Monday, October 26, 2009

The weekender

October weekend 4 out of 5 is complete. Next up: Halloween!

In news this weekend, Temple football beat up on Toledo 40-24. Freshman ass kicker Bernard Pierce was a bigger beast than ever, as he racked up 212 yards and three touchdowns. This was a big time win as it moved us to 5-2, 4-0 in the MAC, and one win shy of bowl eligibility. We're also starting to get additional national votes on the Harris ratings. Beat Navy this weekend, and we might even seen a few votes on the AP/Coaches poll.

Someone needs to tell that to Greg Eno, a contributor for the Bleacher Report, as he mentioned Temple in this article that completely ripped philly, its sports teams, and fans.
"Philly is also the home of Temple University, which last had a good football team before they came out with electricity, just about."
If you ever need to get your blood going, give that a look.

Good thing there are great journalists like Solomon Jones who know what the real deal is. Check out this article that praises Philly's grit, and talks about why we're the best city. He even mentions those crazy Temple squirrels: "Our city's grit is the very fabric of our city, a fabric so intricately woven that even our wildlife is part of it. I once saw a squirrel pluck the butt of a hoagie out of a trash can on Temple University's campus and munch on it like he was at a lunch counter."

In other news, the winner of the Wolgin Prize was announced late last week. The winner of the prize, which was open to artists all over the globe and prided itself as the world's largest art prize.... was South Philadelphian Ryan Trecartin. Mmmmmm..what's that smell?? I love home cooking!!!

Speaking of home cooking..Dionte, WTF? In case you didn't catch the story by now Dionte Christmas was pulled over for "driving erratically" with heavily tinted windows (read: shady as shit, or DWB, depending on your point of view) and a police search of the car found a gun. Christmas also was driving without a license, and the car was registered to 76er Mareese Speights. Christmas was released on $10,000 bail, and the case is now being investigated. Crime/sports reporters everywhere also spent a better part of their day on Friday attempting to think of clever headlines involving getting coal for Christmas.

In other news, Arlen Specter came to campus. The BAC has a post up about him, and it looks like their code is freakin' out because there's an insanely large picture of him. Just look at that tie, kinda looks like he skinned that fish in the children's book with the shiny scales doesn't it? The post says they got an exclusive interview with the flip-flopping senator, so look out for that in Tuesday's edition.

Yay Bill Cosby! You soo funnnnny.

Finally, take a look at this article about how Center City police kept things much more controlled during the NLCS celebrations. The article mentions how Temple kids still made it down, despite the blockades. Drexel and UPenn though, not so much, as police blocked bridges from West Philly. Haha! Better dig into that trust fund to buy yourself a raft for the World Series.

Sports report
: Men's soccer, 1-0 win vs. St. Bonaventure, 0-1 loss vs. Duquesne. Women's soccer 0-5 spanking by Charlotte, 1-0 win vs. Saint Louis. Women's volleyball: win 3-0 over Duquesne, loss 1-3 vs. #24 Saint Louis. Field hockey 1-2 loss vs. West Chester. D'oh.

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