Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween weekend listings



7-11: Ambler Haunted Hayride. There's nothing scarier than the idea of going to Temple Ambler.

9 pm: Heaven & Hell mischief night party at Lucky Strike bowling alley (courtesy of TTN)

2-7: Phi fest at Alpha Epsilon Phi

6:30: Rebirth of a Dynasty Fashion Show, Mitten Hall (courtesy of TTN)

7:57: Phillies vs. Yankthese.


12 pm
: Field Hockey v Richmond on Geasey field.

1 pm: Eagles vs. Giants

3 pm: Volleyball v. Dayton at the Tom Gola arena at La Salle u.

7:57: Phillies vs. Crankees

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News catch-up

Ok we kinda owe you one of these. Things get hairy when the Phils are in a World Series on Halloween weekend.

First of all, just in time for Halloween weekend, SEPTA decides they're probably going to go on a strike. Yea, that would mean there's a good possibility the orange line will be shut down this weekend. Yea, that would mean you would not be able to use it to go to Halloween parties, places in the city, or the Phillies/Eagles game. Nice.

Also, check out the new opening of the $165 new medical school building today. Hooray Temple! Then check out the hundreds of protesting employees who still don't have a contract and are determined to piss on the parade. Boo Temple!

Going down to the Temple v. Navy game tomorrow? Yea, we didn't think so, but we thought we'd let you know to watch out for the pickpockets anyways. Not that you aren't completely up on your street smarts from living in North Philly anyway.

Check out this article about how Temple researchers are pinpointing the start of binge eating behavior. They have traced it all the way back to Temple Star on Saturday nights.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I can hear New York from here! It sounds like this: ".........."

Like you need an update. Frillies are amazing. Please Pedro, give 'em some of that Cy Young stuff.

In other's uhh, friggin Halloween weekend. Costume parties start tonight, and we'll have a weekend outlook, including Halloween listings, up for you.

Yesterday's news, still brought to you with more convenience than a newspaper:

Temple's entrepreneurial spirit is even spreading to the theater department? Do a play that's already been made? Screw that, we'll write our own jawn. That's what spawned "Shot," an original play that is now running through Nov. 13 at Tomlinson. Shot, of course, referring to someone who got shot in North Philadelphia in 1964. OK, not the cleverest of titles, but maybe worth seeing anyways.

Apparently Temple's got organized labor spirit too as this article credits the Student Labor Action Proeject(SLAP) student org. for helping Art Museum guards win a right to unionize. Entrepreneurs and union people, we so tallllenteddd.

Temple keeps up its status of the Beverly Hills of Philadelphia as it was brought up by not one, but two Hollywooders yesterday. First, we finally got to the bottom of this Reese Witherspoon thing with this article about an Alvernia coach selected to play a role in the upcoming movie. Here are the deets:
"Berger filmed for one day at the Temple-Ambler softball field that had been transformed to look like a USA home field for an international upcoming major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson , Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd."
The second article was an interview with Boondock Saints directer Troy Duffy, who discusses the upcoming sequel to that movie. Duffy and the two main actors (ya know, the Irish dudes) visited the Reel a few weeks back to field questions from students, and Duffy talks about them a bit in this article.


Weather: looks like the weather should make a little improvement today, as you can expect temps to break the 60's and see just a tiny bit of sun today. The main point is it stays fairly warm and dry overnight, so those Halloween costumes you'll be rockin should stay dry. So should Yankee stadium.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Well first of all there's all sorts of crazy seminars and stuff going on today to celebrate the opening of the new Medical Education and Research Building. But there are way too many big words and crazy medical lingo, so we're just going to assume you already know if you're going.

Author Laura Levinger visits 914 Gladfelter at 11 today to talk about her book "What War?" which focuses on testimonials from survivors of the Guatemalan massacre. Punch and cookies will not be available.

Does your head tilt to the side and eyebrow curiously raise when your prof starts talking about something called "A.P.A. format"? Well then you might want to check out this workshop that teaches all about that pain in the ass style from 3-4. That, or drop out of college. Same end result.

Also, don't forget Temple individual game basketball tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. today. If you want to tickets to games like Kansas, Nova, PSU, etc. you should probably get on that. Of course, if you have your wild cherry pass, you're good to go.

Pedro vs. Burnett. 7:57. Be thurr.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Message from the Cherry Crusade

"I hope everyone is currently basking in the glory of the football team's 5 game winning streak and location on top of the MAC East standings, as we enter the second half of what is shaping up to be a very memorable season. However, for this week we shift gears as it is time for Cherry & White night, the annual introduction of the Men's & Women's basketball teams. This year Cherry & White night happens to fall on Game 1 of the World Series, so Temple Athletics is combining the event with a Game 1 viewing party. So, come out to support the basketball teams, and then stick around to watch the World Series and enjoy free food and prizes throughout the game! Details below:

Bring your friends for an exciting night of Temple Basketball and Philadelphia Phillies World Series action!

Be a part of Temple Basketball Cherry and White Night on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7:00 PM at McGonigle Hall. Doors open at 6:00 PM.

At this event, you'll meet the Temple men's and women's basketball teams, and enjoy contests, FREE food, prizes and more. One student will have the chance to win $10,000! If you haven't purchased a Student Wild Cherry Basketball Pass, attending this event is your ONLY opportunity to pick up a FREE student ticket to the Temple-Villanova basketball game on Dec. 13.

