Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Part 1: President's debate.

So this evening was the big "Grub Match" presidential candidates debate at J & H. The candidates are TU Action's Kylie Patterson, and TU Dream Team's Gaelle Amazan. Part 2, and the final winner, will be brought to you on Wednesday. I know this will be a long post, so I'll jump right in. Remember, the scoring system is a simple +#/-# for good points and bad points. Most points wins!!

Question 1, posed to both candidates: Why did you want to run for TSG president?

Amazan answers that when she came in as a freshman, she was uninvolved and unfulfilled. Then, she joined Owl team, met some great people, got a taste of leadership and wanted more. So what did she do? She joined leadershape of course! She also joined the Haitian Student Org and Hearts(sp?) community service organization, as well as a sorority. Then she was involved! She went on to become the allocations chair this year, and met all kinds of students orgs, which she now loves. She loves students and their orgs so much that she wants to become President to help them get more out of Temple.

Cupcake question and cupcake answer. She's got love for the students and that kicks ass but as far as winning a debate is concerned, no points.

Patterson: She decided she wanted to be the woman with the plan after she went to different plays and student org. meetings and realized there was a lack of involvement. However, she doesn't think the stereotypes of students being apathetic is the reason, it's because they haven't been presented with the opportunities to get involved. She wants to be the pres. because she developed a great drive from her past activities( internships, gospel ministries, leadershape, RA, TSG finance committee and academic chair) and wants to imbue other Temple students with these same qualities.

Cupcakes for everyone! Kylie is driven, and like Forrest Gump, will have people following her. Ok no points, let's get to the good stuff.

Question 2 for both: "You were both members of the TSG senate this year, what's the most important bill you voted on?"

Patterson: The PA Relief Act bill. (Gov. Rendell and PA cut funding to all state owned and related schools, 18 in total, to the tune of 6%. Knowing this might mean tuition hikes, Rendell then makes the PA tuition relief act, which helps students coming from families making under 100 k by offering them up to $7,200 in grants every year. Except of course, he left Temple, along with psu, pitt and lincoln, out of it) So Ms. Patterson, along with current TSG pres Nadine Mompremier, drafted a bill telling governor Rendell that he's evil.

+1 Patterson. Yea, that was messed up Rendell, I thought you were my boy. Listen to Kylie and give us a slice.

Amazan: The AFSCME/TAUP bill. Ya'll remember that thing about union workers not being able to negotiate a contract wit the University?(which, by the way, is still the case) Well they came to TSG and asked for our support. So a resolution was presented, and Amazan voted for it because the unions are the backbone of the University and they are totally rad. However, the bill failed because some people didn't think it was important and abstained.

+1 Amazan. Normally I would give Amazan 1/2 because Patterson was responsible for drafting her bill while Amazan simply voted on the union bill. However, this case was particularly unique because Amazan voted for this bill, while Patterson abstained. I like the idea of supporting the unions. It should be noted that Amazan did not actually state this, so she lost out on driving that point home with the audience. However, in the interest of you, the loyal reader, I let you in on this info and scored it +1, with the next jump ball going to Patterson.

Question 3, for both: It has been stated it is difficult to get philly politicians on our side. Watcha gonna do 'bout that? For this question I' m switching the scoring format to awarding a point to whoever gives the better response.

Amazan: Amazan's VP running mate, Kevin Gerard, knows a bit about this. He was one of those lucky students living in Yorktown who got served eviction notices this year after locals went to their city reps and got them to dust off a 2005 law that says students can't live there (evictions are currently stayed until a suit filed by the landlords in that area against the law is settled). So that is why one of TU Dream Team's platform points is better communication between students and residents to relieve some of these issues. Also, Amazan said she is sure the Temple administration has connections to city hall so they'll use those in the future.

Patterson: "Most politicians hate bad publicity." So if you organize a large scale protest, like the sit-outs Temple students used to do, it will be effective in getting them to listen to us. Also we need to mobilize students to vote, because no politician is going to give a rat's ass unless we're united and threaten to vote as a block.

+1 Patterson. The question was about how to get politicians on our side. While Amazan's point that the root of the problem is in community relations is correct, the only response she had to how to actually get politicians to help us was through Temple's admin. connections. As can be seen by the Yorktown issue this year, Temple does not have those connections and could not pull those strings, and if it wasn't for the landlords filing suit 80+ Temple students would be out of their houses by now. Patterson recognized the need to threaten with student votes, and while she didn't exactly lay out a detailed plan to do this, it was still one better than Amazan's approach.

Question 4 to both: What are you going to do with the Good Neighbor Policy? Same scoring as question 3.

Patterson: First, get student input about what it means to be a good neighbor. Patterson says she is an RA and realizes people move off campus because they don't want to deal with the same rules. Making them agree and become liable to act in the same exact manner would be too much. Also, the landlords need to get involved and not just leave students in the frying pan, such as not providing resources like lawn mowers to students.

Amazan: One of the points of her platform, student life, deals with this issue. She wants to run neighborhood surveys to collate data on which streets have certain qualities in terms of safety and community relations, then release this data so students can see what street might fit best.

+1 to both. Patterson recognizes kids will be kids, and calls out the landlords as needing to be responsible as well. Amazan's survey idea is good as well, because she realizes that while kids will be kids, some kids will be more immature kids, so they should be able to see ahead of time where they can move to be happily immature without bothering the hell out of everyone else. However, Dream Team now loses the right to criticize TU Action's surveys because they themselves will be doing surveys. And neither ticket has a black-belt in surveys. Survey, survey, survey, survey.

Question Cinco to Patterson: You said you're going to have a lot of events, how are you going to advertise and get students out? The questions now move into an answer-rebuttal-clarify format, and thus scoring will return to normal

Patterson: Just to clarify, TSG does not host events, that's MCPB's job. At this point, all of the Main Campus Program Board attendees returned to their seats and sheathed their swords. Instead, TU Action will provide the resources, allocations, and know how to student orgs so they can do great events. They plan to advertise through TU news, and other Internet sources, such as THE CHERRY AND WHAT BLOG! SHOUT OUT!! And also when they are doing their weekly surveys, they will talk to students. They will engage students and be proactive instead of waiting on students.

