Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Night

See that wasn't so bad? Monday is dunzo!

Today was like celebrity day at Temple University. First, Michael Dell, yes thee Michael Dell, CEO of Dell computers, gave a speech at Alter hall to many business students. In his speech, explained that his company is currently developing microchips that will be planted into everyone's brains, and coupled with Google maps, will give everyone built in GPS.

Ok he didn't say that, but word has it that he was accepting resumes for internships. And that's pretty cool too.

As if that wasn't enough celeb for Temple for one day, Senator Casey decided to pay a visit as well! He met with students and experts to discuss how kids pay for school. The main point: it used to be that 60% of Temple's expenses was paid by the state. Now that number is 20%, and the burden is now placed on students, who are graduating with an average of $30,000 in loans. So what's he gonna do about it? Erm..we'll see.

In even more celebrity stuff, it was leaked that Lupe Fiasco and most likely Asher Roth will be performing for homecoming next Saturday!

Then there is also this article about current Temple Hospital VP of government programs George Kenney considering a possible run at city council next cycle since a current GOP spot is opening up, but he has stated he's probably not going to do it. Well, that's interesting.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and that means a new edition of the Temple News. It looks like they have already begun rolling out the new articles online. You need to check this one out, it's about anal beer bongs and vodka soaked tampons. Yea, we're not fuckin' around! Can't even comment on this one! Too funny! Just read!

There were no sports today, but the football team went ahead and made some news anyway. This Saturday's game against Ball State is being declared a "pink out" and so students are encouraged to wear pink to show their support for the fight against breast cancer. Ball State is also 0-5, and we have our first winning record since 1990 on the line, so it might be worth showing up. In other news, RB Bernard Pierce won MAC offensive player of the week for his 180 yard, 2 TD effort against EMU this past weekend.

In still more sports accolades, field hockey stand-out Bridget Settes won A-10 field hockey athlete of the week, so kudos to her as well!

That's all for tonight, thanks for reading, and we'll catch ya tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

just to confirm, George T. Kenney is the temple hospital vp of government programs not the temple vp.