Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm done with you hump day

So the last humpday of the semester is over. Now all we have to do are these damn final things.


Guess who's coming to town? Swiiinnneeee fluuu. That's right, is reporting the first probable case of swine flu. A 2-year-old boy fell ill with the flu last month, but then little johnny made a full recovery and is probably happily chasing down a ball or something right now. How terrifying. In case you didn't notice, the C&W is taking ol' swiney a little lighter than most. The World Health Organization reminding people only 7 deaths have actually been confirmed, the fact that the toll is slowing down in Mexico City, where only several thousand people in 9 mil have been infected, and the fact that everyone from little johnny to his granny are fighting it off like it's the 48 hour fever are several good reasons.

In other news, Temple is the A-10 champions! Of recycling. That's right, over the past 10 weeks Temple has been participating in a Recyclemania competition, where schools across the nation tracked their recycling efficiency. Temple was the best waste minimizer in the A-10 and was runner-up in PA. Keep it up Owls.

That's pretty much all the stories we have for tonight, so we leave you with sports results and we'll see you tomorrow morning.

Baseball lost to Lafayette 10-6 and women's lacrosse beat Lafayette 15-5,

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