Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Over the hump

Tomorrow is Thursday, the unofficial last day to get your drank on before everyone starts going home for Easter. Here is your Wednesday news.

Tonight's big story is all of the political crap that went down today. We started the day off right with PA Senator Bob Casey visiting the SAC for a Q&A with the students. Casey was pretty impressive despite a semi unibrow, and seemed like a legit politician. He ignored an administrator who was trying to hustle up the process and instead talked to students who were just coming up to him to shake his hand and say hi. He even called b-ball coach Fran Dunphy "Dunph," and it was clear they had probably had a few drunken nights in the past. Check out this shitty video in which he jokes about not being able to graduate due to math.

Once he began presenting he spoke for all of 3 minutes and started taking questions from the audience. He fielded them pretty well, including a question calling out his pro-life stance. Basically, he's pro life, but he's also a Democrat, and wants to fund a lot more money to planned parenthood. After he spoke the TSG elections commissioner brought him to the polling station in the SAC and asked him to vote. He jokingly asked if he really could and quipped that he had forgotten his TUA number. Dude's got jokes!

Speaking of TSG elections, polls close at midnight tonight so if you've haven't voted yet, DO IT NOW. There are close to 4,000 votes tallied so far... are you one? Results will most likely be released late tomorrow afternoon.

There was a bit of controversy today when both TU Action and TU Dream Team had a hearing sorta thing with the TSG Supreme Court, which was determining punishment for elections violations by the two tickets. When the smoke settled, neither ticket was badly punished. TU Action received a major violation for a campaign worker manning a voting table in J&H, and a minor for having a campaign worker telling peeps to vote in the SAC. TU Dream Team had 3 minors, one for a megaphone, one for an unstamped sign, and one for not providing props to Temple for a link. Snooooooooze.

In other news: THE KIXX ARE COMING TO THE LIACOURAS CENTER?!?! According to this article on, the philly Kixx soccer team needs a new home, and is currently in negotiations to play at the L.C. That kixx ass!

In sports: Baseball lost 10-8 @ Rider, softball won a double header @ Penn 7-2 & 7-1, and men's tennis took down those preppy Vilenova Wildfats 4-3 @ the pav.

See you in the morning!

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