??

Weather: High 70's and cloudy by day, low 70's with a chance of rain after 5.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Temple university continues to provide free drugs, now they're just gonna make us travel for it. From 8-12 today, flu shots are available at the Health Sciences Center. So smart, knowing that college kids won't travel anywhere for anything.

Back to back theater troupe putting on a thingy at the Underground at 1 p.m. An "internationally-known" theater group capable of "award-winning performances" driven by "eight actors with intellectual abilities." Well that sounds interesting.

"Major dreams: how to choose a major that excites you." 220 Mitten Hall at 4. Says it's going to choose a major for us based on our values and interests and stuff. "Well young man, if drinking beer and eating food was a major here, that would be the one for you, but it isn't so you should probably just major in communications."

IBC body composition: 11:30-1:30. This is a semester program that challenges you to lose fat and put on lean muscle. If you complete this mission, you are entered to win a super secret grand prize, which is probably just your ab muscles.

SPORTS!!: Men's soccer taking on Upenn at Ambler at 3:30, and field hockey is at Drexel at 7.

We're also cooking up a pretty important report on underage drinking on campus, so be sure to check back right around 5 for that.

Now go conquer humpday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday night

Another Tuesday in the books, another hump day just over..the hump?

Anyways, Facebook wall is telling us that summer is over? So bring on the fall.

In other news, Temple is entrepreneurial as shit. Not one, but TWO articles today showing Temple amongst national rankings in this category. First, scope this article featuring a quote from Temple University's Christopher Harper about how the old way of doing journalism is dead and the new one is all about starting your own blog/business. The article states that some universities are starting to offer entrepreneurial journalism courses. This is true at Temple University, where journalism prof George Miller teaches a class of the same name. (View the class site here). The program challenges students to turn ideas into action, and has already created acclaimed start-ups such as and Technically Philly.

And if you think our journo department is entrepreneurial, Fox trumps it. The Fox School of Business appeared twice in national rankings lists, coming in at number 5 on the Princeton Review's list of undergraduate programs, and 6 on the graduate list.

In other news, the Temple News came out with their latest edition today, both in paper and online. Good stuff, as always.

The BAC was all over the flu shots today, and as they have reported, it's goooooone. However, more flu shots will be made available shortly, and the C&W will let ya know.

In news unrelated to Temple, but directly related because we have so many smokers, the FDA just banned all flavored cigarettes, including Cloves. This on the grounds that they appeal to young smokers because of their flavor. Menthol cigarettes, of course, are not included. True, tobacco is bad, but so is restricting freedom.

There were no sports, and we'll see ya in the morning.

Monday Night(Tuesday morning)

Special broadcast of the C&W tonight, LIVE from the TECH Center. Due to technical difficulties (overdue PECO bill) we currently have no power at the old location. Couple that with some intramural football, and you have a recipe for disaster.

But the show must go on, so here is your Monday news and Tuesday lookout.

NEWS: Some pretty big stories tonight.

First, check out our interview with TSG senator Danny Doherty below. He sponsored a resolution, along with Students for Environmental Action, that would add a $5 green fee to all Temple student's tuition.

Also, check out this article about how first and second round games in the 2013 NCAA men's basketball tourny will be hosted by Temple, at the Wachovia Center. Now all we need is to win some games and get home field advantage. Right.

And just when you thought the union contract issue was solved, another one pops up! Peep this article about how union members at the Temple University Hospital are now threatening to strike if they don't get a contract. Is anyone noticing a pattern here?

Finally, check out this article about how former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf visited the Fox school of business. His words of wisdom to the students: "One never knows where destiny will take them." Thanks Pervy, now I know for sure that I cannot see the future and have been living a lie.

In sports, nothing happened. However, soccer player Eric Witmer got A-10 player of the week and football kicker Brandon McManus got MAC special teams player of the week.

Tuesday's lookout:

Weather: Mid 70's and cloudy during the day, mid-60's with a chance of rain at night.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Flu vaccine going quick: As you may have heard, Temple is offering free seasonal flu vaccines. NOT FOR SWINE! Normally, a good turn-out would be several hundred students. Much more than that came today, with wait times up to two hours. Tomorrow the university is scrapping its original plan to stop at noon and is just going from 8 a.m. until the supply is out. To quote the joker "when I say that one little old student will die(of swine flu), well then everyone loses their minds!" or something like that.
"Confessions of a converted lecturer: 12-1:30 p.m. Engineering building, room 126. Facilitator Eric Mazur will explain how often times the lecturer--not the material or students--is the key to class learning. "
Well no duhhhh, students are never the problem. If more than one student gets a C, it's always the fault of the professor. Thankfully they're starting to recognize this major issue, my GPA has been hurting for years.
"How to turn around toxic talk: 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. Mitten Hall, room 250. Learn how to recognize, understand and redirect potentially damaging communication.
Umm, when did the word "argument" become politically incorrect?