+1 Patterson for realizing you gotta take it to the students and also explain to more orgs exactly how to do events. From now on I am offering +25 to the first candidate who can actually say how they are going to motivate students to give a damn.

Also, at this point in the debate, elections commissioner Casale goofed and forgot about the rebuttal, asked Amazan her next question, then rescinded it, then paused, and then told Amazan to rebut Patterson, to the bewilderment of the entire room. -1 Casale. +100 Casale for running a good election cycle.

Amazan's rebuttal: This sounds like it would be succesful, but is it realistic? No, it's unrealistic. Ooo, snap. You're right, TSG does have money, and you know who knows about it? Me, Amazan, because I'm the damn allocations chair. These sources of advertisement are old, TU Dream Team will offer new things.

+1/2 Amazan. Yea, she knows money and student orgs so I'm gonna give her that she will be more informed. But advertising, not just having articles written, is new and there was no rebuttal to going out amongst the students and actively engaging them.

Patterson's clarification: TSG has additional money, and if you get out there and tell students and connect to them, then....TIME UP!
No points. The first of many cutoffs caught Patterson by surprise and she never really got a point off.

Question 6 to Amazan: One of your main platform points state that 60% of Temple students graduate in 6 years or less, how are you gonna fix that?
Ok so the Cherry and What is sick of hearing this stat stated this way. From now on, C&W will make this less confusing and rewrite this stat to make more sense and say: 40% of Temple Students graduate after 6 years. +1 C&W

Amazan: She's been doing some research on this. Well that's a relief. And college kids just can't afford this crap. So, Amazan will help to create college councils, where students from each major will meet with the deans of their school to address specific issues. This will open up lines of communications and allow students with leadership skills to create positive changes for their major, which would assumingly be graduating with less than a Porshe's worth of debt.

+1 Amazan. Dammmn skippy! Say I'm a student who hates the fact that it's impossible to graduate in 4 years with my major. This is bull. I am empowered to be on a council and meet with my dean. My dean doesn't do shit, so I tell everyone else in my major that "he/she isn't doing shit and telling everyone to eat cake," so the students can get on his/her case.

Patterson's rebuttal: How the heck are college councils gonna help? If she had to guess, she'd guess they wouldn't work. The senators were supposed to answer these kinds of questions for their majors so if they didn't, why would a council? The problem is with advisers, who tell students to take 12 credits freshman year to ease their way in, than that kinda becomes normal and it puts students behind. Students are busy and don't ask advisers for the track to graduate on time.

Amazan: Because the senate wasn't tasked with this. All these councils would do is meet with their deans, so they have nothing else to focus on. My idea works.

+1 PattersonThe Cherry and What empowered you, the loyal reader, to decide which was the bigger issue with graduation rates: requirements or advisers? In the poll at the top, you definitely chose advisers, giving the point to Patterson for saying that's where the problem lies. You also just so happened to swing the total of the election to a 1 point Patterson victory. Oh, the power of the Cherry and What reader.

Score after 6 questions:

TU Action: 5
TU Dream Team: 3.5

Commissioner Casale: 99
and C&W: 1
Oh and J&H: +3 for all 3 slices of delicious turkey I ate.

Check the other posts for the final conclusions!


First things first, The C&W must thank Broad and Cecil, via contributor Leanne Matlach, for the shout out today. They called us "a little more in-depth and entertaining than the Temple Today e-mail" and said we are "pretty entertaining and [also provide] a good read at the Tech Center between classes." Well thanks Broad and Cecil, say you are pretty entertaining yourself! Our blogs should do dinner some time. This might also explain why the editor of the Temple Today e-mail threw a brick through my window this morning. Now lets just hope Ann Weaver Hart likes us too, or else we might be outta here faster than shit through a goose.

But anyways, Tuesday.

Today is the TSG Presidential Debate! "The Grub Match" will take place between opponents Gaelle Amazan of TU Dream Team and Kylie Patterson of TU Action at J&H dining hall, 6 pm sharp. For analysis of last week's VP debates, which TU Action won, click here. For quick profiles of each of the candidates, click here.

Weather: Sunny and mid 50's all day. Wear ya hoodie.

Good stuff from the Temple Today update:

2009 Temple Football schedule announced:

Vilenova, @ Penn State, Buffalo, @ E. Michigan, Ball State, Army, @ Toledo, @ Navy, Miami, @ Akron, Kent State, @ Ohio.
Homeopener with 'nova should be great, @ PSU should be terrible, and I wonder if @navy means they play on an aircraft carrier? "And quarterback Vaughn Charlton is run overboard as he crosses the 40 yard line for a gain of 15."

"A Conversation with Dom Nozzi": 2:30 p.m. Paley Library, lecture Hall. City planner Dom Nozzi discusses sustainability and the urban landscape. His lecture will shed light on current trends in environmentalism and city planning. Co-sponsored by Temple University Libraries and the General Education program.
Because the Cherry and What loves going green, which is why we don't offer a paper version. That, and because of the financial records released at the bottom of the Philly Inq. post below.

Spring Fling applications.
Last day to register and request tickets online for the 122nd Commencement exercises.

Oh yea, and the Inquirer Owes $450,000 in taxes and is going to run out of money

Not exactly Temple news but it's kinda sorta important anyways.

As reported by Philebrity
: in recent, complicated court hearings it was revealed that Philly Newspaper Inc, owner of both the Inky and the Daily News, owes $450,000 to Philadelphia for property taxes and could very well be out of money, as in zilch, by July. In case you missed it, PNI filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy a few weeks back. Hooray for journalism.

