Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday is politics day!

So I was standing in the atrium today was Senator Casey.

I caught a bunch of pictures and even a few videos of the man himself. He seemed like a pretty cool guy and stopped to talk to a lot of students. When one admin tried to hurry things along "we've got a room of people waiting" Casey was like ok..took two steps..and then started talking to more students who came up to introduce themselves. Check out Fran Dunphy in the background, it appeared him and Casey were pretty chummy.

Casey did a Q&A with students in the SAC, and the C&W will try and have a report up on what happened at the assembly tonight, along with the vids.

Also, madness in the TSG elections.

The Good: Over 3,500 students have come out and voted as of 2 pm today, already 1,500 more than last year. That's a lot of insomnia cookie coupons. Props to you!

The Bad: Violations. According to those on the inside, both tickets have racked up some violations, but TU Action has accumulated enough to warrant a hearing today with the Supreme court and elections commissioner. Worst case scenario: the ticket could be disqualified. The results of this hearing and more details on the violations will be posted after the polls close tonight.

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