Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend news

Welcome back to the school week. That would be sarcasm.

Not too much happening over the weekend, with the big story being the b-ball team's 75-67 OT win against rival Saint Joseph's at the Palestra. The game was an absolute barn burner, and we'll have a full recap up shortly.

While we're at it, might as well make mention of the rest of the sports as well:

The women's b-ball team lost at Dayton by a score of 71-63. Dayton took over sole possession of 2nd place in the A-10 with the win.

The baseball team did not start the season off right as they were swept by Florida Gulf Coast (the college, not the geographical feature) in a three game series this weekend. The Owls were outscored 7-39 over the three games. That's what you would call ugly.

However, the track team helped save the weekend for Temple sports with a third place finish in A-10 indoor competition, their best finish EVER.

Also, peep this article on fencing coach Nikki Franke, who just reached 600 friggin' wins in her coaching career at Temple, which dates back to 1972. You know, when we were all still tadpoles.

Speaking of tadpoles, check out this article about in vitro fertilization that quotes Temple geneticist Carmen Sapienza. To sum up the article in one sentence: "in vitro babies are genetically different, but we don't know if that necessarily means they aren't healthy." Oh, ok thanks.

In other, non sports news, Temple got a little shout-out by Inky writer and Temple alum Solomon Jones in his article defending Philly, who was rated the 20th most miserable city by Forbes.com. Well Mr. Forbes, obviously you haven't partied at TU or Old City.

Temple professor Allen Hornblum had a nice little sigh of relief over the weekend after an NJ appellate court judge ruled that libel charges brought against him were correctly thrown out. The charges were filed by Philly crime-dude John Berkery after Hornblum wrote a book about crime in Philly. If you see Hornblum around, give him a pat on the back. Just don't sneak up on him.

That's about all for the weekend news, we'll catch ya in the a.m.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The weekender

Congratulations, it's the mofo'n weekend.

Oh yea, Michelle Obama happened to swing by the Fresh Grocer today. Kinda a big deal?

Weather: Sunny and temps near the 40's. As far as February weekends in Philly go, this is about as good as it gets.

Check here for show times at the Pearl. However we must remind you that Shutter Island, the insane looking new Scorcese psychological thriller starring that dude who froze to death in Titanic came out today. For those who've missed it, the preview:


Really, not too much going on Saturday

The men's basketball team plays those damn St. Joe's Hawks at the historic Palestra on Upenn's campus. The only catch is that it's a noon tip-off, and riding subways hungover at 11 a.m. ain't exactly our thing. But we're doing it anyways. Stubhub. The game will also be broadcast on comcast sports net.

For the slightly more futbol inclined, the Philly KiXX have a home game at the Liacouras Center at 7:05. Tickets are only 9 bucks with your Owl card, and from what we hear the games are actually pretty entertaining to watch.

For the slightly more vagina inclined, the last showing of the Vagina Monologues takes the stage at 8 p.m. in the underground. Tickets are $5 with your student ID, which is cheaper than the cover at Show & Tell.



It's not really anything anybody will go to, but we've got a sweet spot for Lewis Black so we thought we'd throw out that he'll be in Princeton, NJ at 7:30. So if driving an hour and paying $45 dollars to see a comic on Sunday night is your thing, well then this is for you.

Also, let's take a second to give philly.com a hearty chuckle for listing John Mayer as funk. And then another just for John Mayer.

If ya know of anything else going on, be sure to let us know.

Go get that weekend.

Aaand it's Friday

You've made it. Week 5 of 15 down.

Weather: Pretty much the same as yesterday with temps near 40 and the sun out to help melt some more snow.

What's going on at Temple:

Once again the Engineering school is providing some entertainment as part of National Engineering week:

Virtual play-doh
: They somehow rigged a system where people can manipulate two wiimotes and sculpt virtual play-doh on screen. Oh yea and it's in 3d.

Environmental seminar
: Get your daily dose of sustainability (just as important as flintstones vitamins) as dudes from the regional planning center talk about how to grow the city without hurting mother nature's feelings. Did I mention free pizza?

