Monday, October 19, 2009

Case of the Mondays

The U.S. really needs to look into a three day weekend. Utah does it!

Luckily, the weather looks like it fights back a little bit this week, so it ain't all bad.

Monday: What an awful Monday, there really is nothing going on. Except Big Joe Blanton and the Phillllllliessss of course.

5:15-8:30: Monday Night Film series in Tuttleman 101. This week's movie is "Indictment: The McMartin Trial." What the hell is that, you may ask? The hell if we know, we respond.

8:07: Phillies vs. Dodgers on TBS.


10-2: The Marine Corp returns fire on the Peace corps' visit last week with a table of their own in Tuttleman's lobby. Hippie or jarhead, Temple's got postgrad plans for everyone!

2-2:50. Want to go to Rome? Attend this info session and stumble across $20,000, and you're good to go!

5:30-6:30: Haven't you always wondered how to create and exhibition in a museum? Ya know, how in the world would you make old objects interesting? Well put your worries at ease by attending an info session with Dr. Helen Evans, curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Or, simply mimic the exhibit shown here:


10-2: Study abroad fair! Everything you've ever wanted to know about how to visit places that you probably never will. Tuttleman lobby.

11-2: Campus sustainability day at the Bell Tower. This actually sounds worth your time, as a plethora(love using that word in a sentence) of green organizations from around campus and the city will all unite by the Bell Tower and.... I dunno, save the world! Special guest appearances by Captain Planet and his son, Al Gore.

3-5: Poets and writers series in Anderson 821. Wednesday's session is titled "Celebrating Foreboding." Erm...what? Future sessions to be titled "Anxiety is Fun" and "Disease? Hooray!"

7-10: Roller Hockey Tournament at the PAV. Ok, that sounds pretty awesome.

Thursday: Thursday can wait til this afternoon, our classes cannot.

If there is such thing as a great Monday, we hope you have one!

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TEGGG said...

Hey guys I wanted to tip off everybody to a police practice going on. Temple students assaulted on what we consider campus are being brought to the local philly police stations such as 17 and montgomery so that Temple doesn't have to report the incidents. I think that whenever a Temple student is attacked whether at the bell tower or across the street from campus it should be put on Temple's record.