Monday, October 12, 2009

Blame it on the Phi-i-i-il-i-ili-il-iessss

Here's your weekend news, brought to you in delayed fashion by the Philadelphia Phillies, Denver, Colorado, and 30 degree weather!

So how many of you have transferred in to Temple only to have a shit-load of your credits not count? For the rest of you, how many times have you heard your friends complain about that? Well rejoice, Temple has joined a state-wide "transfer and articulation system," discussed in this article on Pennsylvania's education budget. We have unethically lifted the important section here:
"In addition, the budget legislation includes a dramatic expansion of
Pennsylvania's successful Transfer & Articulation System, which ensures that
students receive the maximum possible credits when they move from one college
to another. Nearly 3 in 5 college students start at one institution and finish
at another, yet loss of credit when they transfer drives up tuition costs for
Pennsylvania families.

Under the new law, students will be able to transfer from community colleges
to the State System and earn full credit entering as a university junior and,
for the first time, Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh and Temple
University will participate in the state's transfer system by agreeing to
accept and fully recognize 30 course credits in time for the next academic


How many of you have gotten a parking ticket, or one, or two, or twenty, from the Philadelphia Parking Authority? How many of you have a shit-ton of your friends complain about them? Who hates the PPA? So does the Drexel student who penned this article that discusses the evil empire that is the PPA, even so far as going to call them "gestapo" and "zombies." Nazi zombies? The article includes a quote from Temple's own Sean Feely, who correctly identified the PPA as "probably corrupt" and talks about how he uses his bike instead. Temple University students: mean and green, baby.

This Temple study found that teenagers lack emotional responsibility. Nooooooo way!!?! Seriously though, its findings were a bit more interesting than that, finding that higher levels of reasoning develop before emotional maturity, explaining why smart kids do dumb things.

I guess somebody let in on the Wolgin Award, because they just released this lengthy article reviewing the competition and offering some in-depth description of the exhibits. According to the article, the exhibits are " attracting a steady stream of visitors, many of them students." Really? Please cite sources. Either way, the article puts a much more interesting spin on the exhibit, which makes us, you know, actually want to see it.

Check out this op-ed by Temple University associate professor Jason Del Gandio as he sounds off on why Obama doesn't deserve the Nobel peace prize. Angry, crazy right-winger, you may be asking? Nope, clear-headed liberal who doesn't think his dude has done enough yet. Little lonely at the top Obama? It's ok, play basketball!

In sporting news..TEMPLE FOOTBALL HAS A WINNING RECORD. Holy shit! The Owls pulled out an ugly 23-19 win over 0-6 Ball State on Saturday afternoon, but no matter as it is the Owls third straight win, giving them a 3-2 winning record for the first time since about the invention of the Temple T. We missed snapping the picture, but one Temple fan's shirt said it best: "Suck My Balls State." Photo courtesy of

In other sports news, women's soccer and men's soccer picked up W's, 3-2 over Duquesne and 2-1 over St. Hoe's, respectively. Field Hockey lost 4-0 to the St. Joe's Faux and women's soccer also lost to St. Bonaventure 2-1. Somewhere, people played golf.

Thanks for reading, we like, have class, but we'll have the week look-out up by early afternoon. Until then, enjoy the cold weather, and don't forget Dylan tickets went on sale at 10 this morning!

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