Stick around following the event to watch the Philadelphia Phillies as they take on the New York Yankees in game one of the World Series! The viewing party will be held at McGonigle Hall and the game will be shown on a big-screen TV."

Phinally Wednesday

Well, if only the World Series started every Wednesday, that would make this day a lot easier to manage.

: Expect very similar weather to yesterday, with the temps hanging around 57 all day and cloud cover, although rain is not as likely. The current predicted weather for Yankee Stadium at the 7:57 pm start time is 52 and cloudy with a 50/50 chance of rain. Fingers crossed.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

For all you music producer wannabes out there, definitely want to check out these two workshops today. "Learn how to podcast like a pro" is in the TECH 211 from 1-2, and teaches Garageband, audacity, pro tools, and all that good stuff. A separate session focusing on just Audacity is in the TECH 112 from 2:30-3:30.

For those of you who have realized college is all about networking, but haven't got a clue how to do it, might want to consider this workshop in Mitten 220 at 2.

Oh and there's this like film series thingy at 7 and a chorus singing at 7:30 or something, but we're going to assume you're too busy prepping for the WORLD SERIES so we're just going to subtly sneak those 2 links in there. Done.

Peace out Tuesday

Welcome to World Series eve..and boy is shit heating up.

First, if you haven't already seen it, check out the cover of today's New York Post. Yes, that would be Shane Victorino in a skirt. You know, Shane Victorino, the guy who hit a grand slam off C.C. Sabathia, the Yankees Game 1 pitcher, in last year's NLDS. Good idea NYP.

Searching for Temple University also turned up this Philadelphia Inquirer article about why the Yankees are so easy to hate, especially by the scrappy, blue-collar Phillies fans. The article includes insights by Temple prof Emily Sparvero, who essentially says that New York is so easy to hate because of its size and geographic location.

Bernard Hopkins
like the Phillies too. Like the t-shirt here? Want some funnier than normal Phillies gear? This site kicks ass.

In other news, this week's Temple News is out on the stands, and it's a good one. Our pick of the week is this article by Valerie Rubinsky that provides a wealth of information and quotes on the ongoing Temple Univeristy Hospital debate/strike/animosities. Is Temple a sketchy, bottom-line driven corporation, or are the Union people making a misinformation cocktail with a splash of sour grapes?

Or perhaps Temple likes money so they can open state-of-the-mo-fuggin-art facilities like this new $3 million Biotechnology research center. Well, when you put it that way...

Also in the TN were these Halloween listings, which we will be very, very tempted to steal for our Halloween weekend listings.

Th-th-th that's all folks. Cliff Lee, you better be in bed by now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's Tuesday, October 27, and there's nothing going on today so we're putting another inspirational Phillies clip for inspiration/filler:

Shitty weather: That would be gray, rainy, and hovering near 57 all day long. Clears up a bit for the evening and night, but the temp. stays right around the same.

Tons of stuff to choose from today, fellow Owls! Oh wait nevermind, there's really only three. And they kinda suck.

First, if you feel like hoofing it out to Ambler, Rina Cutler, the city's transportation/utilities person, will be talking about how to make Philadelphia more sustainable when it comes to moving around. It's a pretty much must see for anyone interested in urban sustainability.

Why does Ambler get to do all the cool stuff? If you're out there, a bus is leaving at 7 pm to go on a walking ghost tour of Philadelphia. Sure it's probably going to be rainy and nobody is going to go, but at $3 that sounds like it would have been an awesome night. Keep this up and we're switching to being a farming major just so to get a piece of the activities over there.

Tonight, at 7:30 in the Rock Hall Auditorium, the Yiddish Choir of Temple will take the stage for their world premiere of singing songs entirely in Yiddish. Where will you be?

Don't forget to get your weekly fix of Temple News!

g2g peace out.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

And the Eagles have wrapped up a nice 27-17 win over the Washington Redskins.

Besides that, not much happened today.

We guess it's pretty cool that Al Golden is up for national coach of the year, alongside greats such as Joe-Pa and Urban Meyer.

And we guess it's pretty cool, if not a little nerdy, that the Temple University Concert Choir performed at a live video game concert. We guess.

Oh and the online version of the latest Temple News has started to make its way online, and apparently AEPi's house is haunted by a servant girl who makes fun of people with hairy knuckles? Ok, that's pretty cool.

Can't forget the golf team is in 6th place after day one of the Seascape Collegiate tournament.

Monday, you were even lamer than usual. Is it Wednesday yet?


Doesn't it seem like every freakin' week that we have to deal with a Monday? What's up with that? Now for a pick me up. C.C. Sabathia? More like C.C. YaLata.

Weather: Quite a bit cooler this week, as temps will just barely break into the low 60's today, although it will be mostly sunny. High 40's overnight.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Bunch of deadlines: Thinking about being an RA next year? Yea, better get on that. Want to take part in one of Temple's service immersion programs where you go places and help, you know, people who need help? Better get on that too. Want to learn how to manage your money bank accounts better? Hahaha, like we have money.

Poli sci kids! Check out this campaigns and elections speaker series thing as Dr. Sanbonmatsu of Rutgers talks about women's elections. Just don't try and pronounce that last name. 1-2:30 pm in Gladfelter 914.

