Monday, November 16, 2009


Dear readers of Cherry and What,

We regret to inform you that this may be the last Cherry and What update for a while.

As much as we love our dysfunctional pseud0-journalistic humor website, other obligations have taken too much of our time and creative juices to put out what we feel is quality daily content.

In the words of many a rock star, it's better to burn out then fade away. However, like many a rap star, we're already planning our return to the game in the not too distant future.

We plan on having a fully revamped website up as soon as our other obligations allow us, and we would love to have your help. If you're an aspiring journalist or think you can write about daily college shit at Temple, we'd love to have you. Anyone who is interested simply needs to send a little something something about themselves to and we'll be in contact before you can say "Saint Joe's Blows." We've got big plans in the future but we're gonna more sweet Temple student brain power to make them happen.

So that's all for now, we thank you all so very much for reading and commenting every day, and look forward to the day when the C&W is back to full ass-kicking mode. Go owls, go party, be safe, and god bless.

-Kyle Bagenstose
C&W editor-with-beef.

P.S. Go vote to bring Michael Cera to campus, because Drexel dorks don't deserve it.

Friday, November 13, 2009


News update:

A few things going on over the past 24 hours.

First, more Temple Football. Damn, I guess winning 7 games gets your team just a little bit of media attention. This article is a bit different in the rest in that it focuses on Temple maintaining their drive and killer instinct despite the success they've been having, which Al Golden realizes isn't automatic.

Next, check out this piece on the new Hillel center at the corner of Norris and 15th. The center has been open for quite a while now, but this article covers exactly what Hillel is about, as well as some notes on Jewish life and culture.

So you all know the world is going to end in 2012 right? Peep this article on the upcoming disaster of a movie 2012, which quotes Temple prof Ronald Webb arguing why the whole thing is just damn preposterous, boy.



1-6: Book and media swap in Tuttleman 201. Got lots of old books, videos, cds, and other shit you don't need? Bring them along to this swap, pay $5 bucks that goes to help youngsters publish "Treehouse books," and peruse other people's old junk.

1-2: Internationally known photographer Lonnie Graham shows off decades worth of his shit.

7: Women's basketball starts their season against Illinois in McGonigle Hall. The team projects to be pretty solid, as always.

7:30: Student dance concert, Conwell Dance Theater. Catch the best of the best dance performances of the students, by the students, and for the money.

8:00: The first performance of "Dreaming of Diamonds: The Conwell Project" in Tomlinson Theater. In honor of Temple's 125, the University is putting on a little play about the founding of Temple, starring founder Russell Conwell as himself.

: Temple football at Akron. Yea it's away, but the game is on ESPNU. But seeing as how nobody in the world has ESPNU, the Draught Horse has you covered, as they'll have the game on in addition to handing out free Temple b-ball posters and of course, drink specials. All you underage kiddies are allowed in for the game, but word is they're kickin' ya out afterwards.

8-11: SHOT! heads into its final weekend, making this the last Friday night performance. If you haven't already checked it out, it comes highly recommended. It'll inspire you to do good things.


Temple rugby continues its successful season as they take on West Chester for the EPRU (Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union) championship. For deets contact Mike Rizzo at 908-907-0800.

2 p.m.: SHOT!....See above.

7: Flyers vs. Sabres at the Wachovia Center. Tickets start at $20.

7-9: Women's volleyball senior night against St Louis in McGonigle. It's also "dig for a cure" which means funds will go to fighting cancer.

8 p.m.: SHOT!...See above, again.

: Brand New at the electric factory.

Anyone with additional listings, feel free to post them up, have a great one!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursty Thirsday

It's Thursday, November 12, and the C&W has your back.

Weather: High 40's and rainy, all day and all night. Well that sucks.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

12-3: Who wants some more veggies? Temple community gardens will be selling some of that green stuff in the SAC today to help out a local non-profit. And, ya know, your health too. We heard asparagus goes great with beer.

1:30: Temple puts the "fun" into Umfundalai Dance Technique. Check out this presentation from the dance school chair in Rock Hall to learn all about this style of dancing.

: For the criminal justice majors out there, boy is this a panel for you. Mayor John Street, Pennsylvania Superior Court Justice Ron Castille, and former police commie Sylvester "Stallone" Johnson will be sitting down to talk about crime n' stuff.

4-5: Also for all those criminal justice majors and lawyer wannabes, some dude named Ronald Jay Cohen will be in the Klein Law Building to give a speech called "For the Love of Lawyering." Okie dokie.

8-10: Afraid of getting mugged on the street and not knowing what to do? Learn the location of and proper way to deliver a kick to the male genitals at this TUPD self-defense demonstration in the IBC.

Other good stuff:

10-2: Phi Sig grilled cheese fundraiser, friggin' awesome! Stop by Phi sig sig's house right near 15th and Diamond to pick up $1 grilled cheeses all night. "Hey Jimmy, this keg is fuckin' kicked and now we gotta walk home in the rain." "Hey yea that sucks, but at least we can go get some hot grilled cheese." "Hey yea you're right..and then we can (Dave hits head on low basement ceiling, knocked unconscious)"

That's all for now, we'll catch ya later.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hey humpday, we just kicked your ass

Later my man. Hellloooo Thursday.

The Temple news today is mostly about our profs kicking ass and making names.

First, professor Laurence Steinberg was awarded a whopping $1,000,000 from the Jacobs foundation, one of Europe's largest help-the-kids foundations. The millie must go to research that benefits adolescents, which Steingberg has a lot of experience in, being a national leader in development and juvenile justice. Atta boy Steinberg.

