Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cherry and What? Wins Journalism Department Award

Apparently somebody in Temple's journalism department likes what the C&W is doing.

At yesterday's annual Student Awards Ceremony in Mitten Hall, awards were given out to the best and brightest of Temple's budding journalists. There was Morgan Zalot and Chris Stover, heavyweights in the Temple News with massive bodies of work. There was Shannon McDonald, the young lady who broke the story on the racist cop and runs her own NEPhilly blog. And then there was the....Cherry and What? Apparently they haven't read our interview with 5 anonymous stoners, Ann Weaver Hart claw post, find hooter picture, or any of the countless other posts that contribute nothing to the greater efforts of journalism.

Regardless, the editor of the C&W received the Excellence in Student Journalism award for work done on a web site. Awards committee chair Larry Stains had a few kind words to say, something to the effect of "a fun and more interesting take on the news, it really has a humorous approach," to which the C&W, still a bit tipsy from the morning's spring fling celebrations replied, "We try."

But we'll take it, thanks journo department!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't change the fact that it was a bloody journo award!!! I wonder what Petey Dunham thinks of this "award"

Anonymous said...


Stover said...

Well deserved award, guys. Congrats.

Squirlover said...

I think it's wonderful that C&W won this award. I know how much time and effort goes into an endeavor like this. And I am not anonymous. You know who I am!(I think).