Elsewhere: Body world's II opens today at the Franklin Institute. This time it focuses on the brain! For those who don't know, body worlds is an exhibit using real human and animal remains, that have been frozen in time by wizards. Pretty cool.

Get in the spirit of Halloween by taking this walking ghost tour of Philadelphia. Ok, it starts at Cosi. Yes, it's $17 bucks. Didn't say we were going.

The weekender

October weekend 4 out of 5 is complete. Next up: Halloween!

In news this weekend, Temple football beat up on Toledo 40-24. Freshman ass kicker Bernard Pierce was a bigger beast than ever, as he racked up 212 yards and three touchdowns. This was a big time win as it moved us to 5-2, 4-0 in the MAC, and one win shy of bowl eligibility. We're also starting to get additional national votes on the Harris ratings. Beat Navy this weekend, and we might even seen a few votes on the AP/Coaches poll.

Someone needs to tell that to Greg Eno, a contributor for the Bleacher Report, as he mentioned Temple in this article that completely ripped philly, its sports teams, and fans.
"Philly is also the home of Temple University, which last had a good football team before they came out with electricity, just about."
If you ever need to get your blood going, give that a look.

Good thing there are great journalists like Solomon Jones who know what the real deal is. Check out this article that praises Philly's grit, and talks about why we're the best city. He even mentions those crazy Temple squirrels: "Our city's grit is the very fabric of our city, a fabric so intricately woven that even our wildlife is part of it. I once saw a squirrel pluck the butt of a hoagie out of a trash can on Temple University's campus and munch on it like he was at a lunch counter."

In other news, the winner of the Wolgin Prize was announced late last week. The winner of the prize, which was open to artists all over the globe and prided itself as the world's largest art prize.... was South Philadelphian Ryan Trecartin. Mmmmmm..what's that smell?? I love home cooking!!!

Speaking of home cooking..Dionte, WTF? In case you didn't catch the story by now Dionte Christmas was pulled over for "driving erratically" with heavily tinted windows (read: shady as shit, or DWB, depending on your point of view) and a police search of the car found a gun. Christmas also was driving without a license, and the car was registered to 76er Mareese Speights. Christmas was released on $10,000 bail, and the case is now being investigated. Crime/sports reporters everywhere also spent a better part of their day on Friday attempting to think of clever headlines involving getting coal for Christmas.

In other news, Arlen Specter came to campus. The BAC has a post up about him, and it looks like their code is freakin' out because there's an insanely large picture of him. Just look at that tie, kinda looks like he skinned that fish in the children's book with the shiny scales doesn't it? The post says they got an exclusive interview with the flip-flopping senator, so look out for that in Tuesday's edition.

Yay Bill Cosby! You soo funnnnny.

Finally, take a look at this article about how Center City police kept things much more controlled during the NLCS celebrations. The article mentions how Temple kids still made it down, despite the blockades. Drexel and UPenn though, not so much, as police blocked bridges from West Philly. Haha! Better dig into that trust fund to buy yourself a raft for the World Series.

Sports report
: Men's soccer, 1-0 win vs. St. Bonaventure, 0-1 loss vs. Duquesne. Women's soccer 0-5 spanking by Charlotte, 1-0 win vs. Saint Louis. Women's volleyball: win 3-0 over Duquesne, loss 1-3 vs. #24 Saint Louis. Field hockey 1-2 loss vs. West Chester. D'oh.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend numero 8.

Another week down, another weekend up. But no Phillies this time? Temple football away? Halloween next weekend? What the hell is there to do? Well...

Weather: Short of a tsunami or snow storm..this is about the worst thing you can be greeted with when signing on

So what's that mean. Well today is alright with a high of 60, low of 53 and possibly some shower laters. However tomorrow is gonna be rainy as hell, but around the same temperature. Looks like the weather will clear up just in time for the TECH center on Sunday, with a high of 63 and low 42.


12-1: Women's leadership series at Ambler. Check out the name of this presentation: "When life gives you lemons and everyone is making lemonade-- make a margarita!" Now that's a motto we can agree with.

12:30: Men's soccer vs. St. Bonaventure at the Ambler sports complex. Seriously, we just can't take that school seriously with a mascot called the Bonnies.

1-2: A lecture by Ryan Trecartin, fresh off his Wolgin Arts Prize victory and $150,000 back account boost. Afterward, he will be buying everyone drinks at the Draught Horse. Right, Ryan?

3: Women's soccer vs. Charlotte. That would be the Charlotte 49ers, named for the infamous Carolina gold rush of 1942.

4-6: Forum with Senator Arlen Specter. That's right, the magic man himself will be in the SAC 200 to answer any and all questions from students. One of our staff has an ax to grind and would like to point out that Specter dodged his question 4 years ago, and when asked about Bush shitting on everything in America, started talking about Iraq. After this forum, Specter will then go 5 rounds with Geert Wilders in a sockem bopper bout for the ages.

7:00: Ambler is doing haunted hayrides. Damn it Ambler, stop doing all the fun shit!


12: Dodgeball tourny!! Prizes for best uniforms! Benefit kids! Alriiighttt.

3: Tyler Perry's "Laugh to Keep from Crying" comedy routine at the Liacouras Center. Tickets are $50 a pop though.

