Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Laterrrr Tuesdayyy

And just like that, another day down, and we're half way to the college weekend. You hang in there Owls, and before you know it the second week of 1/3 semester midterms will be gone and Thursday will greet you with those loving, drunken arms.

No ground-shaking news tonight, but a few things worth noting.

First, Temple's name turned up in an article from the The Local of Pratt Institute, NY as they discussed a new policy restricting access to their campus to local residents. Temple was commended for allowing community members access to our campus, and creating plans to further integrate them, such as the new public access library being planned. Also, guys who wrote this story, if you realize the wording of your article might be construed as racist, it's best to take it out, not just strike a line through it. We can still see it. Lolz.

Also, check out this article about Ambler student Nicholas Fountain running for state office at the ripe old age of 22. That's what we're talking about peeps, fight the system and go for your dreams. It doesn't matter that you're running for a Republican seat! Does it??

Also, if you noticed the number of people wearing Gandhi tee's on campus to be slightly higher than normal, that's because this past Saturday was the "Be the Change" community service day, honoring that great man. Temple's South Asian student organizations helped out in the efforts and got themselves some recognition for it, and apparently t-shirts as well.

Finally, and again, the latest edition of the Temple News came out today, anal bongs and all, so make sure ya check it out.

That's all for tonight, we'll see ya in the morning.

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