Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Conquering humpday

It's Wednesday, October 14, and the C&W hates humpday. Get through this, and the weekend is yours! Luckily, the first campus bar crawl is going on tonight, so if you have proper identification you can start the weekend as little early.

Weather: That semi-warm weather we had yesterday has gone away, replaced by the low 50's today, and then comes the rain overnight.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Homecoming pep rally
: At the Bell Tower from 12-4. There's gonna be the Diamond Band. And the Diamond Gems. And the cheerleaders. And the football team. All in your way as your running late to your 1:00 class in Gladfelter. The Cherry Crusade will be there doing face painting as well, so make sure you don't shower for three days so you can go to the homecoming game in smelly style.

For those who want to get their mad tech skillz uped today, there are two workshops to help you. If you want to "podcast like a pro" and learn how to use audio programs, too bad, that was at 9 am. 9 am?! What are they trying to do, keep that shit a secret?

However, you still have time to make the 10:30 music editing workshop in the TECH 109 at 10:30.

Other stuff:

Don't forget Reese Witherspoon is supposed to be at Ambler's campus or something. So if you're over there, keep an eye out. First one to snap a picture and send it in gets a virtual pat on the back!

So yea, the campus bar crawl. is putting this little shingdig on, and we've lifted the details here:

"Here is your chance to come out with friends, pay $20 bucks and get a full night of drinking to all the hot spots on campus on a Wednesday Night and a FREE Bar Crawl" T-Shirt!
8:45 PM
Meet outside Maxi's to register, get wristband, tickets, and t-shirt
Drinking/Entertainment at Maxi's
Drinks include: Yuengling Lager, Miller Lite and All Well Drinks
Drinking/Entertainment at Pub Webb
Drinks include: Bud Light, Coors Light, Yuengling Lager and All Well Drinks
12:30-2 AM
Drinking/Entertainment at Draught Horse
Drinks include: Miller High Life, All Well Drinks

We'll see ya there.

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