4:30: TU trip to Haunted Bates motel. $10 bucks gets you a trip to the Bates hotel, which includes haunted house, hay ride, and corn maze and also a meal ticket. Vodka and orange juice in a water bottle not included. BYOB.

7: Still might wanna catch football @ Toledo, details to come for where to watch.


9 am- 5 pm. Got dreams of making it big or making an ass of yourself on TV? America's Got talent casting call at the PA convention center.

A bunch of sports:
12- Field hockey v La Salle at Geasey field
12- Women's soccer vs. St Louie at Ambler
2- Men's ice hockey v. Pitt.
2:30- Men's soccer vs. Duquesne @ Ambler

7- Flyers vs. San Jose Sharks at the Wachovia Center. Tickets start at $20!

So yea this weekend kinda sucks. However, these are available all weekend long:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thirsty Thursday!

Ok so the weekend started a day early for the C&W staff this week. Our apologies.

But the Phillies are the 2009 National League Champions! Here are 8 things we noticed. Also, we totally stole these photos from Temple News photographers Kevin Cook, Tho Nguyen, and Walbert Young, so make sure you check out their awesome slide show here.

1. The Phillies are amazing
-After Rollins' game winning 2-out double in the bottom of the ninth to win game 4, everyone could taste the World Series again. As we joined together on a Wednesday night, the taste of a second straight world series and natty light in our mouths, the Phils never let us down. From the moment J-Werth hit that first inning 3-run bomb, we knew we were going.

2. The cops at Temple are not so amazing
- Sure enough, they blocked off Cecil B. Moore, which was the first lame thing. Unfortunately, they didn't block off 15th street, so it wouldn't have done much to prevent a march to city hall except that...

3. Temple students are kind of lazy
- As most of them just kind of hit that police wall, jumped around for a bit, and then found their way to Temple Star or 4th meal. Perhaps the police were banking on this factor, and if they were..cha-ching.

4. Center city police, on the other hand, meant fuckin' business
- Partial riot gear, extra zip ties on the hip in case they needed to make multiple arrests, tazers, breaking bottles that littered the streets to avoid them getting tossed, freakin horses, which reminds us that

5. Horses poop, big time

6. Yes, they really greased the poles

7. Everyone really, really hates the Yankees
- Fuck the Yankees chants almost outnumbered lets go Phillies chants

8. Everyone is really, really hungry for another World Series Championship
-But some were hungrier for Temple star

In other news...

There's still some buzzing from nutso Geert Wilder's visit this past Monday. What we didn't know were how many clever lines Temple students delivered:

"Members of All Sides, an organization that seeks to promote peace between Israel and Palestinians, held pink pom-poms and shouted, 'Hey Hey, HO, HO, this racist bull----'s got to go.'"

"Before he was escorted out, the last student allowed to address Wilders said: Clearly fascism wasn't defeated, because if it was, a genocide-loving racist clown like you still wouldn't have anything to say.'"

In sad news, Christmas was cancelled. Or at least cut from the 76er's roster. This probably means Europe for the former Temple b-ball star. Let's keep our fingers crossed to see him make it to the NBA in the near future.

Finally, check out this article praising the New Medical school building. Apparently, it was not designed by the same dude that did the Edge.

Peep this article about Temple's Podcamp Philly. Contrary to popular belief, it was not just for nerds, as over 200 people attended. Whoops.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Like OMGs, 70 degrees? has the temperature reaching into the 70's by 3 pm today, and in the 60's the rest of the day. Suck on that, humpday.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Well you're not going if you aren't already there, but there's an interesting conference going on in the Student Center right now about women balancing their families with their careers, and features just about every prominent woman at the University. Yes, Hart is there. You go girls.

Do you want to study abroad, but have been too lazy to go to the first hundred info sessions this year? Well good news Ferris, they're having a big one today from 10-2 in the Tuttleman lobby, where reps from all over the University and outside businesses will have info for you on studying abroad.

It's sustainability day! Yay Earth! From 11-2 at the Bell Tower there will be all sorts of student organizations, Temple offices, and city groups doing god knows what to celebrate the day. Check it out if you hear mother nature calling. Also, if you're at Ambler, you can skip class to play around in the Woodland Garden all day.

Other cool stuff:

Poet Peter Straub will be in Anderson 821 at 3 pm today presenting "Celebrating Foreboding." Yea, no clue.

God mad roller hockey skillz? Prove it at the PAV tonight from 7-10 at their tournament. Hoot..... Hoot.... Hoot..Hoot..Hoothoothoot.

Don't forget the Phillies take on the Dodgers at 8:07 tonight in an attempt win their second straight National League Pennant. Cole Hamels takes the mound, and we got a feelin' he's going to right the ship tonight. Hamels, rhymes with Camels, on humpday? Meant to be.

Make sure you peep this announcement from the University that explains they, along with the city, aren't bull shitting when it comes to celebrations. It states that the city will not allow people to march to city hall. This could get messy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Night > Tuesday Morning

Two down, two to go until we reach the college weekend. Hang in there!

Temple was at the center of some big, even international news today as Dutch politician Geert Wilders presented to a packed Anderson 17. Pretty epic stuff; protesters outside, secret service looking dudes walking around, cheers and jeers as he took the stage. Then, he spoke, with his funny accent and crazy, eminem-gone-mad hair-do:
"Where Islam sets roots, freedom dies,"

"our Western culture is far better than the Islamic culture and we should defend it."

