Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend numero 8.

Another week down, another weekend up. But no Phillies this time? Temple football away? Halloween next weekend? What the hell is there to do? Well...

Weather: Short of a tsunami or snow storm..this is about the worst thing you can be greeted with when signing on

So what's that mean. Well today is alright with a high of 60, low of 53 and possibly some shower laters. However tomorrow is gonna be rainy as hell, but around the same temperature. Looks like the weather will clear up just in time for the TECH center on Sunday, with a high of 63 and low 42.


12-1: Women's leadership series at Ambler. Check out the name of this presentation: "When life gives you lemons and everyone is making lemonade-- make a margarita!" Now that's a motto we can agree with.

12:30: Men's soccer vs. St. Bonaventure at the Ambler sports complex. Seriously, we just can't take that school seriously with a mascot called the Bonnies.

1-2: A lecture by Ryan Trecartin, fresh off his Wolgin Arts Prize victory and $150,000 back account boost. Afterward, he will be buying everyone drinks at the Draught Horse. Right, Ryan?

3: Women's soccer vs. Charlotte. That would be the Charlotte 49ers, named for the infamous Carolina gold rush of 1942.

4-6: Forum with Senator Arlen Specter. That's right, the magic man himself will be in the SAC 200 to answer any and all questions from students. One of our staff has an ax to grind and would like to point out that Specter dodged his question 4 years ago, and when asked about Bush shitting on everything in America, started talking about Iraq. After this forum, Specter will then go 5 rounds with Geert Wilders in a sockem bopper bout for the ages.

7:00: Ambler is doing haunted hayrides. Damn it Ambler, stop doing all the fun shit!


12: Dodgeball tourny!! Prizes for best uniforms! Benefit kids! Alriiighttt.

3: Tyler Perry's "Laugh to Keep from Crying" comedy routine at the Liacouras Center. Tickets are $50 a pop though.

4:30: TU trip to Haunted Bates motel. $10 bucks gets you a trip to the Bates hotel, which includes haunted house, hay ride, and corn maze and also a meal ticket. Vodka and orange juice in a water bottle not included. BYOB.

7: Still might wanna catch football @ Toledo, details to come for where to watch.


9 am- 5 pm. Got dreams of making it big or making an ass of yourself on TV? America's Got talent casting call at the PA convention center.

A bunch of sports:
12- Field hockey v La Salle at Geasey field
12- Women's soccer vs. St Louie at Ambler
2- Men's ice hockey v. Pitt.
2:30- Men's soccer vs. Duquesne @ Ambler

7- Flyers vs. San Jose Sharks at the Wachovia Center. Tickets start at $20!

So yea this weekend kinda sucks. However, these are available all weekend long:

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