The Cherry and What would like to take this opportunity to clarify that it has no overdue taxes and release its financial records: it has generated a grand total of $2.21 in advertising revenue over the past 2 weeks. Hooray for needing to get a real job.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday

So the big news for Monday is....that it's over. No news on Temple News, Temple Times, or philly.com, no sports, no crazy happenings. So for your enjoyment I give you the highlights of the latest(now second latest-10:57 tuesday) crime report, courtesy of TUPD via the Temple News.

6 Thefts
5 Break-ins
4 Students hospitalized for alcohol
3 Harassment
1 Theft
1 Mugging

Biggest FML: Some guy's car got broken into at 9th and Norris, damaging his steering column and stealing an Ipod, cd player, alarm, and antenna.

Dumbassery award: Student busted trying to leave food court without paying. Referred to UDC.

Silly freshman award of the week: Underage students tried to get into White Hall with 10 bottles of beer and got caught. 10 beers? Sounds like they got shwooped by the security guards fake bribing them for some of the 12 pack.

Also, calling out the Broad&Cecil blog on TTN's website, since when did they start advertising Pub Webb? However, props to them, through contributor Ashley Nguyen, for the post questioning Temple's 125 year anniversary campaign. Main points: why is the University continuing to advertise for its campaign at $50 a pop for a subway sign when they are in a budget crisis? Also, are the ads advertising all of the money and development that Temple rakes in to North Philadelphia directed towards the locals who would more or less like to see Temple, and it's damn partying students, fall into a black hole?

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Muundays.

So first up is what to look for today, and if you wish, read on for a prospectus on the week ahead.

Weather: Look out for a windy day with temps hovering around 50 all day. Definitely going to want to wear a hoodie.

Temple Today: LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW FROM COURSES!!! For all you procrastinators out there, it's your last chance.

"Depth of Field" opening day: Exhibition runs through April 8. Engineering and Architecture, room 124. An exhibition of student and faculty work that alludes to the value of artistic media and its role in the presentation of architectural solutions. Sponsored by the Architecture Department.
Always worth it to check out an exhibit, especially in the hardworking school of architecture.

Marine Corps information session: 5-6:30 p.m. Tuttleman Learning Center, room 402. Open to: Students. Sponsored by the Career Center.
The few and the proud.

Upcoming deadline: Study Abroad: Temple University Rome and Temple University, Japan Campus: Applications for fall semester and academic year study abroad programs at Temple University Rome and Temple University, Japan Campus are due on April 1. For details and application procedures, visit www.temple.edu/studyabroad. Sponsored by International Programs.
If you want to go and haven't applied, better get your ass in gear.

The week ahead:

Weather: Tuesday 61/41 sunny, Wednesday 54/45 showers, Thursday 62/50 few showers, Friday 61/48 few showers, weekend warm and sunny.


+ J & H at 6pm- TSG's Presidential candidate debate between TU Dream Team's Gaelle Amazan and TU Action's Kylie Patterson. Check out the C&W's analysis of last week's VP debate here.
+ Spring Fling applications due.

Wednesday: April fool's day!

Thursday: IBC Raquetball tourny, 5-11 pm.

The Weekender

So the big news this weekend...HAIL! Please excuse my annoying and weird housemate...

Wasn't that fun.

In news around Temple...

-Relay for Life took place from Friday night to Saturday morning. I was away from campus but my friends who went said it was a big success and a great time, especially due to the free Red Bull that was available. Check out a photo slide show courtesy of the Temple News, by Julia Wilkinson and photographer Jake B. Siemiarowski.

- The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts retaliated in the new art war against Temple's Tyler school of art. In case you missed the story this past week, our Tyler students made TU proud by going all secret agent and sneaking Trojan horse sculptures onto other Philly art campuses as "an act of war." The first to retaliate was PAFA, which somehow snuck a life-sized Helen of Troy sculpture standing atop a chariot made from the deconstructed Trojan Horse onto the first floor of the Tyler building. During its inaugural ribbon ceremony, no less! As reported by the Temple Times. Attached was a note that read:

Dear Temple School of Art,

We regret to inform you that your recent submission of “Trojan Horse” was not selected for our museum collection. We are returning your artwork in its entirety along with some slight modifications.

We have added a cast of Helen of Troy to illustrate how once again beauty defeated the beast.

Only time will tell who the true victors of this art war” will be, but for the past 200 years this has been our city. Nevertheless, welcome to Troy.


Now let’s get back to studying art, not war.

Love, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

This means war!

In sports on Friday the women's tennis team spanked St. Hoe's 7-0, men's tennis shwooped UC Riverside 6-1, women's lacrosse got shwooped by St. Hoe's 15-6, softball laid an egg in losing to Charlotte 4-0, and baseball won both games in a double header against La Salle, 11-9 and 5-2. On Saturday, the women's and men's track teams competed in the Danny Curran Invitational and won some stuff, the golf team placed 12 of 19 in the Furman Invitational, softball picked up a rare 3-2 win over Charlotte, baseball won 10-3 over La Salle, and the men's and women's crew teams did pretty well at the Murphy Cup.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Weekend

C&W will be taking the weekend off.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Random stuff seen around campus...

Few interesting things found around campus today.

1. Huge crane.

Spotted at the intersection of Norris and 15th, and everywhere else within 2 square blocks, this huge s.o.b. shut down traffic crossing that intersection. It's building the frame of the new Hillel building that will go there.

2. Mystery person clawing cars

Found on Norris near 16th, this car has clearly been clawed by some kind of sharp-nailed individual..the Cherry and What believes it to be one of the following suspects shown below.


Big Foot?

Ann Weaver Hart?

See anything around campus? Snap a pic and send it to cherryandwhat@temple.edu.

Wake up! It's Fridayyyyy.

Alright everyone just a few quick updates before you go on your way.

Weather: There will be blizzards and severe storms today...in the south. Meanwhile on the campus of Temple University, sunshine and temps reaching into the 60s by 1pm. Who's warm now suckas? The Cherry and What recommends t-shirts and cute dresses.