"If the spread of Islam continues unabated in the Western world, 'you might at the end of the day lose your Constitution.'"
In the words of Happy Gilmore, "psycho." Check out this Temple News article about the TSG meeting Monday that condemned his visit, and this letter to the editor from Senate pres. Jeff Dempsey for more backlash to Geert's visit.

Speaking of the Temple News, this week's edition is on the racks and online, so make sure to check it out.

In other news, Temple again brings home the hardware for being so damn entrepreneurial, this time from the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) awards banquet. Temple won honors for "Outstanding Contributions to Advance the Discipline of Entrepreneurship." Good stuff TU.

Unfortunately, for every entrepreneur Temple puts out, we have recent grads like Jason Fanelli who get a job managing a Gamestop. Or, maybe that truly has been the journalism grad's life goal. Yup, we're sure that's it. Please God, let me get a job after graduation.

In sports, Temple football really did win four in a row. We're not crazzzyyyy!! Check out this blog post that goes over how big of an achievement it really is, as it mentions that the last time Temple pulled this off, the Cosby show was the most watched show on TV.

Ok, how did we miss that the field hockey team's 2-1 win was over NUMBER 10 Umass this past weekend? We don't know, but time to give credit where credit is due. Way to kick ass, girls.

That's all for tonight, catch some zZz's and we'll see you in the morning.

Tuesday > Monday

It's Tuesday, October 20, and the C&W has your back.

Weather: Sunny and reaching into the low 60's by lunch time, then dipping to the low 50's overnight.

Don't you absolutely hate when you write a book and sign with a publisher, only to have them take all of the rights to your work? FML right? Well well, this info session at the TECH 111 at noon will teach all the tricks to show those evil publishers what's up. We're excited too.

Rome. It's a city in Italy. Pizza, vespas, euro-mullets, 16 drinking age, old stuff. Wanna go? 2 p.m. in Tuttleman 200.

Herrreee comes Geerty. The Dutch Politician of all Dutch Politicians will be speaking in Anderson 17 at 7 p.m. There will be security guards present, and plenty of protesters too. Fortunately, we have been told that the cool old police officer who drives up and down Liacouras Walk all day in his cop cart will be there, so shit shouldn't pop off. He's our hero.

In off campus stuff: David Cross at the University of the Arts. 8 p.m. $35.

No sports. Catch ya laters.

Monday, October 19, 2009

And on the 7th day..God made the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Philadelphia Phillies are amazing. Here, if you don't know.

In other news, controversy, controversy, and more controversy.

First, we have controversial Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders coming to campus tomorrow. Wilders is known for calling Islam a violent religion and being borderline bat-shit crazy. However, supporters of Wilder are saying that his opinions fall within free speech. TUPurpose, which apparently is a student organization here on campus, is sponsoring his presentation, and to much protest. At today's TSG senate meeting, the student body voted to condemn his visit, and protests were held outside. Security will be ramped up for tomorrow's presentation, for which students in TUPurpose say they have received threatening messages.

Remember professor Marc Lamont Hill? You know that prof who was at Temple for the past four years, and appeared on Fox news to talk about hip-hop and all sorts of other stuff? Yea well he went to Columbia and apparently got fired from the Fox News pundit team, at least according to this right wing article.

In state politics, Rendell is working for his money, per this article that discusses how he is making a push this week to pass casino legislation, so TU can finally get its dough. So not only will your rich roommate's grandma be supplying you with guys with cookies during the holidays, but she'll also be funding your future college education when she hits the slots on the weekends. Yay roommate's grandma!

In sports, word has it that Bernard Pierce may be OK. Preliminary reports coming out now are saying that he's questionable for Saturday's game against Toledo, but shouldn't miss any more than that. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading, and thank you Jimmy Rollins!

Case of the Mondays

The U.S. really needs to look into a three day weekend. Utah does it!

Luckily, the weather looks like it fights back a little bit this week, so it ain't all bad.

Monday: What an awful Monday, there really is nothing going on. Except Big Joe Blanton and the Phillllllliessss of course.

5:15-8:30: Monday Night Film series in Tuttleman 101. This week's movie is "Indictment: The McMartin Trial." What the hell is that, you may ask? The hell if we know, we respond.

8:07: Phillies vs. Dodgers on TBS.


10-2: The Marine Corp returns fire on the Peace corps' visit last week with a table of their own in Tuttleman's lobby. Hippie or jarhead, Temple's got postgrad plans for everyone!

2-2:50. Want to go to Rome? Attend this info session and stumble across $20,000, and you're good to go!

5:30-6:30: Haven't you always wondered how to create and exhibition in a museum? Ya know, how in the world would you make old objects interesting? Well put your worries at ease by attending an info session with Dr. Helen Evans, curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Or, simply mimic the exhibit shown here:


10-2: Study abroad fair! Everything you've ever wanted to know about how to visit places that you probably never will. Tuttleman lobby.

11-2: Campus sustainability day at the Bell Tower. This actually sounds worth your time, as a plethora(love using that word in a sentence) of green organizations from around campus and the city will all unite by the Bell Tower and.... I dunno, save the world! Special guest appearances by Captain Planet and his son, Al Gore.

