Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend is over

Just like that, the 5th weekend of our semester has come to an end. The good news is that the next one is only 4 days away. Oh so close. Yeaaaa.

It might be a tough one considering that we're all anticipating Temple hosting the first Bee Fest next weekend! That's right, scope this weekend article to see Bee fest going on next Saturday at Ambler. Did you know bees are responsible for a third of our food? Wooahh.

Also, don't want to miss this doozie about sex in college. The question: is it cool for someone to have sex with their roommate present? (Note: not to be confused with "have sex with their roommate's present.") Tufts University recently banned such behavior, and took to the local campuses to get student opinions. Temple students prove once again they are the hippest, funniest college kids in Philadelphia, as Temple Senior Jordan Ramsey represents: "Ramsey was incredulous that a policy would be needed. Told about the Tufts ban, he quipped: "Somebody wasn't getting any!"

Also, Rutgers, wtf?
"Sex should never have witnesses. Then it's just porn," said Fleurette Louis-Jacques, 20, an English and French linguistics double major at Rutgers University. She and her roommate haven't discussed the topic, she said, but added that they don't have sex: "Seriously, not even being funny, we're like nuns."

What the Inquirer doesn't know: this problem has already been solved by College Humor.

Is Dionte Christmas a 76er yet? Still nooooo. But peep this sweet pic of him in the gear, and also this article about how it's certainly not for a lack of trying.

In Temple sports, we had a busy, mixed bag weekend. Football had a great 24-12 win at Eastern Michigan University, with RB Bernard Pierce racking up 180 yards and two TDs. But women's volleyball lost to Dayton and Xavier, field hockey lost to Stanford but shwooped UPenn, women's soccer lost to GW, and men's soccer took out Siena.

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