Former Business school chair William Dunkelberg is also a man getting some recognition. Peep this article about how Dunkelberg is a speed dial staple of some of Philadelphia's biggest business figure's phones...probably number 7. Dunkelberg has gained a lot of attention, including front page of the Wall Street Journal, for his economic analysis.

Finally, history prof Beth Bailey makes news for her upcoming presentation at the University of Tennessee. Bailey is speaking on her book "America's Army: Making the All-Volunteer Force," which covers the last 50 years of military activity by the United States. It's not a comedy.

As always, plenty of sports news to be found. Except today, Temple football makes the front-frigging-page of! The headline links to this video, which showcases both Temple's excitement at our first football bowl game since we've been alive, and also our many different students. That's called "diversity," Villanova.

Not to leave out the other sports, posted up two articles today, one on women's b-ball season opener against Illinois on Friday, and volleyball's senior day on Saturday.

That's all folks, catch ya in the morn.

News/ humpday lookout

Yesterday was another slow news day for T to the emple U, but we'll throw it on anyway.

First, head over to to check out their latest edition online. Or do the old school thing and pick up one of those paper things that are scattered around campus. Speaking of technology, our pick is this article that discusses how our generation is composed mostly of whiners and needs to reevaluate our online behavior. True. That.

Still speaking of technology, this article, based on Temple research, discusses how over-texting can hurt the body in the same way improper typing can. Find yourself randomly sore in the neck or shoulders? Could be from texting. Or it could be...

Then you've got your Bob Dylan, and we finally found a review. Check this one from, which says that the ol' man put on quite a show for his age. It also says the seating was just a little more than half full. Well, guess Dylan's no Lupe Fiasco.

In sports news, just have a few articles. First, check out this article previewing Temple b-ball, which contrary to our error on Monday, starts this Saturday at the University of Delaware.

We can pretty much start categorizing stories as "Bernard Pierce" stories separate from "temple football stories" (and rightly so) as two more popped up on the google radar. Check this one from friggin' ESPN discussing BP's transition from a get-in-trouble asskicker to a gridiron ass-kicker. Then go vote for him on a freshman of the year poll at


So about this humpday thing. Well first, it's Veteran's day. Thanks veterans, you dudes rock. If you also want to say thanks to our men and women in uniform, Temple is doing a couple of thangs.

First, at 11 p.m. there is going to a ceremony honoring veterans directly outside J and H. They're gonna have the color guard, and guest speakers, and complimentary lunch for veterans, and all sorts of other good stuff.

We've also heard something about creating care-packages and letters for the troops overseas in the SAC. However, time and other important details have alluded us. We'll work on that, but if you've got the intel, feel free to post.

So you're in college, and you don't know how to research or write a paper? Well, you're probably screwed, but might as well try and learn from this 11 a.m. workshop in Tuttleman 201, which claims to be able to teach you how to do it. In 1 hour. Bring addies.

All you Ambler kids have the opportunity to go hear some sweet, sweet poetry tonight at 7, in honor of prof Bernadette McBride, who won Poet Laureate of Bucks County this year. She'll be there doing her thing, along with a few other faculty members.

Oh and, lol, Papa Roach at the Wachovia Center at 7 p.m. If you're looking for something to do tonight, this should be your last resort. Hu-hyuck.

Catch ya on the flip side.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

See you next week Monday

(Insert a big news story here)

Well wasn't that some crazy news! In other stuff, Bob Dylan came to Temple tonight! Haven't heard any reports yet, but we predict he sounds like he does on your itunes, except 30 years older.

Did you know Temple students are entrepreneurial? You know, it's what sets us apart from the Penn kids who already have money to roll around in and the Penn State kids who think that liquidation is just something you do while tailgating. Tonight's example: Chi-Chi Enigwe, the Temple alum who owns her own damn PR firm.

Not convinced? Check out this article about the comedy troupe "Secret Pants" who are getting some notoriety and met at Temple in 2004.

Oh yes, and sports. First, congrats to the soccer team for taking down #15 Charlotte in their last game of the season. The game was a perfect final note for the team's seniors, including all-American J.T. Noone.

Next, check out this article previewing Temple men's basketball, which tips off this Friday, with the first home game coming next Friday against Siena. Head coach Fran Dunphy's tone didn't sound too promising. The gist? A lot of the team doesn't work hard enough and he doesn't know what the team's identity is. Good thing they only have the toughest non-con schedule in the nation. Oh boy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Interview with TSG allocations chair Natalie Ramos-Castillo

You probably don't know this, but $45 of your tuition is plucked every semester to go into a large pot-$100,000 to be exact- that is redistributed to student organizations on campus. What you also probably doesn't know is that this redistribution is overseen by junior Temple student Natalie Ramos-Castillo and her TSG allocations committee. We think those numbers warrant a little one on one interview with the college Senator, to find out more about what she does.

: So you're the allocations chair for TSG, huh? What the hell is that?

Ramos-Castillo: Allocations chair oversees the GAF money that is distributed to organizations on campus. GAF money comes from the General Activities Fee which is split between different departments on campus like the sports teams and such.

C&W: So how much money does your committee allocate a semester?

Ramos-Castillo: We were given $100,000 for the entire year. I want to allocate about $45,000 this semester and $55,000 next semester.

C&W: Can we have some?

Ramos-Castillo: No, sorry, only if you were a registered organization.

C&W: So that money technically comes from the pocket of Temple students right?

Ramos-Castillo: Yes, technically... most probably parent's pockets. It comes out of the General Activities Fee, the $45 every student pays per semester.

C&W: What would you say is the best thing that money is spent on?

