Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday look-out

MOVIES!! The hangover started today at the Reel. Sneak in some brews, buy some cheap popcorn, and enjoy a good movie for once. Guess what else opened today? Where the Wild Things Are. Yup. At the Pearl. Here's your movie times: 11:50am 2:10 4:50 7:20 9:40 11:55pm.

12 p.m. :For anyone interested in getting an in-depth tour of the Wolgin exhibits, a free one leaves from the front desk of the Temple Gallery at the Tyler School of Art.


4:30-7:30: "Taste of Temple." A bunch of good food joints around campus are running special discounts at this time in honor of homecoming and people coming back and stuff. Whatever the cause man, cheap food= awesome.

7 p.m.: After the Phils play, you can head over to McGonigle to see the v-ball team take on the Fordham Hams.

7 p.m.: Temple Men's Rugby takes on St. Joseph's under the lights at Finnesey Field on St. Hoe's Main Campus. Both teams have 3-0 records and this game will determine the #1 seed for playoffs. That would be at 5600 City Ave.

8 p.m.: Cherry and White Ball. College prom anyone? Tickets are 15 bucks at Mitten Hall and you can a mystery dinner and activity. Yea....

8 p.m.: For those of you out at Ambler, make sure you check out your homecoming ceremony/party thing at Bright Hall. Fashion shows, martial arts, drama sketches, crowning of the King and Queen, food, all that good stuff.

We'll have your homecoming weekend lookout up later this afternoon.

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