Friday, October 9, 2009

News catch-up

We know we haven't posted. Sorry, we're college kids too! Luckily, the news doesn't stop for us...

First, we've got an award to give out. We need to crown the first "Temple's Biggest Asshole Alumni," a distinction given to the worst alumni Temple has to offer. Bill Cosby? Nah. Bob Saget? NOO! Dr. Christine Daniel? Bingo. This med school graduate was just arrested in California for offering a bogus cancer treatment, in which she promised a 60% cure rate and raked in over $1,000,000. At least 3 dozen people who followed her false instructions died, a number of whom took her option instead of normal treatment. If convicted of fraud, she could face up to 80 years. Latteerrr Christineee.

Thankfully there is this article on Hall & Oates to remind us that not all Temple alumni are really weird or pseudo-murderers.
"We are of course talking about pop/rock/soul virtuoso, John Oates. He is 50% of the most successful duo of all time, Hall and Oates. John along with Daryl Hall met at Temple University, where they formed the union."

In other news, the Liacouras Center continues its big week in the media, as it's now drawing attention for the December 2nd boxing match headed by Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins and Enrique Ornelas. The fight will be televised nationally on the Versus network, giving our arena some great exposure. Now, about getting a UFC/WEC here...

The Wolgin Arts contest is starting to draw some attention, as it is featured in this article. The article goes through an in-depth analysis of the award, competitors, and their work, and is definitely worth checking out for anyone interested. Did you know Jack Wolgin, who's the man behind the competition and it's $150,000 prize, is the dude who made that giant clothes pin? And we're talking about the one in Center City, not the Bell Tower.

The Broad&Cecil again has a good post about Philly happening, as they have alerted everyone that the Philly sales tax increased from 7% to 8%. Think that's a bunch of bull? Fight the power and take one penny from the "take a penny-leave a penny" tray for every dollar you spend. The C&W... providing great tips for college kids since 2009.

Finally, check out this Temple Times article highlighting efforts made on Temple's campus during National Coming Out Week. In honor of National Coming Out Week, we're posting this Lewis Black shtick making fun of ignorant people in our country, particularly our former Senator Rick Santorum.

Check back later tonight for your weekender!

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