Ramos-Castillo: There are a few things that are the "best thing[s]" money is spent on. Events on campus that fund raise for outside nonprofits like the Cancer Society or raising money for organizations to sponsor children. Conferences and Competitions because we send student organizations out to represent Temple University which brings a good name on behalf of Temple University.

C&W: What would you say is the most wasteful?

Ramos-Castillo: The Allocations committee will not fund events where money is wasted. The most wasteful thing in Allocations is when organizations do not use allocations. When organizations do not use allocations, the budget gets cut. From last year to this year our budget was cut $30,000. That is almost a semester's worth of events. Student organizations should use this money because it is put aside for them and the events they hold on campus.

C&W: Do you ever get tempted to just take some of that money and buy an entire Wine & Spirits?

Ramos-Castillo: No, because it is against the Allocations Guidelines; Article 2 Section 3.5 "A. funding can not be used to buy alcohol B. any event and/or location where alcohol is present or served, even if the group did not request funding for said alcohol". Maybe if you read the guidelines, you'd know!

C&W: Anything else you'd like to say to the people?

Ramos-Castillo: Check out the to see events that are happening on campus. Free food may be included... that's always a plus!

We missed you SEPTA

It's Muunday, November 9, and the C&W has your back.

Contrary to everything we said yesterday about the SEPTA strike being long and drawn out, and despite our little photoshop image about 3 inches \/ that way, the strike is over. That's right, public transportation is up and running once again, but unfortunately, it's still a fuggin' Monday.

However, the weather is doing its part to further lift our Monday spirits, as it's going to be sunny and reach into the MID TO HIGH 60's, falling to mid 50's overnight. Ya know global warming, you're alllllrighttt.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

The University is getting some H1N1 vaccines, but they're not for youuu. The announcement says they'll only go to high risk people, which probably means girls who are pregnant or expecting to be pregnant (but not girls you expect will get pregnant), people who have a chronic illness, and everyone in the President's office.

8:30-12: Tired, Ambler students? Get a free cupajoe and maybe like a bagel or something in Bright hall lobby.

10-2: Is your calling to dress up as Mickey or Minnie mouse and walk around Disney World? Well stop dreaming and head over to the Disney representatives table in the lobby of Tuttleman. Ha-hyuk.

5:30: This week's monday night film series movie is something called "Party Monster," a 1997 film directed by the great Fenton Bailey. Who else?

Other stuff:

Someone named Bob Dylan is coming to the Liacouras Center tonight? Not really sure what that's about... wasn't he in that band The Wallflowers or something?

7: The upstart Phoenix Suns come to the Wachovia Center tonight to play the 76ers, and as always, ticket starts as low as $10.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

News update

So the past few days have been slow news wise, reallllly slow.

However, not slower than the SEPTA negotiations, which is currently in fourth place in a footrace with a turtle, sloth, and Drew Carey. Gov. Rendell was on hand a few days ago to try and work some of that Eddie magic, and things were looking like they might work out. According to officials, a deal was just about done on Friday night, but then the SEPTA union leaders like, changed their minds, leaving Rendell to literally say "I'm out, I got a state to run." Negotiations are pretty much dead in the water, which means off-campus Temple students will still have to scrap their way to classes for the foreseeable future. Awesome!

Hey Rendell, speaking of that state you have to run, will you help congress make up their damn minds and give TU its promised bucks already? Check out this article, written by a grown up, that reminds everyone just how ridiculous the hold-up is.

In sports, Temple football continues to roll with their seventh straight win over Miami of Ohio. This one didn't come easy, as Miami rallied from being down 31-13 to take a late 32-31 lead. However, Temple showed poise late as they kicked a winning field goal. Pierce, still kicking ass, rushed for 178 yards on the ground with 3 touchdowns, and came within 20 yards of overtaking second place in the national rushing leaders. Temple football: 7-2. Penn State football: 7-2. Lolz.

The women's field hockey team also faired well as they beat St. Hoe's 3-0 to make their first A-10 championship in six years. However, they lost to Richmond in the title game, but the tournament was still a strong finish to the season.

In other sports, women's volleyball came up with a nice 3-1 victory over La Salle, but the men's soccer team laid an egg to lose to St. Louis 0-1. However, soccer avoids being the only debbie downer of the weekend through this article on All-American J.T. Noone, who besides being a kick-ass soccer player, also like, speaks French, goes on ambassador missions, and has a high GPA. Oh, and he's humble too. Hoot hoot.

That's all for now, we'll catch ya tomorrow for the weekly outlook.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Long weekend

The Cherry and What is striking. Just kidding, but we are Ferris Buellering it for a few days. Catch ya Sunday.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thirsty Thursday!

It's November 5, 2009, and yes the Phillies season is really over. Someone crack open a beer.

Weather: Sunny with temps hanging in the low 50's today, falling to low 40's overnight. This weather is why they invented hoodies.
Good stuff from the Temple Today:

First off, holy crap, props to TU on setting up a carpooling system in the midst of the SEPTA strike. Need a ride or can give a ride? Head on over to these messages boards to set something up, as many people have already started to do.

11-2: Who likes veggiesss? For all those health food nuts out there, Temple Community Gardens is having a homegrown veggie sale in the lobby of the Tyler School of Art. For everyone else, there's J and H.

12-1: Also for people going to J and H, there's this seminar in Mitten Hall 250 called "Portion Distortion". They.. sugar coat.. the purpose in the description, but it essentially is that people eat too much damn food in one sitting and need tips to stop doing that.