3-5: Poets and writers series in Anderson 821. Wednesday's session is titled "Celebrating Foreboding." Erm...what? Future sessions to be titled "Anxiety is Fun" and "Disease? Hooray!"

7-10: Roller Hockey Tournament at the PAV. Ok, that sounds pretty awesome.

Thursday: Thursday can wait til this afternoon, our classes cannot.

If there is such thing as a great Monday, we hope you have one!

Homecoming= great success.

Very nice.

Temple football rallies to beat Army 27-13 in rainy, gritty football game. Lupe Fiasco brings the Liacouras Center to its feet. The PhiLees blow out the Dodgers 11-0 to take a 2-1 lead in the NLCS. The Eagles lose, but so do the Giants. We'll take it.

Unfortunately, the football game also came with some costs. Freshman RB/star player/ass kicker Bernard Pierce was taken out of the game in the second quarter after a hard hit to his upper body during a sideline tackle. No official reports yet, but unofficial ones range from mild stinger up to concussion or a busted shoulder. Pierce is the top rusher in the MAC and second highest rushing freshman in the country, and we kinda, like, need him.

But, we got a vote in the Harris top 25 poll. That's nuts.

In other news, check out this editorial from the Inquirer that discusses Temple's recent community service award. It essentially just lists Temple among schools who are doing good work to help out the local community, and that's a "like d'uh" thing. However, many of the comments on the story echo the sentiments of this letter to the editor, which states that Temple was slighted by being ranked lower than Penn and Drexel. Essentially, many of the statements say that Temple sacrifices a higher percent of funds to community building, helps out in better ways such as offering affordable education to city residents, and do so despite being in a much more unfriendly environment than the west Philadelphia schools. We say it's all a good thing, and that Philly schools all kick ass at serving the community. Why turn it into a pissing match?

In other news, Temple Harrisburg also helps people in the community out. Our capital city campus recently hosted a forum on crime that attempted to come up with ways that communities and law enforcement can work together in order to curb crime.

In Temple sports that aren't called football, women's soccer picked up two losses, 0-1 to La Salle and 0-2 to Fordham; women's v-ball picked up two wins, 3-2 to Fordham and 3-1 over Rhode Island; and men's soccer beat UMass 1-0 but lost to Rhode Island 1-4.

That's all folks, we'll see ya in the morning for your weekly look-out.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The weekend.

Skimpy? Yes. But, here is our picks for your schedule. Saturday morning: tailgate. Saturday afternoon: watch football. Saturday evening: pre-game. Saturday night: Lupe Fiasco. Saturday late night: hehe. Sunday morning: recovery. Sunday afternoon: homework. Sunday late afternoon: watch Eagles. Sunday evening: Phillies. Sunday night: sleep. We love college.


9:30-10:30 am: "Homecoming of the mind: Should your taxes build stadiums?" Well if you hate the fact that taxmoney is used to build stadiums and are therefore boycotting the homecoming game at the Linc, and if you also apparently don't drink on Fridays, this badboy is right up your alley.

11:00 am: Buses leave from Ambler to go to the homecoming game

: Temple Football vs. Army, Lincoln Financial Field

Or if football ain't your thing, check out Volleyball taking on Rhode Island at McGonigle instead

Off campus: One of the funniest guys in show biz today: Lewis Black at the Academy of music, $45-$65

9:00: Don't forget about Lupe Fiasco and yea Asher Roth at the Liacouras Center. Tickets are $13 with your TUid.


: Root for the field hockey team as they take on UMass at Geasey Field.

4:00 Eagles vs. Oakland

8:00: Phillies look to get back ahead of the Dodgers at Citizen's Bank Ballpark

Friday look-out

MOVIES!! The hangover started today at the Reel. Sneak in some brews, buy some cheap popcorn, and enjoy a good movie for once. Guess what else opened today? Where the Wild Things Are. Yup. At the Pearl. Here's your movie times: 11:50am 2:10 4:50 7:20 9:40 11:55pm.

12 p.m. :For anyone interested in getting an in-depth tour of the Wolgin exhibits, a free one leaves from the front desk of the Temple Gallery at the Tyler School of Art.


4:30-7:30: "Taste of Temple." A bunch of good food joints around campus are running special discounts at this time in honor of homecoming and people coming back and stuff. Whatever the cause man, cheap food= awesome.

7 p.m.: After the Phils play, you can head over to McGonigle to see the v-ball team take on the Fordham Hams.

7 p.m.: Temple Men's Rugby takes on St. Joseph's under the lights at Finnesey Field on St. Hoe's Main Campus. Both teams have 3-0 records and this game will determine the #1 seed for playoffs. That would be at 5600 City Ave.

8 p.m.: Cherry and White Ball. College prom anyone? Tickets are 15 bucks at Mitten Hall and you can a mystery dinner and activity. Yea....

8 p.m.: For those of you out at Ambler, make sure you check out your homecoming ceremony/party thing at Bright Hall. Fashion shows, martial arts, drama sketches, crowning of the King and Queen, food, all that good stuff.

We'll have your homecoming weekend lookout up later this afternoon.

Thursday news

Does anyone else love the fightin' Phils? The defending world champions showed exactly why they hold that title last night as they downed the Dodgers 8-6, setting off a Thursday night celebration in the C&W offices that pushed this news post til today. From the opening moments when Victorino was picked off at first and jawed with catcher Russell Martin, to the late game slug fest that saw the Phillies come out on top, the Phillies proved without a doubt that they have that same fire. Make sure you catch today's game 2 at 4:07 as Pedddroooooo takes the mound.

