Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thirsty Thursday!

Ok so the weekend started a day early for the C&W staff this week. Our apologies.

But the Phillies are the 2009 National League Champions! Here are 8 things we noticed. Also, we totally stole these photos from Temple News photographers Kevin Cook, Tho Nguyen, and Walbert Young, so make sure you check out their awesome slide show here.

1. The Phillies are amazing
-After Rollins' game winning 2-out double in the bottom of the ninth to win game 4, everyone could taste the World Series again. As we joined together on a Wednesday night, the taste of a second straight world series and natty light in our mouths, the Phils never let us down. From the moment J-Werth hit that first inning 3-run bomb, we knew we were going.

2. The cops at Temple are not so amazing
- Sure enough, they blocked off Cecil B. Moore, which was the first lame thing. Unfortunately, they didn't block off 15th street, so it wouldn't have done much to prevent a march to city hall except that...

3. Temple students are kind of lazy
- As most of them just kind of hit that police wall, jumped around for a bit, and then found their way to Temple Star or 4th meal. Perhaps the police were banking on this factor, and if they were..cha-ching.

4. Center city police, on the other hand, meant fuckin' business
- Partial riot gear, extra zip ties on the hip in case they needed to make multiple arrests, tazers, breaking bottles that littered the streets to avoid them getting tossed, freakin horses, which reminds us that

5. Horses poop, big time

6. Yes, they really greased the poles

7. Everyone really, really hates the Yankees
- Fuck the Yankees chants almost outnumbered lets go Phillies chants

8. Everyone is really, really hungry for another World Series Championship
-But some were hungrier for Temple star

In other news...

There's still some buzzing from nutso Geert Wilder's visit this past Monday. What we didn't know were how many clever lines Temple students delivered:

"Members of All Sides, an organization that seeks to promote peace between Israel and Palestinians, held pink pom-poms and shouted, 'Hey Hey, HO, HO, this racist bull----'s got to go.'"

"Before he was escorted out, the last student allowed to address Wilders said: Clearly fascism wasn't defeated, because if it was, a genocide-loving racist clown like you still wouldn't have anything to say.'"

In sad news, Christmas was cancelled. Or at least cut from the 76er's roster. This probably means Europe for the former Temple b-ball star. Let's keep our fingers crossed to see him make it to the NBA in the near future.

Finally, check out this article praising the New Medical school building. Apparently, it was not designed by the same dude that did the Edge.

Peep this article about Temple's Podcamp Philly. Contrary to popular belief, it was not just for nerds, as over 200 people attended. Whoops.


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