11-2: For those who love exploring intangible things, there's this exploring leadership seminar featuring guest speaker Sara Garonsik. She used to be the Producing Artistic Director for the Philadelphia Theater company, until she decided to change career paths and become a speaker that discusses their experiences being the Producing Artistic Director for the Philadelphia Theater Company.

7:30-Victory: Temple football vs. 1-8 Miami(OH). The Owls should continue their romp, as should Bernard Pierce against one of the worst run defenses in the country. Ah but no SEPTA, you say? TU has you covered.
"Shuttle transportation to Lincoln Financial field will be available for students. Buses will depart from the Student Center, Johnson & Hardwick and 1300 Cecil B. Moore on Main Campus, and from the Learning Center parking lot at Ambler Campus, starting at 5 p.m. All buses will return from the stadium beginning at 10 p.m."

8-10: For those who like art over football, poet Juliana Spahr will be at TUCC 222 this evening to read from her latest work, "The Transformation" which discusses a lowly caterpillar's metamorphosis into a big, beautiful butterfly. Or something like that.

Other stuff:

7:30: For the 40% of you who still like Obama, David Plouffe will be speaking at the Free Library of Philadelphia tonight. Plouffe was Obama's campaign manager last year and will be discussing his book "Audacity to Win" which reviews, well, how the hell they won. Apparently free ain't what it used to be, because it costs $7.

That'll do it.

Well, at least humpday's over.

The Phillies lost the World Series tonight thanks to Yankees' DH Hideki Matsui, who had a World Series record 6 rbis in NY's 7-3 win. We're not gonna gum up the blog with baseball analysis-- that's what real journalists are for-- but we will say that the saddest part of all is not being able to see these guys play until spring time. After decades of futility we are lucky to be in Philly when one of the most exciting Phillies teams of all time takes the field night in and night out at Citizen's Bank. From Raulllll's early season tear (pun intended) , to Howard's long balls (no pun intended), Werth's 8 rbi games, Chut and J-Roll connecting for spectacular double plays, Victorino being the friggin' man, Stairs sending balls into orbit, Eyre eating twinkees, Chooch speaking broken english, Charlie bobbleheading, Doobie not smiling, and Harry watching over us, we have a lot to cheer about. Be Philadelphia fans: keep your heads up, shit talk to those gloating Yankees fans that are about to populate our campus, and never forget what matters more than anything, even championships: heart. Is it April yet?

In other news, god damn it SEPTA this is getting old, and the friggin weekend is coming up in like, 24 hours. Check out this article from the Temple News to hear a lot of your classmates bitching, and rightfully so.

In other news, god damn it Pennsylvania Congress, this not passing our funds thing is getting kind of old, and we've got tuition to pay. This Temple newsroom article discusses how the state has still not approved Temple's $180 million in funds, along with the other state-related schools. They better hurry up and do it, before we vote them out of office in that election that just happened, or whatever.

Oh wait look, we found some good news: Al Golden is up for more coach of the year awards. And that reminds us, now everyone has a free schedule to go cheer on the football team tomorrow night at the Linc. That's right, they play tomorrow. I think a romping of 1-8 Miami(OH) is just what the doctor ordered for that Phillies hangover. You guys do know about Bernard Pierce right?

Thanks for reading, keep those heads up, let's see some Phillies red tomorrow. And then let's get really, really, really drunk.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It's Wednesday, September 4th, and Pedro Martinez better not mind humpdays.

Weather: Don't let that sunlight fool you, it's not going to be as warm as yesterday. Expect temps in the high 40's, low 50's and some clouds/rain moving in over night.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

First, you've got a deadline to register for a wine tasting with some dude from a wine company. This is great for those who want to get their wine cred up so you can impress everyone at the frat party by ordering a nice glass of Kina Lillet.

For all you poli sci people out there, there is a lecture by progressive(that's putting it lightly) author David Swanson on his book "Daybreak: Undoing the Imperialist Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union." Oh boy.

Who was the real Russell Conwell? How did Temple University come to exist? Who actually cares about these questions? If you answered yes to those three questions, might want to head over to Paley Library at 4 pm, when they're having a little exploration of some archives to learn about Temple's history. We'll be there, riiiightt after our own little wine tasting.

Other stuff:

Party in the PHIL-A-DELPH! Miley Cyrus comes to the Wachovia Center tonight, and tickets start at only 43 bucks. How can you not go?

Because of the Phillies, that's why! Pedro Martinez takes the mound against Andy Petitte at 7:57 in Yankee Stadium tonight, attempting to even the series at 3 games a piece and ignite a god damn firestorm here in Philadelphia.

Oh, and for those who keep running into that husky fellow who swipes meals at the SAC and won't stop talking about the Yankees, we finally said enough is enough yesterday and talked baseball with him. Turns out he doesn't know much at all about baseball, so if so inclined, feel free to talk some trash. Because if you're anything like us, nothing is more satisfying than getting into verbal altercations with lunch people.

Go conquer that humpday and GO PHILS!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Later Tuesday

So in case you didn't hear, Septa like, went on strike at 3 am this morning, leaving thousands of people, including Temple students, to find their own way around. Something isn't quite right here; let's try and determine where the break in the logic occurs. People who use Septa do not equal people with lots of money. People who work for Septa also do not equal people who make lots of money. People who ride Septa are probably sympathetic to people who work for Septa, in terms of getting screwed by the man every once in a while. People who work for Septa piss off people who ride Septa by deciding at 3 am, before the morning commute, to strike. Well, I think we've found the break in the logic.

So what now? Well, apparently the school is running shuttles up and down the length of Broad Street, although according to people we've spoken to, this BAC post, and this TTN video, they're running late and are often full.

