Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to the weekend

Ya made it, congrats, and be safe when having fun tonight. Remember those undercovers still might be out there, so keep an eye out.

Earlier in the week we noted that there was very little news going on, and asked students to go wreak havoc and make some news. Did someone take us literally?

Peep this story on how a fiberglass baby cow was kidnapped a few days ago from a food joint in Rosemont, PA. Guess it has some sentimental value, because the owner put up a $500 reward for its return. Two anonymous girls then notified the owner they spotted the cow at...dun dun dunnnn.. a Temple party. They returned it, and received their reward and some milk and cookies. Friggin' weird.

We also have a little good news/bad news action. That strike that was supposed to start today at TU Hospital? Didn't happen. The bad news? They still have no contract, so the situation is still on the decline. Just how bad is it? Employees voted down the University's proposal 1,051 to 7.

Temple was also in the news today, in the Philadelphia Gay News that is. There is an article in there about "Coming out week" at Temple next week, and it includes a schedule such as a showing of the movie "Milk" on Monday, and various chances to pick up literature on campus organizations and support networks, and of course a couple of opportunities to..come out.

That's all for tonight, thanks for reading, go have fun, and we'll catch ya in the a.m. Or p.m.

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