Wiffle ball homerun derby at the PAV at 7. Ryan Howard will be there. Disclaimer: Ryan Howard will not actually be there.

Deadline for studying abroad in Spain
. Want to go to Spain? Reading this on Wednesday? You're screwed!!

See ya later today!

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Interview with Senator about a $5 green fee on everyone's tuition" or "C&W tries serious journalism"

The C&W doing serious journalism? Cross your fingers as we explore this new, uncharted territory.

So the Temple Student Government senate had their first meeting today, and in it passed a resolution that could end up adding $5 to everyone's tuition. The bill, proposed by College of Education Senator Danny Doherty, would add a "green fee" to each student's tuition and then use that money to advance sustainability on Temple's campus. We sat down with Doherty to find out more about the resolution.

C&W: Ok dude, tell us about the plan.

Doherty: Well, in general, Temple has not done enough to advance sustainability on campus; there is no source of money to be used towards green projects. The purpose of this resolution is to create that support, in fact about $300,000 a year's worth. The money will come from adding $5 to every student's tuition, and will go to areas such as the Office of Sustainability. Temple has a responsibility to the community, as they've recently recognized, and a clean environment is certainly one of those responsibilities. The EPA has listed North Philly as one of the top 5 most populated urban areas, kids are 25% more likely to develop asthma, and by improving these conditions Temple has an opportunity to really make a difference.

C&W: Well, Temple hasn't exactly been ignoring sustainability, didn't the Computer Recycling Center just win an award?

Doherty: This is certainly true, the CRC won that award, the recycling department is better than it used to be, even small things like double-sided printing at the TECH center make a difference, but there is so much more to be done. I really see these as baby steps, and we still need to tackle the larger projects, like purchasing renewable energy and implementing campus-wide energy star light bulbs.

C&W: Can you tell us a little more about the resolution itself and the student government aspect?

Doherty: Well today's document was just a resolution- the first and easiest step of the process. All this is saying is that the senate, with representatives from every one of the colleges at Temple, is representing the student voice by saying they approve of the general idea of this plan. The student organization Students for Environmental Action is co-sponsoring the bill, and will be involved in the process. They will be collecting signatures and aim to get 3,500, or roughly 10% of the student body. In the meantime, the Senate will begin working on the administrative aspect, figuring out the details of how this could get done. Once all the chips are in place, there will be another vote in the senate on a bill that actually pulls the trigger.
C&W: What do you think the biggest challenge will be in seeing this through?

Doherty: It's definitely going to be convincing students that the bill is in their best interests. Environmentalism is to everyone's benefit. Most of these changes won't be seen in the four years that students are in this school, so they will think "this doesn't do anything for me, it's just $5 more I have to pay." But we're going to have to try and convince them that it's good in the long term.

C&W: What's your game plan for pushing this through?

Doherty: We're going to have to go to the students; into classrooms, dorms, everything. Tabling won't work, we're going to have to take this to students where they can't ignore us, and then keep pressure on the administration. Temple is in the midst of the 2020 planning and this should always be on their minds. These new buildings need to be LEED certified.

C&W: Have you talked to any administrators about this? Something tells us they're not going to be loving this.

Doherty: Not really. We have talked to Sandy in the Office of Sustainability quite a bit, and she is with us and thinks this is a good thing. The bottom line is that this is a student effort, and if the students want it, it will happen. I think this is certainly a good thing for Ann Weaver Hart. I think she received some criticism for signing the President's Climate Commitment, but then just kind of created the Office of Sustainability to let them deal with it and doesn't constantly keep green in the forefront. This is a great way to show she is truly concerned with sustainability.

C&W: Who is gonna decide where all this dough is gonna go?

Doherty: Well for one, the board of trustees. We're hoping a lot will be given to the Office of Sustainability to decide what to do with, and the recycling department as well. They do a great job with what they have, but the reason there are so few recycling bins on campus is because they don't have the resources to go pick it up. Practical applications are refitting dorms, a J and H composting program for all the wasted food, which can go to Temple University Gardens. Another practical application is for Temple to offset their energy usage. For example, we can't build windmills for energy here on campus, but if we build one say, in a suburban area, we just offset our energy usage by providing efficient energy elsewhere.