In other news, if you want to read a really confusing article that involves Temple, the military, and clean energy, you may do so here. Something about how a Temple professor is helping the military understand how to get their energy usage under control.

Does anybody know Temple students Kelly Fowler and Erin Fedirko? If so, please give these Yankee fans an earful when you see 'em. Fowler was quoted in this article today saying "half the Phillies fans don't know about the game" and professing her love for the Yanks. She and Fedirko bought $300 tickets off of Stub Hub yesterday morning to go see game 5. Just like the Yankees, lots of spare cash lying around. And just like the Yankees, learning that money doesn't always buy you what you want.

And finally, we leave you with this video of our marching band..yes our marching band..playing Sum 41's fat lip at Navy. And yes, it's actually pretty damn cool and gets a rousing applause from the midshipmen.

SEPTA Strike on a Sunny Day

Weather: And the sun shines on Philadelphia today. Expect clear skies with temps even breaking into 60 right around 2 pm.

Oh and um, SEPTA is on strike. Yea, that would mean no subways, and most trolleys and buses are shutdown. Students who escaped the grime of North Philly for the more "interesting" living in southerly neighborhoods collectively groan.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

10-10:30: Online audacity seminar: Ever wish you could strip the vocals out of your favorite songs so you could sing karaoke like an idiot from the comfort of your own bedroom? This freebie will teach you how to use Audacity to do just that.

3-4: For all those full time creative writers out there, good luck making money. For all those people who like to creatively on the side, but are busy with other, money-making stuff, might want to visit this workshop in Tuttleman 201. Learn how to write "short short stories," which are probably infinitely more interesting than clever tweets and fb updates.

Other stuff:

7: Celtics at Sixers at the Wachovia Center. Starts at 10 dollas yo.

9-11:Temple's Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA) is having a little open-mic shindig at the Draught Horse where they are encouraging the musically inclined to sign-up and take the stage live, Eminem 8-mile style. More importantly, $5 rolling rock pitchers. Gotta fill the time between Phillies games somehow, right?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday= Done. Phillies= Not.

The Fightins do their best to give everyone a heart attack, but thanks to Cliff Lee and Chase Utley's MLB record tying 5th postseason homerun, defeat the Spankees 8-6. Now the Phils will have to go back to the Bronx and face 37-year-old Andy Pettite on 3 days rest, followed by C.C. Sabathia on the same. Just please keep Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge away from the mound. Go Phillies.

Other than that, not a particularly big news day.

First check out this article about how congressman Joe Sestak hosted a webinar at the Fox School of Business in which University reps from around the state could tune in to find out the transition to direct lending for all government-financed student loans. What does that mean? We have no clue, but go Temple!

Temple students doing their thing once again. This article mentions how Temple's landscape architecture students are behind big design plans in Cape May. Temple students will be visiting local elementary schools to get the youngsters' opinions on what they want in new parks that will be built. Blank check anyone?

If you're a journalism major and haven't heard about the Philadelphia Initiative for Journalistic Innovation this Saturday, you're definitely going to want to check it out. As seen here, the dudes from alums) will be visited, along with a shit load of other successful entrepreneurs. Worried about making money after graduation? Can't say there wasn't anything at Temple to help.

From the Temple newsroom, this article discusses how Temple is hosting latino students from local highschools in an effort to encourage them to consider jobs in the medical field, where that ethnicity is underrepresented. No word on whether or not the students were asked to sign non-disparagement agreements.

Finally, holy shit, Temple football got a vote in the AP poll. That's huge.

In upcoming news, don't forget to look for the latest edition of the Temple News tomorrow. Also, we've got a host of student interviews lined up for this week, so check back daily for those.

Monday is over, get some sleep Owls and we'll see ya in the morning.

The week ahead.

Muundays, big time.


Today: 55/42 mostly cloudy
Tuesday: 61/35 partly cloudy
Wednesday: 52/39 partly cloudy
Thursday: 52/36 partly cloudy


12-1: Want to hear about government's role in energy policy, from gov. official Chris Ross? Of course you do, so check him out in Gladfelter 24 (no homo).

4:30-6: Temple's having a BYOBB??!? Wait a minute, that's too many B's. Turns out it's the "Be Your Own Boss Bowl" competition, where all are encouraged to form groups and come up with small business plans. Here's to hoping a bunch of drunken buffoons show up anyways.

: Need a quick-pick me up on this awful Monday? Good thing they're playing the "Executioner's Song" for the Monday night film series in Tuttleman 101. Yes, this would be sarcasm.

7:57: Oh yea, the umm Phillies are playing at Citizen's Bank Park. Hey, they had 12 win streaks of 3 games or more this season. Don't count the Fightin's out til the last out.


10-10:30: Check out this online class on Audacity from the comfort of your own house, apartment, or shitty dorm room. This will teach you the basics, and concludes with demonstrating how to strip vocals out of music to create your own karoke track. Ok, that's kinda cool.

12-1: You know that one asshole kid in every class who thinks he knows everything from Day 1, and likes to voice all of his/her wrong opinions? Well not that was can attend, but it's nice to know that the faculty are working on how to shut that kid up.

3-4: Flash fiction workshop. Basically, this teaches creative people who have no time to be creative how to be creative when they don't have much time to be creative. Got it? Tuttleman 201.

7: The undefeated Boston Celtics come to town to play the Sixers. Tickets start at $10.

Rest of the week to come.

Wha happened?