Temple today update:

""The Caucasian Chalk Circle": Through SUNDAY. Tomlinson Theater. Visit the TUcalendar for ticket information.
  • TODAY: 8 p.m.
  • SATURDAY: 2 & 8 p.m.
  • SUNDAY: 2 p.m."
Go see a play why don't cha.

""Yes Man": Student Center, the Reel. Film runs through April 2; visit www.temple.edu/mcpb for additional showtimes. Tickets: $2 with OWLcard; $4 all others.
  • TODAY & SATURDAY: 4:30, 7:30 & 10:30 p.m.
  • SUNDAY: 4:30 & 7:30 p.m"
Benjamin Button out, Jim Carey in. A dismal 43% on rottentomatoes.

""Free Food and Fun Friday": TODAY, 10 p.m.-1 a.m. Howard Gittis Student Center, atrium. Enjoy a scavenger hunt in the Student Center for prizes. Open to: Students."

Go get some free food before you get some $5 beer.

Sports at home:

Baseball double header vs. LaSalle, 12 and 3:15 at Skip Wilson Field.

Softball vs. Charlotte at Ambler Field., 3 pm

Men's Tennis vs. UC Riverside at Arthur Ashe tennis center, 5 pm

Women's Tennis vs. St. Hoe's at A.A. tennis center, 5 pm

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's rainy...let's drink

Its rainy outside
And it is Thursday evening
Now go drink a beer

-Haiku by Cherry and What?

That's tonight's big story. Be safe and see you in the morning.

Rise and Shine..it's a Cloudy Thursday!

Today is Thursday, which means the weekend is almost here! Here are your Temple updates for the day.

First, weather.
The forecast has it being overcast all day with a high chance of rain between 3 and 9. Temperatures aren't supposed to get above 50, so dress warmly and bring an umbrella. Just look at this radar map!(3pm)

Good stuff from the Temple Today update.
"Poets & Writers Series: Maggie Nelson: 8-10 p.m. Temple University Center City, room 222. Maggie Nelson is the author of a number of nonfiction and poetry books. Details available online. Sponsored by the English Department's Creative Writing Program."
Poetry, cool.

"TURF-CreWS: 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Student Center, rooms 200A, 200B, 200C, 217C, 217D and the Underground. The annual Temple Undergraduate Research Forum - Creative Works Symposium showcases examples of undergraduate research, scholarship and creative work. Details available online. Sponsored by the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies"
If you have a moment today, get out of the rain and check out some of your peers' work. And no, I have no idea what's going on with that name.

There is also something called "Touchdown Frenzy" going on at the IBC from 9-11 tonight. Apparently, that outdoor court is called "Erny Court" and that's where it will be. Apparently, it's going to rain, and nobody will probably go. Which means if you do, you win. Congratulations, champ!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Night Cap..TU Action Wins VP Debate 5.5 to 5!

So today's big headline was the TU Action student government ticket picking up a close win in the vice presidential debates. The winners were Jon Desantis, candidate for vp of services, and Anthony Leyro, candidate for vp of external affairs. The losers were TU Dream team and their vps Kevin Gerard, candidate for vp of external affairs, and Alex Barnett, candidate for vp services. TU Action pulled out a close victory on the Cherry and What's scoreboard, 5 & 1/2 to 5. Check out the C&W's post on the background of the tickets here. You can check out a detailed description of the debates below.

In a quick description, TU Action's main strength and rallying cry was just that, action. Desantis performed the strongest of any of the candidates, and usually had good, tangible ideas and goals for services. Leyro was unimpressive, as he often gave stock or bare minimum answers, as well as the only answer that was so bad it resulted in the reduction of a point.

TU Dream Team's main strength and rallying point was communication. It came across in almost every answer that they would work to improve communication between TSG, students, and administrators, mostly through the use of a website with forums and shoutboxes. While this was a strong idea, they rode it too heavily, and it dragged their message down towards the end of the debate.

In other news, remember, if you have 69 credits under your belt registration for classes opens at midnight tonight.

Here are the results for sports today:

Baseball took a 7-4 loss to Penn State at Skip Wilson Field today todrop their record to 8-11.

The women's tennis team picked up a 6-1 win at UMBC, their third straight, to run their record to 11-5.

Women's lacrosse lost 13-4 at #9 Princeton and still remain winless on the year, 0-7.

Part 1: Recap of the VP Debates

Today at 2:30, the VP candidates for student government debated in the SC 200. Check out the C&W's post on the background of the tickets here. Excuse any errors as I haven't had time to edit before my 5:40.

Keep an eye out for italicized comments, which is C&W weighing in, and little +1's or -1's for scoring. Highest total wins!

First, there were only free half cookies from Insomnia, and they were like half the size of a regular half, meaning a quarter cookie. Fuck that. -1 Insomnia cookies

For the TU Action ticket, VP of services candidate Jon Desantis and VP of external affairs candidate Anthony Leyro debated. For the TU Dream Team ticket, VP of services candidate Alex Barnett and VP of external affairs candidate Kevin Gerard debated. Here are the highlights of the debate:
Question #1: For the VP of services, how will you find out what the students need, and what are two specific services you have in mind?

Barnett started this question off, and stated that better communication between students and the administration is needed, and TSG is the one to bridge the gap. He stated that he planned to launch a website that would include shout boxes and forums to improve communciation with students. He also discussed forming interest groups for student orgs and students to join, in order to support their causes, and then these interest groups would present before TSG. +1 Barnett for recognizing the need for students voices to be heard and utilizing the web and forums to do so.

He also discussed a statistic that 60% of students graduate within 6 years. He stated that the Dream team wanted this back to 4, in order to help students. Yes, everyone knows that it's too hard to graduate on time, but no plan for how to do this. No points awarded.

Desantis then rebutted that Barnett basically did not lay out a plan for the academic improvements, and stated that TU action doesn't view communicaition as a service; services are things like bus trips.

