Monday, October 19, 2009

Homecoming= great success.

Very nice.

Temple football rallies to beat Army 27-13 in rainy, gritty football game. Lupe Fiasco brings the Liacouras Center to its feet. The PhiLees blow out the Dodgers 11-0 to take a 2-1 lead in the NLCS. The Eagles lose, but so do the Giants. We'll take it.

Unfortunately, the football game also came with some costs. Freshman RB/star player/ass kicker Bernard Pierce was taken out of the game in the second quarter after a hard hit to his upper body during a sideline tackle. No official reports yet, but unofficial ones range from mild stinger up to concussion or a busted shoulder. Pierce is the top rusher in the MAC and second highest rushing freshman in the country, and we kinda, like, need him.

But, we got a vote in the Harris top 25 poll. That's nuts.

In other news, check out this editorial from the Inquirer that discusses Temple's recent community service award. It essentially just lists Temple among schools who are doing good work to help out the local community, and that's a "like d'uh" thing. However, many of the comments on the story echo the sentiments of this letter to the editor, which states that Temple was slighted by being ranked lower than Penn and Drexel. Essentially, many of the statements say that Temple sacrifices a higher percent of funds to community building, helps out in better ways such as offering affordable education to city residents, and do so despite being in a much more unfriendly environment than the west Philadelphia schools. We say it's all a good thing, and that Philly schools all kick ass at serving the community. Why turn it into a pissing match?

In other news, Temple Harrisburg also helps people in the community out. Our capital city campus recently hosted a forum on crime that attempted to come up with ways that communities and law enforcement can work together in order to curb crime.

In Temple sports that aren't called football, women's soccer picked up two losses, 0-1 to La Salle and 0-2 to Fordham; women's v-ball picked up two wins, 3-2 to Fordham and 3-1 over Rhode Island; and men's soccer beat UMass 1-0 but lost to Rhode Island 1-4.

That's all folks, we'll see ya in the morning for your weekly look-out.

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