C&W: OK so last question: I'm a Temple student who likes my $5, why the hell is this worth me giving it up?

Doherty: Honestly, it's $5. Skip a party or a slice of pizza or two, and help Temple become more sustainable. There are fees in tuition like the rec fee, which is about $50, that many students don't even use. This $5 is for everyone's benefit, it's for Temple's benefit.

Monday, monday, monday

The date is Monday, September 21, and the C&W is tired.

Weather: High 60's into the Mid-70's and sunny by day, clear and mid 60's by night.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Free flu shots: 1) These are not swine flu shots 2)They are regular shots, they will not help prevent swine flu 3) Swine flu shots, these are not 4) Just received news that there is a huge ass line for these things in the SAC, will try and report back..reporting back: 2-hour line.

Green tip back in action: after last week's "d'uh" of a tip, the office of sustainability fires back with a good one:

Green Tip: If you must print, use recycled paper: Compared to using virgin wood, paper made with 100 percent recycled content uses 44 percent less energy, produces 38 percent less greenhouse gas emissions, 41 percent less particulate emissions, 50 percent less wastewater, 49 percent less solid waste... and 100 percent less wood.

Monday night film series: "Standard Operating Procedure" in Tuttleman 101 at 5:15.

A poli sci prof from Upenn talks about the awfulness of the Electoral college at 1 in Gladfelter 914.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The week ahead

And just like that, another weekend of the fall semester is in the books. Fortunately, it doesn't look like the last warm one. Check this weather out!


And now for your weekly outlook


Poli sci junkies can get their fix at 1 pm tomorrow, as Dr. Nagel of UPenn comes to 914 Gladfelter to discuss how shitty the electoral college is.

Movie junkies can also get their fix tomorrow by attending the second week of the Monday night film series and watching "Standard Operating Procedure" in Tuttleman 101 at 5:15.


Senior night at the Draught Horse
, 5-7. Seniors are invited to attend and vote on the class of 2010 t-shirt. There is also a complicated process where you can stop in and get a flyer from 1938 Liacouras walk ahead of time, then present the flyer when you go, and then 10% of the money you pay goes to the class of 2010 scholarship fund. In other words, go through a long, complicated process to donate a portion of your money to a scholarship that the nerdy dude in front of you in class will win. Cuz we all know that people going to the horse at 5 on a Tuesday ain't winning shit. Yea, I'm right on that.

Wanna study abroad in Spain this spring? Well Tuesday's the deadline.

Ever lose sleep at night because you're worried about importing products from other countries for your small business? Yea, me too. Thank god they're having this workshop to teach us how.

Wiffle ball homerun derby at the Pav!! Smack some dingers!


Free flu shots from 8-12!! And you thought keg lines were bad!

This assembly says it will help teach good spending habits. Why are they having this on a college campus? They should teach this somewhere that makes more sense, like at a session of congress.

Don't know what major to do? This 4 pm workshop will tell you! It's sooo simpleee.


HIV testing from 10-2. Third time's a charm.

The weekly Cecil B. Moore farmer's market from 2-6. Get your fresh fruits and veggies from those entrepreneurial Mennonites.

Check out this discussion panel from 2:30-4 that asks the question, "Is justice just for minorities in America?" Also google "minority crime statistics" and find the answer: no.


Net night. More to come.

Sports: Wednesday: Men's soccer vs. UPennis, Ambler 3:30. Friday: women's soccer against Dayton, Ambler 6:00. Women's v-ball vs. Charlotte, 7 pm at McGonigle.

That's all for now folks, we'll see ya in the AM


And now for your weekend news, and it is a bit wackier than usual.

First you got a Temple student digging up a like 2,300 year old gemstone carving of Alexander the Great while studying overseas. It's like 1 of 30 in the whole world.

We really don't know what's going on with this one, but we assume it'll be interesting to some of you out there. Something about some dude who is rumored to be dating Rihanna. And he used to go to Temple. Except he's not dating Rihanna, because he's gay or something. And because gay rumors were flying around Temple, he dropped out or something. We're not gonna take the time to further investigate, but feel free to do so yourself.

Also, the BAC has got some new posts up, one about PA finally passing its budget 80 days overdue, and another about this Inquirer article commending Temple, President Hart, and the 2020 plan. We agree.