Women's tennis takes on the Drexel Dragons at 12:30. Fortunately for Temple, dragons are only their mascot.

The vagina monologues are in full swing, and tonight's show runs from 8-10. Tickets are just 5 bucks for students.

Stuff going on elsewhere:

The Sixers are hosting the San Antonio Spurs in a 7 pm game. History has shown they will probably lose.

Also, happy birthday to Seal.

We'll see ya in the evening for your news and weekender.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursty Thirsday

And the college weekend has officially arrived.

So tonight's big story is media outlets catching on to Temple sophomore Tyler Grady (top right) making the round of 24 on American Idol. A quick google search of the dude turns up a bunch load of stuff, even though the Temple News has been on it since Tuesday. Technically Grady isn't enrolled at Temple since he took a semester off to pursue the show, but he's reppin' anyways. Grady's previous television experience was as a stunt double on that 70's show.

Feel like having your facebook habits instantly broken down? Check out this Temple Times article about a study done by Journalism chair Andrew Mendelson that examines why we college kids Fbook like we do. Basically, we're just tryin' to live the dream and aren't being realistic. Fortunately for us, we're having a lot of fun doing it.

The Broad & Cecil also sprung back into action today, letting us know that trash day has, in fact, returned. How'd they know I had 40's in my garbage?

Finally, for a quick chuckle check out the first response to this yahoo question "Is Temple University a dangerous school?" "I also read an article about a graduate student who was murdered there, the guy who did it said he did it "just because." I never considered applying there for that reason." Mmmhmmm. Happens all the time.

Go enjoy that Thursday!

Helpful paper writing application for the ADD generation

We have a nice little tip for everyone out there who couldn't sit down and write a paper if their GPA depended on it.

No, it's not adderall... Although..

No, it's a free-to-download program called darkroom (for pcs) and its counterpart writeroom (for macs).

Essentially all the application does is turn your computer into an old school one. It fills the screen with darkness, so all you can see is text. The default text color is green, but you can change it to whatever you want. Turn your volume off, and you have a distraction free digital environment to let you focus on your work. We tried it, and it definitely helped to concentrate, especially because you feel super guilty every time you are tempted to close out the program just to go on Facebook.

It doesn't spell check, but it does let you save and has a wordcount feature.

Try it. If it fails, then go buy adderall.


Weather: Slightly warmer today with the temp hanging up near 40 degrees and sunny, falling to the low 30's overnight. Hopefully this means a lot of this snow will start to gtfo.

And now for a message from PRSSA, which we assume stands for either Public Relations Students Society of America or the Pterodactyl Reconnaissance Squad of South America: PRSSA is having a fundraiser at Mad River Bar and Grille in Old City on Thursday from 8 p.m.-12 a.m. $3 to enter, drink specials and half price appetizers all night! Some proceeds from the fundraisers will go towards raising money for Relay for Life.

Stuff going on at Temple:

Slept with some interesting people in the past few months? Have no fear, free HIV testing in the HEART office is here.

Are you about to graduate and have recently realized you have no idea what you're going to do about finding one of those..erm..jobs afterwards? Might wanna swing by the career fair from 12-4 in the SAC 200, and a tie would be nice. The career center website has more details and a list of employers.

The engineering schools continues their week of putting cool shit on display as they demonstrate a hybrid electric fuel cell. This cell, used to power eco-friendly cars, runs on internal combustion, electricity, and our personal favorite, PEM fuel cells.

There is also a lecture titled "'The Soul is the Prison of the Body:’ Pedagogy and Punishment in Allegorical Debates Between Body and Soul" given by Masha Raskolnikov of Cornell University. We'd make a joke, but you're probably already amused.

Tonight is also the open dress rehearsal of the vagina monologues. Ba dun chh.

Stuff going on elsewhere:

Phillies individual game tickets went on sale today at 8 am. Opening day is already sold out, and we're having a hard time getting through to buy tickets. Still, give it a go.

Citizen Cope at the TLA. Unfortunately it's also $30, so nobody is going to go.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peace out humpday

So that'll do it for humpday. As it usually the case on this droll day, nothing really happened. Really.