Well didn't that just ruin the weekend. Things were wonderful at Temple University-- Halloween parties we in full force, with no signs of significant cops/undercovers, football picked up its 6th straight win, in come from behind fashion over Navy to become bowl eligible for the first time since most of us could speak, the 76ers had dispatched the NY Knicks in OT, and the Eagles had put a hurtin' on the Giants. Hell, we even got an extra hour of sleep to beat the Halloween hangovers thanks to daylight savings time (where the hell did that come from anyways)?.

All we needed to make it probably one of the better weekends ever was a series-evening win by big Joe Bla against Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia. The Yankees got the lead early but when Pedro Feliz ripped that 8th inning homerun off of Joba the Hut (does anybody else think this guy looks exactly like Turtle from entourage?) to even the score, you could feel the Fightin' Phils doing their thing. When Brad Lidge got 2 quick outs and 2 strikes on Damon, you could feel the comeback. The Phils would even things 2-2, with Cliff Lee coming to the mound the following night against Burnett, pitching on 3 days rest. Take a 3-2 lead into NY, and anything could happen.

Except of course, none of this happened. What did happen was Brad Lidge, giving up 3 runs and looking like his old Asstro self. We're not countin' the Phils out yet, never will, but god damn if we don't want his head on a platter.

However, there is a world outside of sports:

First, check out this article that discusses how the Union over at TUH is claiming Temple tried to put in a "gag-clause" in their latest contract offering. The clause essentially says that union people can't shit talk on Temple in any way, and it seems pretty shady on paper. However, the University is claiming that it just exists so that Union officials, not individual nurses or employees, can't bad mouth Temple's health systems, as they apparently did this past summer.

Next, check out this article on mental health of college kids. What's going on out there everyone, because it looks like health clinic visits on campuses nationwide are shooting through the roof. The article mentions Temple specifically, as it states that 34 of us were hospitalized last year with mental health conditions. The article goes on to make educated guesses about what is causing it--it's the economy, stupid-- and also mentions that Temple has their shit together because it operates a walk-in clinic. Take care of yourselves and remember: 4 out of 5 doctors recommends the C&W for daily stress relief.

Did you know that if you give kids more fruits and veggies, they'll eat more of them? Imagine that! That's what this study figured out, spending god knows what kind of money.

Ok back the sports: this article served as a quick reminder that the Philadelphia Kixx indoor soccer team is, in fact, playing at the Liacouras Center this year, with their home opener on Jan. 9. Also, in case you didn't hear, Temple's running back Bernard Pierce rushed for 265 yards and 2 touchdowns on Saturday, making him the third leading rusher in the country and putting him up for national player of the week honors. You can vote for him through Wednesday, so make sure you give him your support.

Finally, following in the footsteps of the men's team, women's basketball will also be hosting regional NCAA games in 2011.

Thanks for readings, and check back in a bit for your weekly outlook.

We'll be back tomorrow.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween weekend listings



7-11: Ambler Haunted Hayride. There's nothing scarier than the idea of going to Temple Ambler.

9 pm: Heaven & Hell mischief night party at Lucky Strike bowling alley (courtesy of TTN)

2-7: Phi fest at Alpha Epsilon Phi

6:30: Rebirth of a Dynasty Fashion Show, Mitten Hall (courtesy of TTN)

7:57: Phillies vs. Yankthese.


12 pm
: Field Hockey v Richmond on Geasey field.

1 pm: Eagles vs. Giants

3 pm: Volleyball v. Dayton at the Tom Gola arena at La Salle u.

7:57: Phillies vs. Crankees

Have anything to add? Drop us a line at

Also, click on the active TTN links for ongoing listings.

News catch-up

Ok we kinda owe you one of these. Things get hairy when the Phils are in a World Series on Halloween weekend.

First of all, just in time for Halloween weekend, SEPTA decides they're probably going to go on a strike. Yea, that would mean there's a good possibility the orange line will be shut down this weekend. Yea, that would mean you would not be able to use it to go to Halloween parties, places in the city, or the Phillies/Eagles game. Nice.

Also, check out the new opening of the $165 new medical school building today. Hooray Temple! Then check out the hundreds of protesting employees who still don't have a contract and are determined to piss on the parade. Boo Temple!

Going down to the Temple v. Navy game tomorrow? Yea, we didn't think so, but we thought we'd let you know to watch out for the pickpockets anyways. Not that you aren't completely up on your street smarts from living in North Philly anyway.

Check out this article about how Temple researchers are pinpointing the start of binge eating behavior. They have traced it all the way back to Temple Star on Saturday nights.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I can hear New York from here! It sounds like this: ".........."

Like you need an update. Frillies are amazing. Please Pedro, give 'em some of that Cy Young stuff.

In other's uhh, friggin Halloween weekend. Costume parties start tonight, and we'll have a weekend outlook, including Halloween listings, up for you.

Yesterday's news, still brought to you with more convenience than a newspaper:

Temple's entrepreneurial spirit is even spreading to the theater department? Do a play that's already been made? Screw that, we'll write our own jawn. That's what spawned "Shot," an original play that is now running through Nov. 13 at Tomlinson. Shot, of course, referring to someone who got shot in North Philadelphia in 1964. OK, not the cleverest of titles, but maybe worth seeing anyways.

Apparently Temple's got organized labor spirit too as this article credits the Student Labor Action Proeject(SLAP) student org. for helping Art Museum guards win a right to unionize. Entrepreneurs and union people, we so tallllenteddd.

