Thursday, October 1, 2009


Morning Temple and welcome to October, and more importantly, Thirsty Thursday. October is one of those special months that will see FIVE Saturdays, and we also luck out because Halloween falls on the last Saturday.
It's cold! With October comes cooler weather, and it should barely make it into the 60's today, mostly temps in the 50's and dropping close to the high 40's overnight. Rep those hoodies.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:
We got some more artsy stuff going on, as the Jack Wolgin art prize thingy opens it's exhibit at the Temple Gallery today at 6 pm. The competition has come down to three finalists vying for a $150,000 prize, and their work will now be on display through the month of October, at the end of which a winner will be declared. We're gonna scope it out before long and give it the ol' C&W rating.

Student Center Operations is going to be celebrating its second birthday in the SAC atrium today. What exactly is Student Center Operations, you may be asking? We don't know! We assume it's got something to do with operations going on in the SAC, but we do know that they're going to have cake, info, trivia games, and prizes from 10-2. Happy birthday student center operations! Now give me yo' cake.

Feel guilty after eating that cake? Attend this "brown-bag lunch session" in Mitten 250 at 12 to learn how to eat the things you like, but without unhealthy ingredients.

More self help! Feel like you're clueless in job interviews? Check out this session in Mitten Hall 220 at 2:00 that is apparently going to teach you to "interview like a pro." Says it covers everything from behavior questions to etiquette. They're also giving out free suits. That's a joke.

In other stuff, we know the REEL changes movies today, but they haven't updated their website so we don't know to what. After year one and the proposal, they're due for a good one. Anybody know?

And on a final note, congratulations to the 2009 National League East Philadelphia Phillies! If the season ending today, they would be playing the Colorado Rockies in the first round, but that is subject to change if they flip positions with the Dodgers or Cardinals.

Thanks for reading, check back later today!

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Michael Dell is coming to Temple on Monday Oct 5th at 2 pm, alter hall i believe