Barnett then retorted with the old poo poo on you, communication is a service. +1 Barnett, communication is a service and a damn good one if I may say so my damn self. All branches of government should be concerned with communication, especially the executive who have been more worried about stepping on administrators toes than representing the students in the past.

Question 1 again, this time for Desantis

Desantis begins by stating that TU Action is committed to achieving results. He stated they wanted to find out about student concerns by giving 100 surveys a week. One service they thought to provide was a late night shuttle to Old City on Friday and Saturday nights, so students could go enjoy the city. (note: the cherry and what does not want to be involved with cleaning the puke off of said bus the next morning)

Also, they have a plan for a website called an "Owl Guide" which will list all the services from the different departments, particularly one paid for by the General Activities Fee, a fee that each student pays. He also stated that this is green because it is done online. +2 De Santis, 1 point for the surveys which would be great to stay in touch with students, 1 point for the services list and buses. We pay money and don't know about things like movie tickets, so a central hub for this information would be great. That is, if the Cherry and What doesn't steal this idea first and make it. >:-P

Barnett first gets a jab in by saying that while putting the services list online is green, handing out a 100 surveys a week is not. Zing! Barnett then follows with a body shot by saying that when Patterson, the TU Action candidate for president, attempted to create surveys in her committee this year she found it very cumbersome and difficult to get people to fill it out. +1 Barnett, it is true that it was very difficult to get people to fill out surveys

Desantis comes back and explains that because of her history with surveys, Patterson is in good standing to know what works and what doesn't. No points, the survey Patterson tried did not work, despite trying different solutions.

Question #2: The VP of external affairs must work closely with the administration. How will you convey your agendas to them?

Leyro begins by stating that the members of TU action work closely with administrators already. Leyro himself works in the student activities office and with Director of Student Activities Gina D'Annunzio. He also stated something about her having access up the food chain and monthly meetings with Anne Weaver Hart. No points, this is the most basic thing imaginable and had nothing to do with convincing administrators to follow a TSG or student agenda.

Gerard then returned by stating that Leyro's response was, in fact, the bare minimum. He then said something about websites and student voices again. No points, correct on Leyro's response but nothing tangible about conveying agendas.

Leyro responded with a statement in which he used the word proper about 10 times in 5 consecutive sentences. The gist was that there was a proper way to do things and meet with people, and you don't want to go stepping on people's toes. Don't bring problems to offices that aren't supposed to deal with them. -1, almost a -2. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The problem with Temple is that is is a huge bureaucracy. The problem with large bureaucracies is that if an issue falls outside the lines of a particular office, nobody picks it up and sends you to the next office(the infamous temple red tape). With certain issues, especially student issues, you must be ready to get in people's faces and demand that action be taken. And yes, that would mean stepping on some people's toes.

Gerard responds that it isn't just getting students to administrators, it's getting administrators to students. He stated the ol' "how many people actually know what Anne Weaver Hart looks like?" +1 for Gerard, bring those suckas before the students and don't let them hide behind their voicemails and aides.

Question # 3 for Desantis. "Your platform says you want to help commuters. How the hell do you know commuters?" or something like that.

Desantis states that look at Berks every day, it's loaded with commuters coming off the train. He has spoken to many of them, and they often have a mindset of exclusion that they don't feel like they are a part of campus. Gee, I wonder why? He then stated he wanted to reach out to commuters to make them feel involved, just by talking and getting their opinions. Desantis stated he would encourage students orgs and TSG meetings to be held during the day when commuters are around, and also work with academic offices to have teachers offer services and extra credit to commuters so they stick around campus and see plays. +1 Desantis for reaching out to a new and largely unrepresented part of the student body. The ideas were so-so except for the services; offering free tickets to see movies or plays on campus is a great way to convince commuters to stick around and feel like they're part of the campus setting.

Barnett responds by saying that talking to them is worthless, you already know the problem and that is exclusion. Also, having events in the daytime doesn't make any sense, they have class.

Desantis responds by stating that you can never talk too much to people, and that he simply means to open up first half of the day to schedule meetings would help sometimes. Stalemate, Desantis is right with never talking too much, Barnett is right that meetings aren't held during the day for a reason; people are friggin' busy.

This concluded the rebuttal segment of the debates, not because it was planned that way, but because the format just kind of decayed. The C&W will return with the second half of the debates in tonight's evening edition. Current Score:

TU Action: 2
TU Dream Team: 4

Insomnia cookies: -1

Part 2: Recap of the VP debates

At this point in the debate, the questions switched from a back and forth between the candidates to a simple Q&A between the moderator and one of the candidates

Question# 1 to Barnett- "Your platform says you will mobilize student orgs to get more involved in TSG. How?"

Barnett said something about fraternities and their philanthropies, and then resorted to his bread and butter about the website and interest groups. No points, nothing new and nothing really about getting the student orgs motivated to participate.

Question #2 to Leyro: "Your platform says you will get local politicians on board to help build more community. Explain."

Leyro answers that Patterson has worked in city hall and knows people close to Nutter and a few other reps from Philly. He states that Temple doesn't have control over local neighborhoods and that we need to talk to local community leaders. +1 Leyro. Doesn't really state the how but his recognition of the fact that Temple needs to address the community and that Patterson has some contacts in center city are a step ahead of where we are now.

Question #3 to Gerard: "Your platform states you will get the different schools involved in more decisions by the administration and TSG. How will you do this?"

Gerard explains that he knows of an article in the constitution that says student councils in each college have the right to be heard, specifically by exercising their right to assemble deans and administrators to hear their concerns. He will work to form a student council in each school. +1 Gerard, having student councils to represent each schools interests would be great. Making them aware of and encouraging their exercising of the right to assemble deans and administrators to hear their concerns is even better.

Question # 4 to Leyro: "What does it mean to be a good neighbor in the local neighborhoods?"

