Thursday, October 29, 2009

I can hear New York from here! It sounds like this: ".........."

Like you need an update. Frillies are amazing. Please Pedro, give 'em some of that Cy Young stuff.

In other's uhh, friggin Halloween weekend. Costume parties start tonight, and we'll have a weekend outlook, including Halloween listings, up for you.

Yesterday's news, still brought to you with more convenience than a newspaper:

Temple's entrepreneurial spirit is even spreading to the theater department? Do a play that's already been made? Screw that, we'll write our own jawn. That's what spawned "Shot," an original play that is now running through Nov. 13 at Tomlinson. Shot, of course, referring to someone who got shot in North Philadelphia in 1964. OK, not the cleverest of titles, but maybe worth seeing anyways.

Apparently Temple's got organized labor spirit too as this article credits the Student Labor Action Proeject(SLAP) student org. for helping Art Museum guards win a right to unionize. Entrepreneurs and union people, we so tallllenteddd.

Temple keeps up its status of the Beverly Hills of Philadelphia as it was brought up by not one, but two Hollywooders yesterday. First, we finally got to the bottom of this Reese Witherspoon thing with this article about an Alvernia coach selected to play a role in the upcoming movie. Here are the deets:
"Berger filmed for one day at the Temple-Ambler softball field that had been transformed to look like a USA home field for an international upcoming major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson , Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd."
The second article was an interview with Boondock Saints directer Troy Duffy, who discusses the upcoming sequel to that movie. Duffy and the two main actors (ya know, the Irish dudes) visited the Reel a few weeks back to field questions from students, and Duffy talks about them a bit in this article.


Weather: looks like the weather should make a little improvement today, as you can expect temps to break the 60's and see just a tiny bit of sun today. The main point is it stays fairly warm and dry overnight, so those Halloween costumes you'll be rockin should stay dry. So should Yankee stadium.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Well first of all there's all sorts of crazy seminars and stuff going on today to celebrate the opening of the new Medical Education and Research Building. But there are way too many big words and crazy medical lingo, so we're just going to assume you already know if you're going.

Author Laura Levinger visits 914 Gladfelter at 11 today to talk about her book "What War?" which focuses on testimonials from survivors of the Guatemalan massacre. Punch and cookies will not be available.

Does your head tilt to the side and eyebrow curiously raise when your prof starts talking about something called "A.P.A. format"? Well then you might want to check out this workshop that teaches all about that pain in the ass style from 3-4. That, or drop out of college. Same end result.

Also, don't forget Temple individual game basketball tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. today. If you want to tickets to games like Kansas, Nova, PSU, etc. you should probably get on that. Of course, if you have your wild cherry pass, you're good to go.

Pedro vs. Burnett. 7:57. Be thurr.

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