Temple keeps up its status of the Beverly Hills of Philadelphia as it was brought up by not one, but two Hollywooders yesterday. First, we finally got to the bottom of this Reese Witherspoon thing with this article about an Alvernia coach selected to play a role in the upcoming movie. Here are the deets:
"Berger filmed for one day at the Temple-Ambler softball field that had been transformed to look like a USA home field for an international upcoming major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson , Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd."
The second article was an interview with Boondock Saints directer Troy Duffy, who discusses the upcoming sequel to that movie. Duffy and the two main actors (ya know, the Irish dudes) visited the Reel a few weeks back to field questions from students, and Duffy talks about them a bit in this article.


Weather: looks like the weather should make a little improvement today, as you can expect temps to break the 60's and see just a tiny bit of sun today. The main point is it stays fairly warm and dry overnight, so those Halloween costumes you'll be rockin should stay dry. So should Yankee stadium.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Well first of all there's all sorts of crazy seminars and stuff going on today to celebrate the opening of the new Medical Education and Research Building. But there are way too many big words and crazy medical lingo, so we're just going to assume you already know if you're going.

Author Laura Levinger visits 914 Gladfelter at 11 today to talk about her book "What War?" which focuses on testimonials from survivors of the Guatemalan massacre. Punch and cookies will not be available.

Does your head tilt to the side and eyebrow curiously raise when your prof starts talking about something called "A.P.A. format"? Well then you might want to check out this workshop that teaches all about that pain in the ass style from 3-4. That, or drop out of college. Same end result.

Also, don't forget Temple individual game basketball tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. today. If you want to tickets to games like Kansas, Nova, PSU, etc. you should probably get on that. Of course, if you have your wild cherry pass, you're good to go.

Pedro vs. Burnett. 7:57. Be thurr.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Message from the Cherry Crusade

"I hope everyone is currently basking in the glory of the football team's 5 game winning streak and location on top of the MAC East standings, as we enter the second half of what is shaping up to be a very memorable season. However, for this week we shift gears as it is time for Cherry & White night, the annual introduction of the Men's & Women's basketball teams. This year Cherry & White night happens to fall on Game 1 of the World Series, so Temple Athletics is combining the event with a Game 1 viewing party. So, come out to support the basketball teams, and then stick around to watch the World Series and enjoy free food and prizes throughout the game! Details below:

Bring your friends for an exciting night of Temple Basketball and Philadelphia Phillies World Series action!

Be a part of Temple Basketball Cherry and White Night on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7:00 PM at McGonigle Hall. Doors open at 6:00 PM.

At this event, you'll meet the Temple men's and women's basketball teams, and enjoy contests, FREE food, prizes and more. One student will have the chance to win $10,000! If you haven't purchased a Student Wild Cherry Basketball Pass, attending this event is your ONLY opportunity to pick up a FREE student ticket to the Temple-Villanova basketball game on Dec. 13.

Stick around following the event to watch the Philadelphia Phillies as they take on the New York Yankees in game one of the World Series! The viewing party will be held at McGonigle Hall and the game will be shown on a big-screen TV."

Phinally Wednesday

Well, if only the World Series started every Wednesday, that would make this day a lot easier to manage.

: Expect very similar weather to yesterday, with the temps hanging around 57 all day and cloud cover, although rain is not as likely. The current predicted weather for Yankee Stadium at the 7:57 pm start time is 52 and cloudy with a 50/50 chance of rain. Fingers crossed.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

For all you music producer wannabes out there, definitely want to check out these two workshops today. "Learn how to podcast like a pro" is in the TECH 211 from 1-2, and teaches Garageband, audacity, pro tools, and all that good stuff. A separate session focusing on just Audacity is in the TECH 112 from 2:30-3:30.

For those of you who have realized college is all about networking, but haven't got a clue how to do it, might want to consider this workshop in Mitten 220 at 2.

Oh and there's this like film series thingy at 7 and a chorus singing at 7:30 or something, but we're going to assume you're too busy prepping for the WORLD SERIES so we're just going to subtly sneak those 2 links in there. Done.

Peace out Tuesday

Welcome to World Series eve..and boy is shit heating up.

First, if you haven't already seen it, check out the cover of today's New York Post. Yes, that would be Shane Victorino in a skirt. You know, Shane Victorino, the guy who hit a grand slam off C.C. Sabathia, the Yankees Game 1 pitcher, in last year's NLDS. Good idea NYP.

Searching for Temple University also turned up this Philadelphia Inquirer article about why the Yankees are so easy to hate, especially by the scrappy, blue-collar Phillies fans. The article includes insights by Temple prof Emily Sparvero, who essentially says that New York is so easy to hate because of its size and geographic location.

Bernard Hopkins
like the Phillies too. Like the t-shirt here? Want some funnier than normal Phillies gear? This site kicks ass.

In other news, this week's Temple News is out on the stands, and it's a good one. Our pick of the week is this article by Valerie Rubinsky that provides a wealth of information and quotes on the ongoing Temple Univeristy Hospital debate/strike/animosities. Is Temple a sketchy, bottom-line driven corporation, or are the Union people making a misinformation cocktail with a splash of sour grapes?

Or perhaps Temple likes money so they can open state-of-the-mo-fuggin-art facilities like this new $3 million Biotechnology research center. Well, when you put it that way...

Also in the TN were these Halloween listings, which we will be very, very tempted to steal for our Halloween weekend listings.

Th-th-th that's all folks. Cliff Lee, you better be in bed by now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's Tuesday, October 27, and there's nothing going on today so we're putting another inspirational Phillies clip for inspiration/filler:

Shitty weather: That would be gray, rainy, and hovering near 57 all day long. Clears up a bit for the evening and night, but the temp. stays right around the same.

Tons of stuff to choose from today, fellow Owls! Oh wait nevermind, there's really only three. And they kinda suck.