This is referring to the Good Neighbor policy, a new initiative by one of the offices on campus to improve relations between Temple students and the community by being better neighbors. Leyro responds by saying he attended the community meeting last week, and that Temple students need to introduce themselves, help elderly with garbage, and make sure they aren't being noisy." Leyro +1/2 Leyro got stuck with a weak question here, as any person could think of what it takes to be a good neighbor. He didn't get into any specifics, and while he attended, he didn't speak in last week's meeting. However, he answered the question and does recognize Temple students need to be more aware of their neighbors and make a better effort, so he is awarded half a point.

Question # 5 to Gerard: "Interest in student government has been limited. How would you make voices matter and bring them to TSG?"

Gerard responds that he is a big proponent of open forums, outreach, and advertising. Gerard goes on to repeat the same schpeal about communication and connection, and stated that if people knew TSG was the man with the plan they would come and be more active. No points awarded. TSG does advertise, and the often do have a plan, but student interest is limited. This offered no innovative approach that wasn't already discussed.

Question # 6 to Desantis: "In your platform, it says you want to increase the presence of the arts on campus. How?"

Desantis starts off by saying that Tyler is here now, and as is evident by their Trojan horse, they kick ass. He continues to say they want to paint a mural, and are already considering locations such as Barton and Beury. He wants to offer free tickets for the shows as a service, especially handing them out at TSG events and meetings to encourage attendance. +1 Desantis, a mural would kick ass, and free tickets to the arts is a way to increase awareness for the arts and attendance at TSG meetings.

Question #7 to Barnett: See question 4

Barnett states that communication should be increased and students shouldn't be afraid to reach out. There should be a good neighbor agreement signed and presented. Yea....no points.

Question #8 to Desantis: "What makes you different from the current administration, Owl V.O.I.C.E.S.?"

Desantis states that VOICES has done a great job this year, by offering services such as the shuttle to south Philly. He wants to continue the trend of great services. However, they are different because they want to bridge the gap between the three branches of government, as they have kinks and don't collaborate enough. More communication is needed. +1 Desantis, there are very few to no initiatives that the three branches, or even 2 of the 3, work on together. Recognizing this fact is important.

Question #9 to Barnett: SAME!

Barnett responds that Dream Team is loaded with new ideas, and new services, and their main difference is passion! "Passion is what holds us together, we have passion, passion holds us to our responsibilities." No points. Didn't really say anything tangible and the current administration has passion, sorrrrry.

Question # 10 to Desantis: "How will you increase attendence at TSG meetings?"

Desantis states that he will use the bell tower for more meetings, and will have co-sponsored events and programs, so that more people are inclined to show up. He wants to have TSG events more in the heart of the day so more people are available. Zero points, meetings are held there sometimes, but most of the year it will be cold so that isn't feasible. Plus, we already went over why having meetings during the day wouldn't work.

This concluded the Q&A section of the debate. After this, the floor was opened to the audience, but scoring stopped since an even amount of questions were not guaranteed and neither were unbiased questions. Plus, this reporter had class and had fallen off the sugar high from his quarter Insomnia cookie. Final score for this round:

TU Action: 3 & 1/2
TU Dream Team: 1

Rise and Shine, it's Humpday!

Got a few things going on today. First, the VP debate(complete with free insomnia cookies) has been moved to the SAC 200 at 2:30 pm.

Good stuff from the Temple Today e-mail:

"Discounted tickets available for "Cezanne and Beyond" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: From now until the end of March, Temple students can get a 25 percent discount on weekday afternoon (noon-3:30 p.m.) tickets for "Cezanne and Beyond." Walk-up tickets are $15 (with student ID)."

Always cool to get to the art museum. You can see a description of the exhibit here.

Foundation Exhibition opening day: Tyler School of Art, Stella Elkins Tyler Galleries (Lower Level South) and Foundation Department studios (second floor). Exhibition runs March 25 through April 4. The Foundation Exhibition is an annual juried exhibition of student artwork from the Foundation Program and includes drawing, computer renderings, and two- and three-dimensional works."

Ever since that Trojan horse thing, I've been all about our new main campus friends. What will those crazy kids think of next?

From campus rec:

"Hot shot shootout" from 7-9 at the pav. If so inclined, you can go lose to skilled b-ball players at the pavilion.

"IBC Body Composition challenge" 11:30-1:30 and 6-9. Special guest appearance by the Governator?

Sports at home: Baseball vs. Penn State(State Penn) at Skip Wilson Field, 3 pm.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Evening Edition..Free Insomnia Cookies

Relatively slow day on Temple's campus...but there were a few sports.

Baseball wins vs. Monmouth 8-7, improving their record to 8-10.

Softball wins vs. Wagner 4-3, improving their record to 3-18.

The men's golf team took 4th place in a field of 22 at the First Market Bank Intercollegiate at the College of William and Mary. Temple Junior Eric Plisko took second place.

Also, tomorrow at 2:30 the VPs of the newly announced TSG tickets will be debating in the SAC 200. Check out the post on the tickets below to read about the candidates. Apparently Insomnia cookies will be there handing out free gooey goodness, so if you don't care about your civil duties as a Temple student at least get some free grub.

Temple News Interviews Rob McElhenney...Sweet

Temple News got to talk to Rob McElhenney, creator and star of every Temple student's favorite show, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." He's a Philly guy, and wouldn't you know it he went to(and dropped out of) Temple. Check out their interview with him by clicking here, or visit their website.

Fall Registration Begins

Monday marked the first day one can register for classes for the fall. Here is the schedule:

March 23 +Undergraduate Students 99 s.h. minimum
March 24 86 s.h. minimum
March 25 77 s.h. minimum
March 26 69 s.h. minimum
March 27 56 s.h. minimum
March 30 47 s.h. minimum
March 31 40 s.h. minimum
April 1 19 s.h. minimum
April 2 15 s.h. minimum
April 3 14 s.h. or fewer
April 6 Non-matriculated students

The s.h. means credit hours, most classes are worth 3.