In other news, hockey stick chair! Yea this doesn't really have anything to do with Temple except that it was made by freshman Andrew Campenella when he was still in high school, but what the hell it's Friday right?

In um, much more serious news, check out this post from "The Jawa Report"? It deals with an ongoing debate here at Temple over upcoming College Republicans guest speaker Geert Wilders. In short, Wilders is a controversial speaker who the College Republicans say is a critic of Islam and terrorist groups, and who the Muslim Student Association says is a hate-monger that has been banned from the UK. The MSA wants him banned from Temple, while the College Republicans and Horowitz Freedom Center, who is also sponsoring his speech, say to hell with that, first amendment biatch.

Speaking of political stuff, check out this article on an upcoming rally for single-payer health care in Harrisburg. Patricia Eakin, ER nurse at Temple and president of PASNAP (whatever that is) will be one of the featured speakers.

In sports news, props to former Temple b-ball stand out Mark Macon, who is now the interim head coach of men's b-ball at Binghamton University. OK, he replaced a coach that messed up with NCAA violations and got canned, and he might be replaced by a permanent head coach, but he's the man for at least a little while.

In other sports news, we know what you're thinking. This weather sucks and there is no way in hell I'm going to the homecoming football game tomorrow. Well apparently the athletic department also knows what you're thinking, because they've lowered club tickets from $45 to $25, to be purchased at the Linc box office tomorrow. That's great, but still about $20 over what the average college kid can afford.

That's all, check back soon for your weekend lookout.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

Congratulations kids, you've made it through another week at Temple, and football, Lupe Fiasco, Asher Roth, and a whole bunch of other good stuff is coming up quick.

But for today:

Weather: Oooo boy. Rain today. 100%. Like all day, through the night, mid 40's, miserable, mucky weather. Bundle up and bring an umbrella.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Hey hey the Peace Corp is on campus today! So for those of you who will be graduating in May and have no idea what the hell you're doing, might want to check it out. Table in TLC lobby from 1:30-3:30 and info session in 300AB from 4-5.

Temple Night Owt
: 7-11 on Liacouras Walk. We already highlighted this one in the weekly outlook. Food, drink, moon bounce boxing, video game simulator, man hunt, wing eating contest, and lots and lots of rain! We'll try and find out if there are any plans for what to do if it rains. "Temple Night In" just doesn't have the same ring.

Other stuff:

Don't forget today is the Cecil B. Moore farmer's market, from 2-6 at Cecil B and Park walk. They are always under that tent so we assume it's rain or shine? Mennonites ain't afraid of no rain.

Think disco is dead? Think again. Temple IBC is reviving it with this learn to dance like the 70's class tonight from 8-10. We don't know why, but they are.

Phils v. Dodgers at 8 p.m.? Check. Always Sunny in Philadelphia at 10 p.m.? Check. Shitty rain all through the night? Check. Creepy guy with yellow teeth walking the streets? Check. Great night to grab a bottle of rum and stay the hell in? Check.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yo humpday, laterrrr

And the sun sets on the first chilly Wednesday of the year, leaving homecoming weekend just around the corner at Temple.

And, damn, was it a busy news day.

First, we finally got the facts straightened out about this whole Reese Witherspoon at Ambler thing. Turns out there was some bad information, and Reese will actually be there this coming Monday to shoot a scene for a new movie. However, according the blog where we are getting this information, security will be tight and you might need some binox just to catch a glimpse. And that would be creepy.

Secondly, here is the article on the woman who was robbed and sexually assaulted on Fontain(between 16th and 17th). She said the asshole had bad teeth. BAD TEETH! Once again, she was not a Temple student, but that makes no difference. Don't forget it's dangerous out there, keep your eyes open!

In other news, check out this Inquirer article about freshman running back Bernard Pierce. The story discusses BP's up-and-down background and how he came to be a rising star on the team. Did you know he is the first Temple freshman running back to ever run for 100 yards in three games? And we're only halfway through the season. Kid's got wheeeels.

Temple and its entrepreneurial journalist alums find the spotlight once again. This time it's Nieman Journalism Lab of Harvard writing about the guys over at, all of them Temple grads. For those interested in journalism start-ups, this is a must read article.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the Liacouras Center was the home turf of the Philadelphia Kixx soccer team? Well starting January 9, that's what it's gonna be. The indoor soccer team will play their eight home games at the LC, and season tickets are on sale now. Oléeeeeeeeee Oléeeee oléeee oléeeeee.

Peep this article about a local highschooler who is putting on a big time production for her first play. Her play, "Requiem for the Fallen" was selected from like 760 entries to get funding. What's this gotta do with Temple? Well the actors are all Temple undergrads, and the play will be at Tomlinson Theater this Friday and Saturday. That's what, smarty pants.

Finally, we have to apologize to the women's volleyball team for missing their 3-0 shwooping of La Salle last night. Way to kick some Big 5 ass, ladies.

Whew, more news than you can shake a stick at. Thanks for reading, we'll catch ya on THIRSTDAY!

Conquering humpday

It's Wednesday, October 14, and the C&W hates humpday. Get through this, and the weekend is yours! Luckily, the first campus bar crawl is going on tonight, so if you have proper identification you can start the weekend as little early.

