Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Night > Tuesday Morning

Two down, two to go until we reach the college weekend. Hang in there!

Temple was at the center of some big, even international news today as Dutch politician Geert Wilders presented to a packed Anderson 17. Pretty epic stuff; protesters outside, secret service looking dudes walking around, cheers and jeers as he took the stage. Then, he spoke, with his funny accent and crazy, eminem-gone-mad hair-do:
"Where Islam sets roots, freedom dies,"

"our Western culture is far better than the Islamic culture and we should defend it."

"If the spread of Islam continues unabated in the Western world, 'you might at the end of the day lose your Constitution.'"
In the words of Happy Gilmore, "psycho." Check out this Temple News article about the TSG meeting Monday that condemned his visit, and this letter to the editor from Senate pres. Jeff Dempsey for more backlash to Geert's visit.

Speaking of the Temple News, this week's edition is on the racks and online, so make sure to check it out.

In other news, Temple again brings home the hardware for being so damn entrepreneurial, this time from the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) awards banquet. Temple won honors for "Outstanding Contributions to Advance the Discipline of Entrepreneurship." Good stuff TU.

Unfortunately, for every entrepreneur Temple puts out, we have recent grads like Jason Fanelli who get a job managing a Gamestop. Or, maybe that truly has been the journalism grad's life goal. Yup, we're sure that's it. Please God, let me get a job after graduation.

In sports, Temple football really did win four in a row. We're not crazzzyyyy!! Check out this blog post that goes over how big of an achievement it really is, as it mentions that the last time Temple pulled this off, the Cosby show was the most watched show on TV.

Ok, how did we miss that the field hockey team's 2-1 win was over NUMBER 10 Umass this past weekend? We don't know, but time to give credit where credit is due. Way to kick ass, girls.

That's all for tonight, catch some zZz's and we'll see you in the morning.

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Tolerance&Life said...

Hello to one of my favorite news sources. I was at the "speech" by Wilders. It was beyond distasteful. But that's not what I want to talk about. Hart has actually been getting emails about this, one posts on a rightist website who REALLY hates us now lol. but this was the message on

ParahSalin wrote to President Hart saying:
You are no doubt weighing a decision whether to cancel the invitation of Geert Wilders to speak at your university. Pressure to cancel his speech is coming primarily from the Muslim Student Association at Temple (http://www.temple.edu/students/msa/).

I urge to you to allow Mr. Wilders to speak. Accusations that he is hateful and discriminatory is nothing less than political propaganda, with the goal of making us all deferential to Islam, and eventually to Islamic Shariah Law.

I have been following Mr. Wilders career for a number of years. He is, to some degree, the political heir to Pim Fortuyn, who was violently murdered by a Muslim immigrant in 2002 (http://www.limitstogrowth.org/WEB-text/pim.html).

Geert Wilders is a modest and gentle man. You can easily watch YouTube videos of him and decide for yourself. He has strong and clear views, well expressed, and isn't that the sort of free speech we want to protect?

If you watch the various videos, you will also find video and images of Muslims protesting him. The remarkable thing is that the protestors are proving his point, holding up signs that say "Shariah is coming" and "Islam will dominate the world." This is exactly what Geert Wilders is warning about, and the Muslims make no secret that he is right. They just don't want to be exposed.

Check out this photo montage:

The Temple Muslim Student Association has the same agenda, the Islamization of America, but they know it is too early here in America to be so open about it.

The TMSA points out that backpacks will be prohibited from Mr. Wilders venue, due to security concerns. What they will not say, and what no public employee dare say for fear of being branded a racist (although Islam is not a race), is that the threat is primarily from Muslims, and further, that they would justify such violence by quoting Islamic texts.

I understand the pressure you are facing. I urge you to stand strong, even against death threats and accusations of bigotry, hate, and racism. Stand strong in favor of free speech and the free flow of ideas. Our founding fathers never envisioned free speech as being synonymous with agreeable speech. It will be very difficult for you, but know that there are legions who will be supporting you and praying for you. And by drawing the wrath of the Islamists (and left wing political types), you will be allowing them to show their real agenda, an anti-American, anti-freedom, pro-Shariah agenda. You will become a hero, and possibly a martyr; or you will become one more of many "leaders" who are unwilling to stand up for the freedoms which made this country great.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.