The big news is that the men's and women's basketball teams both took care of business. The men's team shwooped up on a pretty bad St. Bonaventure team 73-55. (further research indicates that St. Bonaventure is actually located in Western China). Ramone Moore, shown here in this picture we jacked from google, led the Owls with a career high 18 points. The women's team took out a pretty good (2nd place in A-10) Duquesne team at the Liacouras Center, 52-41, for their 20th win of the season.

In other Temple news, the Computer Recycling Center is again getting some press, this time from the Environmental Protection Agency. Today the CRC, which recycles thousands of otherwise junkable computers, printers, monitors, and robots every year, showed other colleges in the region how it's done. So next time you get your laptop swiped, check out the CRC.

Finally, check out this article on first lady Obama visiting Philly on Friday to talk about some supermarkets and shit. The article quotes a Temple study that found a link between childhood obesity and the high calorie products that are sold in corner stores near school. The article discusses initiatives that exist to replace these stores with healthier foods, in edition to building supermarkets in under-served areas (The Fresh Grocer at Temple, for example).

In addition, the staff of the C&W got in a verbal altercation today when discussing the most forgotten state in the U.S., and decided to let the extremely intelligent readers of the Cherry and What decide which state takes the cake by posting a completely random poll on the SITE.

The return of humpday

And we're back to the ol' humpday after last week's little snow day hiatus. Just 24 more hours and it's basically the weekend.

Weather: Pretty much the same as yesterday, temps in the lows 30's, with possible flurries this evening.

What's going on at Temple:

Tyler's annual student art displays begin today and run every Wed-Sat for the rest of the month. If you're feeling artsy, so grab a delicious latte and check out your peers' artwork. Check the Tyler website for more deets.

Want to be Mickey Mouse in Disney world over summer break? Yea, I didn't really think so but if you know anyone who does might want to point them to this presentation by Disney reps today. They're doing two shows, another at 5 p.m. No word yet on whether or not Donald Duck will be in attendance.

And our daily "no-duh" shout-out goes to this Tuttleman Learning Center workshop on how to avoid plagiarism. "Ok everyone, you see these words on this paper here. Those are someone else's words. If you use them, and fail to cite them, that's called plagiarism. Let's go over it one more time..."


Women's basketball plays a rare 12 p.m. game today against Duquesne in a "pink zone" game where fans are encouraged to wear pink to show breast cancer what's up. Helping the fight against cancer is great, but I'm not sure a noon start time is what the doctor ordered to cure the low-attendance woes.

The men's team is on the road at St. Bonaventure, which I believe is in northwest Alaska. A victory would give the Owls 21 wins and keep them close atop the A-10 standings. We'll be attempting to find a video feed so check back for that later today.

Going on elsewhere:

Who needs a time machine when you have New Found Glory at the electric factory? With Hellogoodbye and Saves the Day opening. And someone called "fireworks" too but we don't remember prancing around like an idiot in singing their songs in high school. Tickets are $23.50.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Peace out Tuesday

So today's big news is...Tuesday is over!

No but seriously...it is.

Other stuff:

First, head on over to The Temple News because their latest issue is out and it's quality as always.

Peep this article on Temple's football program and how it's snagging all sorts of good recruits. Kids are turning down big time BCS schools like Ohio State and Vanderbilt to play at Temple, which is exactly what you need to do to turn into a top-25 team. Hoot hoot.

Speaking of top-25 rankings, Temple basketball only moved up 1 spot in yesterday's rankings, despite their blowout of 19-5 Rhode Island this past Saturday. A-10 foe Richmond joined them in the rankings at number 25, for their first ranking since 1986. I smell an A-10 tourny war.

For everyone out there complaining about snow and ice still being around campus, check this Temple Times article about the overwhelming amount of manpower Temple has utilized to clear all this shit.

Oh yea, Roy Halladay bobble heads! Which reminds us, Wednesday is the day Phillies pitchers and catchers have to report. For baseball fans, this is a big deal. 2 months til we're back in season.

Happy Mardi Gras.