Monday, October 26, 2009


Doesn't it seem like every freakin' week that we have to deal with a Monday? What's up with that? Now for a pick me up. C.C. Sabathia? More like C.C. YaLata.

Weather: Quite a bit cooler this week, as temps will just barely break into the low 60's today, although it will be mostly sunny. High 40's overnight.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Bunch of deadlines: Thinking about being an RA next year? Yea, better get on that. Want to take part in one of Temple's service immersion programs where you go places and help, you know, people who need help? Better get on that too. Want to learn how to manage your money bank accounts better? Hahaha, like we have money.

Poli sci kids! Check out this campaigns and elections speaker series thing as Dr. Sanbonmatsu of Rutgers talks about women's elections. Just don't try and pronounce that last name. 1-2:30 pm in Gladfelter 914.

Elsewhere: Body world's II opens today at the Franklin Institute. This time it focuses on the brain! For those who don't know, body worlds is an exhibit using real human and animal remains, that have been frozen in time by wizards. Pretty cool.

Get in the spirit of Halloween by taking this walking ghost tour of Philadelphia. Ok, it starts at Cosi. Yes, it's $17 bucks. Didn't say we were going.

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