Temple Student Government Tickets Announced

At Monday's State of the Campus address, a monthly presentation led by student government president Nadine Mompremier, the tickets for next year's presidential offices were announced. Each ticket is made up of three candidates; the President, the Vice President of External Affairs, and the Vice President of Services. Here is an introduction and background on each candidate. Check back soon for an analysis of each ticket's platforms, credibility, and strengths and weaknesses.

TU Dream Team

President: Gaelle Amazan
VP of External Affairs: Kevin Gerard
VP of Services: Alex Barnett

C&W down low: Amazan, a junior, is this year's allocations chair, meaning she is the boss when it comes to student orgs getting their money. She has been diligent in her position, and commands respect from the student org leaders. Except for a few who she may have isolated, this should help her among student orgs, who make up the majority of students who vote. She is also a sister of a sorority, possibly giving her Greek support.

Gerard, also a junior, is a senator in the student senate, and is one of the more vocal and well liked individuals there. He is probably the biggest vote drawer within the senate. He was also part of TSG's General Assembly, and was part of the constitution building. He has also been active in the student org S.O.C.A., or Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness, so he could draw support from that organization, one of the largest on campus.

Barnett, a sophomore, has been involved with TSG for both of his college years. Last year he attended General Assembly meetings and worked as the elections commissioner. He is viewed as a bit of polarizing figure, as he is outspoken, so one either agrees with his convictions or disagrees with his methods.

TU Action facebook
President: Kylie Patterson facebook
VP of External Affairs: Anthony Leyro
VP of Services: Jon DeSantis

C&W downlow: Patterson, a Junior, is a committee chair in the Senate in charge of academic affairs. She has spent a considerable amount of time this year working on critiquing the advising system. She is the most ambitious of the candidates, as she is always vocal in the senate and was recently selected as a finalist for the prestigious Truman Scholarship Award. Patterson is also a member of Temple Gospel Ministries, an RA, and a graduate of the Leadershape prorgam. Her conviction in the senate will draw mostly positive support from them, but she has limited experience with student orgs.

Leyro, a junior, works in TSG as the treasurer, but is relatively unknown within the Senate. He is also a member of a fraternity, so he should draw strong support among the fraternities in the Divine Nine, or the historically African American fraternities on campus.

Desantis, a Junior, has a history with TSG. He was the parliamentarian for the now-dissolved General Assembly last year, but focused more on his position as secretary for the Temple University Greek Association this past year. Desantis is also a brother of a fraternity, so he has the potential to draw strong support amongst the Interfraternity Council (social fraternities), as well as some of the multi-cultural fraternities.

Check back for further critiques, coverage, and endorsement of the tickets.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Journal: The Cherry Crusade to Miami

After the announcement that the Temple's men's basketball team was to play in Miami on Friday, die-hard Temple fans everywhere hopped on their computers to look up plane tickets and hotel rooms with dreams of going down to see the game. One such fan was Luke Butler, President of the Cherry Crusade, the Temple student org responsible for the student section and festivities at all of the sporting events. You know them as the crazy dudes in the front row with their bodies painted and heads capped with Santa hats.

However, Butler went above and beyond any other Temple fan and immediately set off on what was a 70 hour roller coaster ride of calling alumni, administrators, hotels, bus companies, media, students, and any other person you could think of that would be a component of making a trip to Miami. Finally his efforts paid off and with the help of nearly $10,000 in alumni contributions, created a trip that included a bus ride to and from Miami, a hotel room, and tickets to the game for $200 dollars a student.

Butler then set off to work recruiting students for the trip, with a minimum number of 7 to make it happen. He and other members of the Cherry Crusade handed out fliers to frat parties and slid them under every freshman dorm door, and also made Facebook advertisements. In the end, their efforts paid off and at 12 pm Thursday, a Miami-bound bus containing 30 Temple students departed from the Liacouras Center. I was one of them, and this is the story.

Departing, 12 pm, Thursday
The bus is nice as hell. Leather seats, TV screens every 3 rows, counter and mini fridge in the back, blinds to pull over the windows, and a pretty good amount of leg room. It's also only about 2/3 full, so that leaves room for plenty of people to stretch out or store their stuff comfortably. Everyone cheered as the bus rolled out of the Liacouras Center, excited to go to Miami.

Waffle House in Brunswick, Georgia. 2 am, Friday.
The trip is going on its 14th hour and 900th mile, both about the 2/3 mark. We never really stopped for dinner so this is kind of a dinner/breakfast, a binner? The trip down has actually been pretty easy. Lots of movies, PB & J's, and people checking basketball scores on their phones. The South is kinda scary, one gas station we stopped at was selling "Drill, Baby, Drill" t-shirts next to ones that said "Urban Hunting" with guys sticking rifled scopes out of port-a-potties. I don't know if I want to know.

Our waitresses at the Waffle House are nice enough to rub their eyes and cook up 19 breakfast meals, while exclaiming "ya'll talk funny." Someone starts playing a shitty song on the juke box and I return to the bus groggy and greasy, stopping for a picture on the way.

