Monday, April 27, 2009

Temple's 10 Most Influential Undergrads: Numbers 6-4.

Last week we began a three part series of the 10 most influential undergrads on Temple's campus during the past year. To quickly review, the criteria is how many total students were affected, directly or indirectly, by the actions of these individuals and to what extent. So here are numbers 6,5, and 4.

6- Jeff Dempsey

Dempsey serves as the Senate President in student government, and was recently re-elected to this position for the 09-10 school year. Dempsey selected and was in charge of the 32 member Senate, which was composed of representatives from every school on Temple’s campus. For this reason, he had indirect influence and power to help or hurt every student on Temple’s by brining certain initiatives under his wing. He takes an active role in both student government and many other student organizations, particularly progressive ones, and has a hand in their dealings with one another, with the University, and with outside entities.

5- Elizabeth Hanson

Liz Hanson is the current president of the College Democrats. Liz’s unassuming demeanor fools many people until it’s time for business. Within a one year tenure as President of the College Democrats she worked to get Barack Obama here, hosted a debate with all of the candidates of Philadelphia District Attorney, and brought Howard Dean and Nutter here for a rally. She is deeply entangled with the progressive cartel and has serious sway with those individuals. Hanson’s events are nine times out of ten run well, advertised well, and manage to get in some hardball questions. She is the most politically active individual on campus. If students need to be galvanized, mobilized, and academically pulverized she’ll be the one to serve you.

4- Gaelle Amazan

Madison once said the judicial branch of the US was the weakest because it controlled neither the sword nor the purse. Gaelle Amazan wields both at the same time. She is force behind Temple Student Government’s allocations or appropriations committee within the senate. This is the committee that acts as the events gatekeeper and hands out 6 digits of cash to student orgs every year. That’s 6 digits that she more or less controls. The committee is under her direction and generally tends to go with her flow. She was also instrumental in creating allocations reform this past spring, and if there is anything the University frowns upon it would be a student fiddling with how money is used.

Check back later this week for numbers 3, 2, and 1.


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Three of the best people on campus.

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