Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday news

Does anyone else love the fightin' Phils? The defending world champions showed exactly why they hold that title last night as they downed the Dodgers 8-6, setting off a Thursday night celebration in the C&W offices that pushed this news post til today. From the opening moments when Victorino was picked off at first and jawed with catcher Russell Martin, to the late game slug fest that saw the Phillies come out on top, the Phillies proved without a doubt that they have that same fire. Make sure you catch today's game 2 at 4:07 as Pedddroooooo takes the mound.

In other news, hockey stick chair! Yea this doesn't really have anything to do with Temple except that it was made by freshman Andrew Campenella when he was still in high school, but what the hell it's Friday right?

In um, much more serious news, check out this post from "The Jawa Report"? It deals with an ongoing debate here at Temple over upcoming College Republicans guest speaker Geert Wilders. In short, Wilders is a controversial speaker who the College Republicans say is a critic of Islam and terrorist groups, and who the Muslim Student Association says is a hate-monger that has been banned from the UK. The MSA wants him banned from Temple, while the College Republicans and Horowitz Freedom Center, who is also sponsoring his speech, say to hell with that, first amendment biatch.

Speaking of political stuff, check out this article on an upcoming rally for single-payer health care in Harrisburg. Patricia Eakin, ER nurse at Temple and president of PASNAP (whatever that is) will be one of the featured speakers.

In sports news, props to former Temple b-ball stand out Mark Macon, who is now the interim head coach of men's b-ball at Binghamton University. OK, he replaced a coach that messed up with NCAA violations and got canned, and he might be replaced by a permanent head coach, but he's the man for at least a little while.

In other sports news, we know what you're thinking. This weather sucks and there is no way in hell I'm going to the homecoming football game tomorrow. Well apparently the athletic department also knows what you're thinking, because they've lowered club tickets from $45 to $25, to be purchased at the Linc box office tomorrow. That's great, but still about $20 over what the average college kid can afford.

That's all, check back soon for your weekend lookout.

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