Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'Ello Tuesday

The date is Tuesday, October 13 and the Cherry and What has your back.

Weather: The weather kicks it up a tiny notch today, hovering in the 60's for the majority of the day with some sunshine. But then, it's back to the 40's by night time. Mmmmm. 40'ssss.
Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Homecoming Walk & Run
: Campus safety services is putting on this little shindig in honor of homecoming, and, ya know, personal health. The starting place is 13th and Berks Streets, and then 1k walk starts at noon with the 5k run at 12:30. Trophies will be provided to the winners. Refreshments will be provided to the losers.

Best decorated room contest: Want a bunch of strange people to walk through your dorm room, examine your shit, and then judge you for it? Well it's your lucky today because you can still register for this contest if you live in one of the dorms. Word on the street is that they're handing out a bottle of Bacardi Raz to the winners.

Ok so this Blake Mycoskie dude seems pretty legit and he's speaking tonight at 7 p.m. in the SAC 200. He started TOMS shoes in 2006, and has given like 140,000 pairs of shoes to children in need ever since. Bill Clinton even praised him for being such a great, smart guy, and also donated several pairs of high heels. Mycoskie is going to be giving an inspirational speech, so might wanna check this one out fo' rill.

If you're at Ambler, and you're a senior, it's picture day! We suggest the forest green background.

Cirque Du Soleil. It starts, today. Last time we mention it. Swears.

Also, it's Tuesday...and we think you know what that means! Ok, it means that the new edition of the Temple News is coming out today, as their website has already started rolling out new content. So make sure you check that out.

Disclaimer: Best decorated room contest is not actually handing out Bacardi Raz as a prize.

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