Gametime. 2:30 pm, Friday.
Most of the bus woke up at about 10 am on Friday. I don't care how comfortable a bus is, it's damn near impossible to fall asleep on one and not feel like you've been through a grinder. However, general excitement filled the bus as we saw signs for well known Florida cities and Miami mile markers. We stopped at the team's hotel to drop off some tubas for the band and people cheered as they saw some of the Temple basketball players walking outside the hotel. We rolled into downtown Miami at about noon and got off the bus outside our hotel. The weather was gorgeous, about 75 degrees and sunny, such a relief from the chill of PA, especially because we heard it had snowed the night before(suckers). Mind you nobody had showered in over a day, but we decided we all wanted to paint up and make it to see Syracuse play Stephen F. Austin before our game instead of worrying about hygiene. About half the people painted their upper bodies, while the rest at least had some kind of face paint. We walked the three blocks towards the arena, rolling deep and signing fight songs along the way. One guy had an Arizona shirt on. "Fuck you!" some of us yelled. One guy had a Syracuse shirt on and said let's go Owls. "Fuck you!" we yelled again. "Let'sss- gooo Tem-ple!" It was time to get rowdy. Once inside the arena we realized how good our seats were; even with the basket and in the second row. We watched Syracuse whoop up on Stephen F. Austin, and got increasingly rowdy towards the end of their game. Mascot notes: the Syracuse Orange, while entertaining and quirky, did the St. Hoe's Hawk flap in our direction, prompting several raised middle fingers. The Stephen F. Austin Lumberjack was just some gigantic, 7 foot muscled dude in a flannel shirt, and did nothing but shoulder a double bladed axe.

Game time, and it was what we expected. We were loud and noisy, easily the best(only?) student section there, making noise on every possession. I'm assuming most of you saw the game, so I won't cover the details, but needless to say our hopes, fears, and energy level went with the Owls as the game cycled from close to near blowout. However, I think most of us just had that feeling that Temple was going to pull this one out. When Dionte hit a 3 to make it a 3 point game with about 5 minutes to go, we almost knew we were going to win. When he missed the next 3 to tie it and Arizona State scored on the next possession, that's when the big gulp hit. As the final minute wound down and it became evident that Temple would fall, the tears started to roll. Dionte's father, Mr. Christmas, as well as several fans and media members came over to console what was a quiet and heartbroken student section, and we were the last ones in the arena, prompting a security guard to come over and politely ask us to leave. Once outside, the skies had become cloudy and the temperature had dropped several degrees, ironically mirroring our own sentiments. We soaked in the moment for a bit longer, and then made the walk back to the hotel.

The night after. 9 pm, Friday.
Oh yea, we're in Miami. Temple may have lost, but we're still in one of the most desirable locations in the country. Immediately after the game we checked into the hotel, which by the way was despicable. You can read the 1 starred reviews here. My personal favorite: somebody once found a bloody child's hand print on their wall. Our rooms weren't too bad, save for ridiculously hard mattresses, the smell of smoke, 14 TV channels, half of which were in Spanish, and a toilet that overflowed, bringing shit with it. Oh wait, our rooms were actually terrible.

Anyways, some of us headed straight to the beach, including myself. It was just before sundown, but the water was still warm enough to go in. Oh and other thing, girls and cars. Lambos were frequent, Ferraris common, Porshes everywhere, and Audis laughed at. Same scale for the women.

Other people on the trip got a bite to eat first and hit the beach a bit later, and most everyone pregamed and then ventured out to the local 18 to enter, 21 to drink clubs. It was 10 for girls and 20 for guys, with a 10 dollar fee for anyone wearing shorts. Suddenly, frat parties didn't sound too bad.

A day in Miami. 10 am to 10 pm, Saturday.
This made the $200 worth it. By noon, I was putting back a 6 pack of Miller Genuine Draft on sunny south beach, playing sublime from my cell. Every once in a while I would make the effort to go in the water, which was as warm as the air. Hey! I can see my feet in the water, this ain't no Jersey shore. Most everyone on the trip was doing the same, and taking turns venturing around the area, shopping in stores or grabbing a bite to eat. Around 4 pm, scattered rains came, dropping the temperature a few degrees and sending people running for cover. Still, we worked our way around the shops and let the atmosphere and culture of Miami sink in, until we finally settled down to an award winning Italian place for dinner. And man, was it Italian. Our waiters spoke with such a thick accent that you just kind of nodded your head and assumed they were going to take care of you and bring you something delicious. And that they did. Everyone agreed the food was great, and the atmosphere and service perfecto. After dinner about half the group, or the half that was of age, loaded up on beer and liquor in anticipation of the bus ride home. We boarded the bus at about 10 pm, and set our course for Philadelphia.

The party bus and journey home, 10 pm Saturday- 7 pm, Sunday
Man this bus thing is easier with a few drinks in your system. My friend and I picked up a 6 pack to add to a few stragglers from our case the night before, and by 1 am a number of us were getting pretty goofy towards the back of the bus. Kind of reminded you of those days shooting spitballs at 3rd graders from the "cool seats" at the back. It also made falling asleep a hell of a lot easier. Next thing you know it was 10 am and we're shambling off the bus, shielding our eyes from the morning sun as we made our way over to a Cracker Barrel. Now this was the South, everyone in the place looked like Hank Hill's extended family. However, the food was pretty greasy and good. At least everyone is super polite down there. We loaded back on the bus and made our way back to Philly, watching movies and checking scores, much like the trip down. Oh, we also hadn't showered since before going in the ocean the day before. Yea, gross. And sunburn. Yea, ow. When we finally arrived back on Broad street at about 7 pm, everyone was tired, hungry, gross, and smelly. But when you looked at the faces and heard the goodbyes, the success of the trip became obvious. One person stood up and thanked Luke Butler for setting up the trip, initiating a round of applause. Temple had lost, and we had spent 40 of the past 76 hours on a bus, but if this trip wasn't what college is all about, then nothing is.

Movies watched: Old School, Super Bad, the Dark Night, Bad Boys II, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura, It's Always Sunny, and about 15 minutes of The Sweetest Thing(booo!)

Food: Roasted Chicken foot long from Subway, an apple from the scary gas station, chocolate chip waffle from Waffle house at 2 am, $6 hotdog and soft pretzel at the Arena, 2 slices of pizza from some joint on South beach, Subway again, a full pizza at the Italian restaurant, french toast and sausage at the cracker barrel, and a shitload of pretzels on the bus.

Sources: Temple to Miami by Luke Butler, Cherry Crusaders Embark To Miami byMatthew Petrillo.

Photo Credits: Nicole Melfi, Sergei Blair/TTN, Nicole Burry