Monday, October 5, 2009

Heeeeeere we go again

It's Muuunday, October 4 and the C&W has your back.

First, your Monday morning pick me up, twist and shout from the classic screw school, life is cool movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

a Weather: That warm weather is just barely holding on, although it looks like everyday will be borderline hoodie weather so be prepared.

Green tip from the Temple Today: Heating water can account for like 14-25% of your energy dude. So, take shorter showers, wash hands/shave with cooler water, and if you buy new appliances, make sure they're energy star.

Today also marks the start of the semester long, single elimination racquetball tournament. It's open to beginner through advanced, so stop by the IBC to sign-up.

Halloween costume donations: Halloween's around the corner(YIPPIEEE) but many local kids aren't going to have costumes(BOOO). So if you have any complete, extra costumes, bag 'em, label 'em, and donate it to room 207 at 1700 North Broad st. until this Friday.

Interested in studying away? Well you've had like a million chances, but here is one more for SCT. Study abroad session in suite 101 of 1810 Liacouras Walk at 3 p.m.

The Monday night film series continues as they play "Hard Candy" in Tuttleman 101 at 5:15. (67% on rotten tomatoes)


If you just so happen to be in Center City around noon and want to get in some mid-day pilates, well Tuesday's your lucky day. 5th floor of TUCC at 12:00.

Want to join the Marine Corp? Oh come on, we know you doooo. Ok, tell ya what, think about it, and check out their table from 10-2.

You're not going to be attending this, but looks like Temple researchers are having a little science discussion on cannabinoids, cancer, and pain-killing. You go, TU scientists.

Also, don't forget that Tuesdays are $6 tickets for the Pearl, so this would be a great chance to watch Zombieland, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, or any other movie you've wanted to see.


Hey poli sci junkies I got another fix for youuu. Check out the topic of this campaigns and elections speaker series: "Why the Reed Rules?: The Post-Reconstruction South, Republican Party-Building, and Congressional Development." Oh yea! In 914 Gladfelter at 1 p.m.

Temple community gardens is opening! And everyone's invited! Check out the ribbon cutting ceremony at these new gardens, located at 11 and Berks, at 2:30, and stop by anytime after!

Didn't your momma ever teach you how to eat? Well if she didn't you can attend this etiquette dinner for 15 bucks and it'll teach you how to "navigate" a business lunch or dinner. Mitten hall from 5-7:30

Another Thursday, another rapid HIV test from 10-2 in Mitten Hall.

Hey dude, do you like, want a job? Check out this career expo in the SAC 200 from 12-4 to meet up with a bunch of potential future bosses. But do I really have to graduate or can't I just stay in college for the rest of my life?

Seriously, go buy some stuff from the Cecil B. Moore farmer's market from 2-6. IT'S FRESH!

That's all for now. Where's Friday? You may be wondering. Between Thursday and Saturday of course!

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