In other news, Dionte Christmas is one of three players who have a shot to fill the final two roster spots on the 76ers. The catch: the Sixers can leave those two spots open if they want. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Sports: Temple football lost to Penn State 31-6. Who would have guessed? Temple women's v-ball also lost to Penn State, twice, both by a score of 3-0. Penn State extends their NCAA record to 73 straight wins, and maintains their #1 ranking. Field hockey loses to Albany 1-0, men's soccer beats Albany 2-0, Women's soccer loses to Niagra 2-1, and men's golf played some golf.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Temple invades PSU, your weekender

The C&W is again adventuring, this time up to PSU as part of the Temple invasion. We probably won't witness the upset of the century, but we'll be reppin' the cherry and white and definitely will not be sober. We might put up a post or two over the weekend if time allows it, but if not, here's your weekend lookout:

The reel: Year one, starring Jack Black and Michael Cera is now playing, and we heard it stinks. But who knows?

For our picks, Saturday: Riverfront ramble down by the river. It's an annual festival with tons of stuff to do. Music, food, fun, crazy Philadelphians; you know the drill. Sunday: Eagles at home(tailgating) and Moby at the TLA

: Volleyball vs. Penn State, today 7 p.m. Men's soccer vs. Albany @ Ambler on Sunday @ 1 p.m. Women's field hockey also against Albany on Sunday at 1, but on Geasey field instead.

Curb your enthusiasm: Season premiere Sunday night on HBO, featuring the cast of Seinfeld.

That's all for now, everyone have a great weekend and go Owls!

Finally Friday

It's FRIDAY, September 18, 2009 and it's time for the mo friggin' weekend.

Weather: Is it true, could we be seeing the return of good weather? According to them, it should be sunny and in the 70's by 2 today, falling into a clear, mid-60's night. We'll see.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Flu shots, get your flu shots here!! Got a TU ID? Get a free seasonal flu shot. Congratulations everyone, swine flu came, people panicked, and we get free flu shots from it. Couldn't have done it without ya, mass media. Monday, September 21, and Tuesday, September 22 from 8-12 at one of the three listed locations.

Like a shit load of, different shit: More speakers than you can shake a stick at. Ya got a dude coming from Rent-a-Car to talk about how to launch your career in Alter Hall 34 at noon, ya got a dudette talking about how to implement smart environmental and social policy in Philadelphia in Gladfelter 24 at noon, and ya gotta a third dude talking about the health care industry and how both political parties might just be(are) completely full of shit in Anderson 821 at 3:30. Phew.

In stilll more Temple Today news: There's a welcome back luau, hosted by MCPB, at the Edburg-Olsen practice facility at 5. Free food and performances, wear your bikini.

In sports, Men's soccer is playing Navy at Ambler at 3:30, which should be a good win since we're playing on land and not water, and you've got women's volleyball hosting #1 Penn State in McGonigle at 7:00 p.m. Oooo, can you smell the upset. Even if we lose, the PSU girls still go to homogeneous school located in State College, PA. Lolz, we're like, totally more hood than them.

We don't see anything to enticing going on on the calendar, but look for yourself if you think you might have better luck.

That's all for now, we'll see ya later today.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Announcing the "It's Always Sunny at Temple" contest

So the C&W gang attended a live showing of "The Night Man Cometh," the hit episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and it was hilarious... we didn't have the best seats so the photos/videos didn't come out too well, but here are a few shots. The last is of a group on the subway on city hall, not us, and boy was it awkward given the other subway goers, who obviously are not big fans of the show.

So anyways, at the show they showed a brand new episode from the upcoming season, featuring the gang attending a frat party at....UPenn. Boo. But it got us thinking, what would the gang do at Temple? Enter our contest. We want video submissions from you guys, no more than 10 minutes long, showing you and your gang doing a sunny-esque plot at Temple. To the winners goes this: a season 4 DVD signed by the entire gang (Ya it's real) plus whatever other shit we feel like tacking on.

To review: -Video submission no more than 10 minutes
-Basically a mini episode of a sunny-esque plot at Temple, but you don't need to pretend you're them
-We'll pick our favorite 3, then put them on the site so that you all can have the final vote
-Winner gets the autographed season 4 DVD plus other good shit
- Deadline is first 10 entries, or Halloween, whichever comes first.

Get filming!

Oh yea, in other news, the Owls are probably going to get their asses whooped this Saturday.

See ya tomorrow!