Weather: That semi-warm weather we had yesterday has gone away, replaced by the low 50's today, and then comes the rain overnight.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Homecoming pep rally
: At the Bell Tower from 12-4. There's gonna be the Diamond Band. And the Diamond Gems. And the cheerleaders. And the football team. All in your way as your running late to your 1:00 class in Gladfelter. The Cherry Crusade will be there doing face painting as well, so make sure you don't shower for three days so you can go to the homecoming game in smelly style.

For those who want to get their mad tech skillz uped today, there are two workshops to help you. If you want to "podcast like a pro" and learn how to use audio programs, too bad, that was at 9 am. 9 am?! What are they trying to do, keep that shit a secret?

However, you still have time to make the 10:30 music editing workshop in the TECH 109 at 10:30.

Other stuff:

Don't forget Reese Witherspoon is supposed to be at Ambler's campus or something. So if you're over there, keep an eye out. First one to snap a picture and send it in gets a virtual pat on the back!

So yea, the campus bar crawl. is putting this little shingdig on, and we've lifted the details here:

"Here is your chance to come out with friends, pay $20 bucks and get a full night of drinking to all the hot spots on campus on a Wednesday Night and a FREE Bar Crawl" T-Shirt!
8:45 PM
Meet outside Maxi's to register, get wristband, tickets, and t-shirt
Drinking/Entertainment at Maxi's
Drinks include: Yuengling Lager, Miller Lite and All Well Drinks
Drinking/Entertainment at Pub Webb
Drinks include: Bud Light, Coors Light, Yuengling Lager and All Well Drinks
12:30-2 AM
Drinking/Entertainment at Draught Horse
Drinks include: Miller High Life, All Well Drinks

We'll see ya there.

Tuesday night, OR, better late than never OR Reese Witherspoon at Ambler tomorrow

Well ya see, we had the blog post typed up, but our dog ate it, so we had to start all over again and that's why it's late. True story.

Anyways, it's Tuesday night, and has yet to change that glaring grammatical error. How long will it last? Only time will tell.

Guess who made the Temple News???? We didddd. That's right, right up there next to the compost pile article, and not too far from the caged poultry article. Shout out to author Matt Petrillo for inkin' (typin'?) a good one.

In other Temple News news, check out this scathing letter to the editor by College Republicans president Barry Scatton. Scatton just absolutely rips the TSG-proposed $5 green fee on everyone's tuition, pretty much on all accounts. He says that it's founded on bad democratic principles, is unnecessary, and doesn't make any sense.

"Lastly, the idea that Temple can’t pay for its own light bulbs is the most ridiculous idea conjured up since Michael Dukakis’ prison furlough program for first-degree murderers" says Scatton.

Ooooooook. We're going to go ahead and let the appropriate entities fire-back, we'll be weighing in on this shortly thereafter.

Ok stop the presses, REESE WITHERSPOON FILMING AT TEMPLE AMBLER TOMORROW. Or at least, we think. We found a very confusing article on, which you can check out here. Or view the picture below.

Yea, that's all it says, in the middle of a bunch of other stuff. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Finally, check out this article on how Temple's state funding, along with PSU, Pitt, and Lincoln, is still being held up. They're waiting to see if the gambling legislation gets through before they budget the money. Gambling kid's education on gambling. Way to go PA.

So yea, we know this has been a lot of crazy stuff to chew on, but that's Temple for you. Thanks for reading, we'll catch ya in the a.m. Or, later on in the a.m.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And now for a quick spell check for

Teacher with a pen style speelchecker:

Wenth? What the hell is wenth? Is that week and month combined?

'Ello Tuesday

The date is Tuesday, October 13 and the Cherry and What has your back.

Weather: The weather kicks it up a tiny notch today, hovering in the 60's for the majority of the day with some sunshine. But then, it's back to the 40's by night time. Mmmmm. 40'ssss.
Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Homecoming Walk & Run
: Campus safety services is putting on this little shindig in honor of homecoming, and, ya know, personal health. The starting place is 13th and Berks Streets, and then 1k walk starts at noon with the 5k run at 12:30. Trophies will be provided to the winners. Refreshments will be provided to the losers.

Best decorated room contest: Want a bunch of strange people to walk through your dorm room, examine your shit, and then judge you for it? Well it's your lucky today because you can still register for this contest if you live in one of the dorms. Word on the street is that they're handing out a bottle of Bacardi Raz to the winners.

Ok so this Blake Mycoskie dude seems pretty legit and he's speaking tonight at 7 p.m. in the SAC 200. He started TOMS shoes in 2006, and has given like 140,000 pairs of shoes to children in need ever since. Bill Clinton even praised him for being such a great, smart guy, and also donated several pairs of high heels. Mycoskie is going to be giving an inspirational speech, so might wanna check this one out fo' rill.

If you're at Ambler, and you're a senior, it's picture day! We suggest the forest green background.

Cirque Du Soleil. It starts, today. Last time we mention it. Swears.

Also, it's Tuesday...and we think you know what that means! Ok, it means that the new edition of the Temple News is coming out today, as their website has already started rolling out new content. So make sure you check that out.

Disclaimer: Best decorated room contest is not actually handing out Bacardi Raz as a prize.