First, if you feel like hoofing it out to Ambler, Rina Cutler, the city's transportation/utilities person, will be talking about how to make Philadelphia more sustainable when it comes to moving around. It's a pretty much must see for anyone interested in urban sustainability.

Why does Ambler get to do all the cool stuff? If you're out there, a bus is leaving at 7 pm to go on a walking ghost tour of Philadelphia. Sure it's probably going to be rainy and nobody is going to go, but at $3 that sounds like it would have been an awesome night. Keep this up and we're switching to being a farming major just so to get a piece of the activities over there.

Tonight, at 7:30 in the Rock Hall Auditorium, the Yiddish Choir of Temple will take the stage for their world premiere of singing songs entirely in Yiddish. Where will you be?

Don't forget to get your weekly fix of Temple News!

g2g peace out.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

And the Eagles have wrapped up a nice 27-17 win over the Washington Redskins.

Besides that, not much happened today.

We guess it's pretty cool that Al Golden is up for national coach of the year, alongside greats such as Joe-Pa and Urban Meyer.

And we guess it's pretty cool, if not a little nerdy, that the Temple University Concert Choir performed at a live video game concert. We guess.

Oh and the online version of the latest Temple News has started to make its way online, and apparently AEPi's house is haunted by a servant girl who makes fun of people with hairy knuckles? Ok, that's pretty cool.

Can't forget the golf team is in 6th place after day one of the Seascape Collegiate tournament.

Monday, you were even lamer than usual. Is it Wednesday yet?


Doesn't it seem like every freakin' week that we have to deal with a Monday? What's up with that? Now for a pick me up. C.C. Sabathia? More like C.C. YaLata.

Weather: Quite a bit cooler this week, as temps will just barely break into the low 60's today, although it will be mostly sunny. High 40's overnight.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Bunch of deadlines: Thinking about being an RA next year? Yea, better get on that. Want to take part in one of Temple's service immersion programs where you go places and help, you know, people who need help? Better get on that too. Want to learn how to manage your money bank accounts better? Hahaha, like we have money.

Poli sci kids! Check out this campaigns and elections speaker series thing as Dr. Sanbonmatsu of Rutgers talks about women's elections. Just don't try and pronounce that last name. 1-2:30 pm in Gladfelter 914.

Elsewhere: Body world's II opens today at the Franklin Institute. This time it focuses on the brain! For those who don't know, body worlds is an exhibit using real human and animal remains, that have been frozen in time by wizards. Pretty cool.

Get in the spirit of Halloween by taking this walking ghost tour of Philadelphia. Ok, it starts at Cosi. Yes, it's $17 bucks. Didn't say we were going.

The weekender

October weekend 4 out of 5 is complete. Next up: Halloween!

In news this weekend, Temple football beat up on Toledo 40-24. Freshman ass kicker Bernard Pierce was a bigger beast than ever, as he racked up 212 yards and three touchdowns. This was a big time win as it moved us to 5-2, 4-0 in the MAC, and one win shy of bowl eligibility. We're also starting to get additional national votes on the Harris ratings. Beat Navy this weekend, and we might even seen a few votes on the AP/Coaches poll.

Someone needs to tell that to Greg Eno, a contributor for the Bleacher Report, as he mentioned Temple in this article that completely ripped philly, its sports teams, and fans.
"Philly is also the home of Temple University, which last had a good football team before they came out with electricity, just about."
If you ever need to get your blood going, give that a look.

Good thing there are great journalists like Solomon Jones who know what the real deal is. Check out this article that praises Philly's grit, and talks about why we're the best city. He even mentions those crazy Temple squirrels: "Our city's grit is the very fabric of our city, a fabric so intricately woven that even our wildlife is part of it. I once saw a squirrel pluck the butt of a hoagie out of a trash can on Temple University's campus and munch on it like he was at a lunch counter."

In other news, the winner of the Wolgin Prize was announced late last week. The winner of the prize, which was open to artists all over the globe and prided itself as the world's largest art prize.... was South Philadelphian Ryan Trecartin. Mmmmmm..what's that smell?? I love home cooking!!!

Speaking of home cooking..Dionte, WTF? In case you didn't catch the story by now Dionte Christmas was pulled over for "driving erratically" with heavily tinted windows (read: shady as shit, or DWB, depending on your point of view) and a police search of the car found a gun. Christmas also was driving without a license, and the car was registered to 76er Mareese Speights. Christmas was released on $10,000 bail, and the case is now being investigated. Crime/sports reporters everywhere also spent a better part of their day on Friday attempting to think of clever headlines involving getting coal for Christmas.

In other news, Arlen Specter came to campus. The BAC has a post up about him, and it looks like their code is freakin' out because there's an insanely large picture of him. Just look at that tie, kinda looks like he skinned that fish in the children's book with the shiny scales doesn't it? The post says they got an exclusive interview with the flip-flopping senator, so look out for that in Tuesday's edition.

Yay Bill Cosby! You soo funnnnny.

Finally, take a look at this article about how Center City police kept things much more controlled during the NLCS celebrations. The article mentions how Temple kids still made it down, despite the blockades. Drexel and UPenn though, not so much, as police blocked bridges from West Philly. Haha! Better dig into that trust fund to buy yourself a raft for the World Series.

Sports report
: Men's soccer, 1-0 win vs. St. Bonaventure, 0-1 loss vs. Duquesne. Women's soccer 0-5 spanking by Charlotte, 1-0 win vs. Saint Louis. Women's volleyball: win 3-0 over Duquesne, loss 1-3 vs. #24 Saint Louis. Field hockey 1-2 loss vs. West Chester. D'oh.