Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday night, OR, better late than never OR Reese Witherspoon at Ambler tomorrow

Well ya see, we had the blog post typed up, but our dog ate it, so we had to start all over again and that's why it's late. True story.

Anyways, it's Tuesday night, and has yet to change that glaring grammatical error. How long will it last? Only time will tell.

Guess who made the Temple News???? We didddd. That's right, right up there next to the compost pile article, and not too far from the caged poultry article. Shout out to author Matt Petrillo for inkin' (typin'?) a good one.

In other Temple News news, check out this scathing letter to the editor by College Republicans president Barry Scatton. Scatton just absolutely rips the TSG-proposed $5 green fee on everyone's tuition, pretty much on all accounts. He says that it's founded on bad democratic principles, is unnecessary, and doesn't make any sense.

"Lastly, the idea that Temple can’t pay for its own light bulbs is the most ridiculous idea conjured up since Michael Dukakis’ prison furlough program for first-degree murderers" says Scatton.

Ooooooook. We're going to go ahead and let the appropriate entities fire-back, we'll be weighing in on this shortly thereafter.

Ok stop the presses, REESE WITHERSPOON FILMING AT TEMPLE AMBLER TOMORROW. Or at least, we think. We found a very confusing article on, which you can check out here. Or view the picture below.

Yea, that's all it says, in the middle of a bunch of other stuff. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Finally, check out this article on how Temple's state funding, along with PSU, Pitt, and Lincoln, is still being held up. They're waiting to see if the gambling legislation gets through before they budget the money. Gambling kid's education on gambling. Way to go PA.

So yea, we know this has been a lot of crazy stuff to chew on, but that's Temple for you. Thanks for reading, we'll catch ya in the a.m. Or, later on in the a.m.


Morgaine said...

As far as the Reese Witherspoon sighting in Ambler, I've seen she's supposed to shoot today, Wed. 14th-according to some articles by inquirer, and the bucks county courier times, where others have said Monday the 19th. Who knows. I live over that way, and as of 8am when I left for work, there was nothing there. It might just all be hype, and they never actually say the true date. lol

Anonymous said...

I go to school there and there was definitely some filming going on today (Mon, Oct. 19th). There were tons of trucks, trailers and tents.