Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's Tuesday, October 27, and there's nothing going on today so we're putting another inspirational Phillies clip for inspiration/filler:

Shitty weather: That would be gray, rainy, and hovering near 57 all day long. Clears up a bit for the evening and night, but the temp. stays right around the same.

Tons of stuff to choose from today, fellow Owls! Oh wait nevermind, there's really only three. And they kinda suck.

First, if you feel like hoofing it out to Ambler, Rina Cutler, the city's transportation/utilities person, will be talking about how to make Philadelphia more sustainable when it comes to moving around. It's a pretty much must see for anyone interested in urban sustainability.

Why does Ambler get to do all the cool stuff? If you're out there, a bus is leaving at 7 pm to go on a walking ghost tour of Philadelphia. Sure it's probably going to be rainy and nobody is going to go, but at $3 that sounds like it would have been an awesome night. Keep this up and we're switching to being a farming major just so to get a piece of the activities over there.

Tonight, at 7:30 in the Rock Hall Auditorium, the Yiddish Choir of Temple will take the stage for their world premiere of singing songs entirely in Yiddish. Where will you be?

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g2g peace out.

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