Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

Congratulations kids, you've made it through another week at Temple, and football, Lupe Fiasco, Asher Roth, and a whole bunch of other good stuff is coming up quick.

But for today:

Weather: Oooo boy. Rain today. 100%. Like all day, through the night, mid 40's, miserable, mucky weather. Bundle up and bring an umbrella.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Hey hey the Peace Corp is on campus today! So for those of you who will be graduating in May and have no idea what the hell you're doing, might want to check it out. Table in TLC lobby from 1:30-3:30 and info session in 300AB from 4-5.

Temple Night Owt
: 7-11 on Liacouras Walk. We already highlighted this one in the weekly outlook. Food, drink, moon bounce boxing, video game simulator, man hunt, wing eating contest, and lots and lots of rain! We'll try and find out if there are any plans for what to do if it rains. "Temple Night In" just doesn't have the same ring.

Other stuff:

Don't forget today is the Cecil B. Moore farmer's market, from 2-6 at Cecil B and Park walk. They are always under that tent so we assume it's rain or shine? Mennonites ain't afraid of no rain.

Think disco is dead? Think again. Temple IBC is reviving it with this learn to dance like the 70's class tonight from 8-10. We don't know why, but they are.

Phils v. Dodgers at 8 p.m.? Check. Always Sunny in Philadelphia at 10 p.m.? Check. Shitty rain all through the night? Check. Creepy guy with yellow teeth walking the streets? Check. Great night to grab a bottle of rum and stay the hell in? Check.

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alyssa said...

from one of 219840 messages from the facebook homecoming event admin:

"Thank you for all of those that attended the Homecoming Pep Rally!!
We also had a good time in the J&H Cafeteria tonight as well but now we move to the 2nd half of the week and:

Temple Night Owt : The Block Party

Unfortunately due to inclement weather we will move the block party to the student center atrium instead of at Liacouras Walk. But we will still have great free giveaways, free food, music and fun games which makes for an all around great time.

Make sure you come to the Student Center Atrium instead of Liacouras Walk at 7pm tomorrow night.

Also buy your tickets to the Cherry and White Ball!! Temple's 1st Homecoming formal tickets are only $15 w/ur Temple ID

and remember

TU Runs Philly! "