Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh look, it's cold

It's early evening on Monday, October 12 and it's kinda cold out.

Sorry for the delay, but wait no longer, here is your weekly C&W lookout.



You should probably like, watch the Phillies game at 6:07. If they win, they advance to the National League Championship Series against those damn LA Dodgers.

Or, if they ain't your cup of tea, might want to check out a performance of "The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later- An Epilogue" at 6:30 and 9 @ Tomlinson Theater. The performance is about the homophobic slaying of Matthew Shephard 10 years ago, and focuses on the aftermath of the murder in Laramie, Wyoming.

By the way, don't forget to pick up your homecoming tickets or Bob Dylan tickets, both on sale at


The homecoming walk and run is going on today. The 1K walk starts from 15th and Berks at 12 p.m., while the 5k run starts at 12:30 from the same location. Trophies, give-aways, refreshments, oh my!

Blake Mycoskie is coming! Yeah, Blake! He's umm..the guy who founded TOMS Shoes, which has given over 140,000 shoes to children in need since 2006. He's speaking at the student center 200 at 7 p.m. Bill Clinton called him "one of the most interesting entrepreneurs I have ever met." We just spelled entrepreneurs correctly without the use of a spell checker. Twice. It's a sign.

Cirque Du Soleil opens today at the Liacouras Center. Tickets cost an arm and a leg and shows are every night this week at 7:30, with the last showing on Friday. Friday also has an additional 3:30 p.m. showing. Once again,

Want to get pissed on? R. Kelly at the Tower theater.


Eastern State Penitentiary's Terror Behind the Walls opens today. Gather your crew, grab a coupla brews, and get the shit scared outta you. -C&W '09.

CIGNA healthcare forum in the Great Court of Mitten Hall, running like all day. There are two sessions of this forum, one in the morning that focuses on challenges for caregivers, and an afternoon one on challenges to the community. It says there will be a "culturally diverse" lunch. In other words, pizza and tacos.

Yo dude, wanna podcast like a pro? TECH center 211, 9 am. Be there, 21st century Walter Cronkite.

Yooo duuude, wanna edit music like a pro? TECH center 109, 10:30. Be there, 21st century Fatboy slim.

Homecoming pep rally at the Bell Tower, 12-4 pm. Get painted up by the Cherry Crusade! Get roused by the Diamond Bands! Get aroused by the Diamond Gem Dance Team! Hang out with Temple football players? Tttt for Temple Uuuuuu.


Weekly HIV testing. Knock on wood.

"Workshop: resume writing for the extremely smart, yet uninformed" Mitten Hall 220, 1 p.m. Coming up next week: workout session for the extremely fit, yet big-boned.

Want to join the Peace Corp? Check out their table from 1:30-3:30 in the lobby of Tuttleman. Can somebody please put this table next to the army recruiting one sometime? That would be epic.

Temple night Owt: This sound legit awesome. Check out this list of cool shit: "Food -Bouncy Boxing Inflatable - Photo Pens and Magnets -Henna Tattoo's -Virtual Sports Simulator Game( You have Two minutes to take your team down the field to score a touchdown) -Manhunt -Wing Eating Contest." Liacouras Walk, 7-11.

Hey Travolta, want to learn to boogey 70's style. The IBC has your back, with this dance lesson from 8-10.

Friday: coming with the weekender Thursday night. We promise.


Anonymous said...

The prison has been open, I just went last saturday.

CandW said...

Thanks for letting us know. We'll be sure to fire our fact-checker immediately.