Friday, October 30, 2009

News catch-up

Ok we kinda owe you one of these. Things get hairy when the Phils are in a World Series on Halloween weekend.

First of all, just in time for Halloween weekend, SEPTA decides they're probably going to go on a strike. Yea, that would mean there's a good possibility the orange line will be shut down this weekend. Yea, that would mean you would not be able to use it to go to Halloween parties, places in the city, or the Phillies/Eagles game. Nice.

Also, check out the new opening of the $165 new medical school building today. Hooray Temple! Then check out the hundreds of protesting employees who still don't have a contract and are determined to piss on the parade. Boo Temple!

Going down to the Temple v. Navy game tomorrow? Yea, we didn't think so, but we thought we'd let you know to watch out for the pickpockets anyways. Not that you aren't completely up on your street smarts from living in North Philly anyway.

Check out this article about how Temple researchers are pinpointing the start of binge eating behavior. They have traced it all the way back to Temple Star on Saturday nights.

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